What is Helium 10, and How Can it Help Your Business

Amazon sellers leverage Helium 10 as their command center. You can utilize Amazon software tools to regain your catalog’s control. Helium 10 can help your e-commerce business by helping you navigate and attain the key objectives from keyword research to protecting the inventory.

This post looks to understand what Helium 10 is and how you can use it to help your business thrive.

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is software that is an all-in-one piece tool assisting in centralization needed by the tasks of your Amazon business, allowing smooth operation.

You can manage and maintain your business’s product catalog and scale your brand. Helium 10 has different subscription plans, such as the starter, Diamond, and Platinum.

You can utilize discounts for your subscription. You only need to grab the latest Helium 10 deals to get up to 7-day trials to test some of the best tools.

Helium 10 can assist you in getting the ranking your online business requires from Amazon’s algorithm. Helium 10 is the tool you need to take your online business to the next level of success.


Product Research

A database exists of the various products one can explore on Amazon to sell. This is where Helium 10 comes in, as it enables accessibility to this database related to the information of the products over 450 million Amazon Standard Identification Numbers aka ASINS. 

This information lets you assess the most viable products you can sell on Amazon. One thing that could work to your advantage is identifying gaps in the market. These gaps are characterized by high demands but low supplies. Be sure to find a niche that fulfills a certain gap in the market. 

Product search in Helium 10 is done through various tools that break down each piece of information that can help you evaluate the viability of products.

You get access to the volume of sales, revenue generated in a month, rankings of the best sellers, and the FBA fees compared with similar products.

Some other tools can assist you in identifying the winning products you can sell. These tools can filter categories and subcategories to provide you with this useful information. 

Listing Optimization

When you want to achieve a perfect listing, Helium 10 is your go-to solution. It utilizes specific tools to optimize your position by helping you develop ideal titles, product descriptions, and bullet points.

Now that it might be impossible to track your word count, Helium 10 tools manually ensure they track your keyword usage and the word count in every area you have content for listing to ensure you maximize your impact to the fullest. 


These tools leverage color codes that show you precisely the parts of your keyword that are most likely to reach many customers. Therefore, Helium 10 assists you in only coining high-ranking keywords and optimizing your listing.

These keywords are identified using the search volume, streamlining their identification process. 

Helium 10 also automates checking whether your keywords and phrases appear on the Amazon search results. These tools are efficient enough to do this instantly, so you can continue enhancing your words and phrases to appear on a higher rank in the listing. 

Email Automation

Businesses utilize informational emails to get to their customers. Within these emails, you can add sections where you can request customer feedback and identify the gaps you must fill in your services.

Amazon restricts requesting positive reviews and leaves the autonomy to the customers. Helium enabled the follow-up tool that automates this process when sending customers emails.

Sending emails requires you to enhance your skills in crafting appealing letters, creating a sequence in emailing to create more awareness of your brand, building trust, and, as a result, achieving repeat sales. 

Email recent buyers, as they are more active and could make repeat purchases. However, as you utilize the Helium 10 follow-up tool, you must comply with the terms and conditions set by Amazon based on when you can contact your buyers following a sale.

Therefore, you can utilize this opportunity to send follow-up emails with instructions on the product used and a feedback request.

Fraudulent Protection

FBA beginners get quite excited about the launch of new products on Amazon. However, they must watch out for common mistakes, especially in coupon creation.

New beginners offer coupon deals to attract new customers but need to remember to limit the number of times each customer must use it.

Therefore, you can get fraudulent buyers who buy your products in bulk using the coupons, causing great losses when you sell your products at discounted prices. 

Helium 10 inventories do not necessarily correct your mistake in coupon creation, but they can protect your business from buyers who buy bulk and insensible amounts of your products.

Helium 10 allows a seller to limit the number of orders a buyer can purchase. When you are new, it is recommended that you set a low limit, such as 1-5 products for each customer, so that when you make mistakes, you will avoid bearing great losses. 

Some sellers have a large number of products already in existence on Amazon, making it difficult to set a limit to all. Therefore, you can utilize the editing feature for the ASINS, which can be done at once. Helium 10 lets you easily view your protection status and enhance the features where they lurk. 

Amazon PPC management

Amazon enables advertisements on their platforms. These campaigns target the products and searches most done by the customers. An Amazon ad is placed in a highly visible area.

The sellers or advertisers only place their ads on high-ranking product searches.  These ads are paid when a shopper clicks on the ad containing the relevant keywords.

This might be challenging, but Helium 10 offers an instant PPC audit tool that reviews data while providing actionable insights depending on the specific campaigns. 

The Helium 10 audit tool uncovers wasteful expenditure and repetitive keywords that lag you in ranking. Helium 10 tools help sellers streamline their advertising while reducing the initial budget required for the campaigns. 

Refund Management

Units get damaged accidentally by Amazon employees when handling the inventories. You could also experience losses of your inventor as they are moved from one warehouse to the other.

If this happens, Amazon ensures they refund the losses incurred on the lot or damaged inventories. However, the refund does not happen automatically as some damaged and lost inventories go unpaid. Therefore, you must utilize certain tools in Helium 10 to request a refund. 

These tools streamline the process by getting the reports related to the damaged and lost units, breaking them into smaller reports, and giving the seller Excel sheets that contain reimbursement details.

These sheets enable you to open a case with Amazon, followed by an investigation, ensuring you get a refund upon its completion. 

For instance, you may have lost a higher number of products that could be challenging to track. The Helium 10 tools tell you how much Amazon owes you. Even if Amazon will not fully refund the amount, it is better than losing everything.

You can be lucky enough to get a higher refund at times.  Be sure to utilize the automation of these tools because it can be tedious and time-consuming to follow through the refund process.

You must log in to the Helium 10 webpage and to Seller Central, where you will get all your information on your lost or damaged. 

Product Launch

Product launch requires you to leverage some strategies that can significantly increase your solidity in the market. Creating great ads could increase your conversion rates to actual customers.

Using the Facebook and Amazon ads, you could utilize the Helium 10 CPR promotions. Amazon’s marketplace is saturated; therefore, utilizing other social media platforms can be your greatest breakthrough. 

Facebook ads are easier to target specific audiences. To succeed in Facebook ads, you must improve your method of creating the message with a target to magnetize conversions.

Most Facebook ads differ from Google ads targeting specific keywords and phrases. Therefore, when creating a Facebook ad, it must be enticing enough to stop the user from doing whatever else they are doing to pay attention to your ad.

Utilize appealing visuals to attract the attention of your potential customers. Be sure to utilize ads that display coupons, promotions, and discounts on Amazon products. Although the user might fail to click the ad, it attracts their attention, and they might stop to look at it for a while. 

You must be creative enough to include images that contain an influencer, celebrity, or a popular brand. You may also utilize enticing offers that are hard to pass; they must align with the quality of the product you sell.

Facebook offers a wide range of audiences within which you can hook your ads to some specifics to increase your conversion rates. To add more to the helium 10 CPR method, be sure to find a unique and unsaturated niche to explore.

Helium 10 offers effective tools and features that elevate your business greatly. Amazon offers a vast marketplace where you must automate your processes to streamline your business operations.

You could also utilize free sign-ups and trials to test the tools as you join others in selling products on Amazon. Also, Helium ensures you rank high in Amazon’s search results, giving you a better chance at getting high conversion rates of actual customers.

The Helium 10 tools allow you to assess and evaluate the winning products in the marketplace, which could increase your ROI.

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