How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume: 2022 Guide with 10+ Examples

In today’s markets, there is competition – companies are fighting for the same buyers, so your goal is to prove to the employer that you can engage and retain customers. For your resume to draw awareness, think about who your mark audience is.

To do this, answer the following questions: which company offers a job? What methods does she use? How can you enhance your marketing strategy to achieve better results?

Decide what the hiring organization is looking for, and write your resume according to its requirements. In addition, it is equally important to design it, so be sure to use a professional resume designs template.

How to Write a Digital Marketing Resume

Be sure to highlight your strengths, but only those that are relevant to your industry and desired position (for example, “good at online marketing”).

The main vacancies in the field of Marketing

Digital marketing is a vast area of activity with many professions. Each profession requires unique skills and specialized knowledge. Here are some professions in this field:

1. Marketologist

A digital marketing career is to make advertising campaigns to help company development. With the help of marketing research, marketers determine existing market tendencies and kinds of products in demand.

After completing market research, they introduce their results to senior management to implement new approaches.

2. Social network-manager

Social Network Manager raises brand attention via social media and online commerce campaigns. He posts suitable content and typical publications on the organization’s social media pages to attract potential customers and drive sales.

By carefully following the trends in the media, he can adjust the company’s activities on social networks to achieve advertising goals.

3. SEO specialist

A search engine optimization (SEO) specialist ensures that a business’s website is displayed and ranks high in search results (this allows you to generate stable traffic). An SEO specialist uses a variety of search engine optimization tactics, including keyword optimization, site speeding, and mobile optimization.

Website optimization also includes search engine optimization tactics on web pages, such as optimizing page titles, title tags, meta tags, and creating links. SEOs can analyze the effectiveness of their tactics and adjust them to achieve more satisfactory effects.

4. Content specialist

A content expert determines the kinds of content that will improve a website’s visibility in search engines. He is also responsible for authoring blog posts and selling texts, emails, and newsletters for his company’s website. It also ensures that relevant content is posted on the website to increase buyer activity.

5. Product manager

The product manager oversees product development and ensures that they satisfy buyers’ needs. Most experts offer product concepts based on industry analysis and relations with buyers. Using their knowledge of customers, they provide products that meet customers’ needs and, at the same time, increase the company’s profitability.

The work also includes monitoring the production process before its completion and ensuring that the cost of production does not exceed the company’s budget.

6. Marketing analyst

Analysts specify the significance of promotion campaigns by analyzing and considering trends. Their work involves collecting data and using the information to create more effective digital marketing plans that will increase the company’s profits.

What to write in the resume profile?

The profile is the first thing that catches the recruiter’s eye when he picks up your resume. And if you want him to read the rest of the resume, this section should impress him. So how do you do that?

1. Know your target audience

Think about what a recruitment specialist wants to see in an employee? Identify the key features he is looking for and add them to your profile. Please start with the qualities and experience most valuable to the recruiter, and you are sure to attract his attention.

identify target audience

2. Offer your value proposition

Your value proposition is those unique abilities and qualities that distinguish you from other candidates. Show the recruitment specialist that you will create a valuable contribution to the business.

3. Use statistics

Simply listing your positions and personal qualities in the resume profile will not convince the recruiter that you will perform well at work. It is better to highlight your impressive success with clear evidence such as statistics and numbers.

If your advertising methods helped increase sales, what are the exact numbers?

Examples of successful resume profiles

Example 1.

A dedicated digital marketer with more than five years of experience in advertising initiatives. Expert in Internet marketing, generation, and cultivation of ice. I increased visitors’ time on the site to eight minutes in my previous job.

Example 2.

Result-oriented advertising manager with extensive experience in incoming advertising methods. I have excellent skills in design and communication with the target audience.

Example 3.

Motivated manager of social networks with three years of experience, good analytical skills, and interest in advertising campaigns on social networks. I have excellent communication skills, easily find common ground with people and work without problems in stressful situations to achieve goals.

What essential skills and competencies should a marketer remember?

The main thing you need to indicate is your professional abilities. In addition, if the hiring company uses pre-screening software, your resume must include specific keywords to be screened. Here are some more qualities you can specify:

Knowledge of specific promotion methods

Product promotion is a broad concept and depends on your specialization and the specific marketing channel you work with. You can specify the following skills: pay per click (PPC), growing leads (leads), video editing, content creation, web design, and mobile optimization.

If you’re applying for a Search Engine Optimization, you should have keyword analysis and content creation skills at the top of your list.

Working with software

You need to be able to use special tools to perform the tasks of advertising campaigns. For example, you need to be well-versed in Microsoft Office, Photoshop, email automation, video editing, and design tools. Owning the right tools and software gives you a competitive edge.

Programming languages

List the programming languages ​​you know – they can be helpful in your new job in marketing. Even the content management systems you have used in the past can put you one step higher than other candidates.

You can also check these articles for further skills you may need for Digital Marketing:

An example of a list of professional skills

We offer you a possible list of professional skills for writing a resume for a marketer.

  • mastery of market valuation techniques (capacity, growth rates, segmentation, and market forecasting);
  • knowledge of graphics packages;
  • basic understanding of HTML;
  • ability to work with social networks, blogs, forums, online communities;
  • knowledge of modern techniques and methods of sales;
  • skills to work with a large amount of information;
  • skills in creating advertising materials;
  • skills of marketing research;
  • skills to assess the effectiveness of advertising activities;
  • skills in working with computer programs;
  • skills of developing new products and bringing them to market;
  • knowledge of foreign languages;
  • ability to deeply analyze information;
  • ability to analyze sales dynamics and manage sales forecast
  • ability to control the advertising budget and calculate the effectiveness of investments

What personal qualities does an employer need?

Examples of personal qualities most important in marketing.

Example 1.

Practical communication skills: Excellent communication skills are critical in marketing. You need to quickly and convincingly convey your opinion to the audience.

Example 2.

Problem-solving: attracting new customers is not an easy task, and there are many obstacles to the success of an advertising campaign. That’s why companies need intelligent people who know how to find non-standard solutions.

Example 3.

Creativity: To create unique campaigns that help increase sales, you need to be resourceful.

Example 4.

Ability to communicate with people: most advertising tasks are performed in a team. Therefore, you need to work effectively with people to get a job.

Example 5.

List of Personal and Business Qualities

We offer a list of personal qualities and skills needed as a marketer:


  • Diligence
  • Initiative
  • Have the ability to work independently and in a team
  • Honest
  • Stress resistant
  • Active and high efficiency
  • Accurate and punctual
  • Have easy learning ability
  • Analytical composition of the mind

How to stand out among other candidates?

Here are some examples.

Example 1.

Use statistics in your resume.

Instead of simply listing your responsibilities in the Experience section, highlight your achievements and back them up with statistics.

Example 2.

Use a prominent resume template.

Imagine how boring recruiters are to reread dozens of monotonous resumes. Therefore, adopt a bright template – with it, your resume will not be lost. Add a little color – in the advertising world, without it. Everything should be in moderation. You can also place the text in two columns – so it is easier to read.

Example 3.

Use adequate action words.

Words-actions will make the recruitment specialist read your resume. With them, the resume will seem more attractive. For example, when listing responsibilities instead of tedious “advertising content development,” write “worked with advertising content development.”

How to fill the contact section?

Everything is effortless here. Do not use work email to communicate – specify personal or do a separate one for search work. Make sure your email matches the format and doesn’t suggest writing, for example, to a fluffy bunny.

Add linkages to Facebook, LinkedIn, or other professional networks, such as Behance. When selecting personal profiles on social networks, carefully inspect what you have there to avoid awkward positions.

Example of the “Contacts” block in the resume

First Name Last Name

telephone number

Los Angeles

I’m on social media:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


It’s not enough to list your digital marketing skills – you also need to prove them in practice. Add a link to your work. This can be an online marketing portfolio, a LinkedIn profile, a personal blog, or professional social media pages. This will allow the recruitment specialist to look at your abilities and achievements in practice.

When applying for any job, you need to “sell” your knowledge and skills to the employer. It should be easy for marketers because sales are their specialty. This marketing move works flawlessly to stand out among the other candidates and make the most of your communication skills.

Digital marketers successfully promote various developments and reach high sales but sometimes have difficulty compiling their marketing resumes. It is not impressive, and eventually, the person loses an excellent opportunity.

A СV is a mini-presentation of yourself, a chance to show your employer your marketing skills in practice. If your resume is not yet perfect and needs refinement, read on to learn how to create your digital marketing resume. Also, you can find digital marketing resume templates here.

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