5 Ways Wearable Gifts Can Help Market Your Small Business

Small businesses have to use lots of different strategies to grow their brand’s sales and brand visibility. Promotional marketing campaigns have always been a tried-and-true marketing method to achieve this effect, so you must choose gifts that will represent your brand well within your community.

Here are five ways wearable gifts, in particular, can help you successfully market your small business: 

1. Create the “Walking Billboard” Effect

If you want to make your brand well-known in the public sphere, especially if you’re trying to make the brand known in the community where you’re doing business specifically, you need to achieve what’s known as the “walking billboard” effect with your promotional wearable gifts.

This effect works as such: your customers wear your gifts out and about (such as a pair of snazzy branded sunglasses), and people they know, as well as strangers they pass, begin to notice your brand more and more.

As their attention peaks, they will look into, or ask about, the brand they keep seeing.

With this added reputational boost, you’ll have a much easier time bringing new customers into your small business to help you increase your sales, and create a brand new slate of loyal customers. 

2. Make Your Brand a Part of Customers’ Lives

When you’re gifting customers with wearable merch, you’re providing them with an opportunity to have a new go-to piece of clothing. If you’re able to achieve this effect, your brand will begin becoming an integral part of their everyday life and identity.

To get to this step, however, you need to make sure the clothing or accessories you’re giving out are both comfortable and attractive (while still prominently featuring your brand).

If a customer falls in love with their wearable gift, they will appreciate your brand for it, and feel a greater drive to patronize your business in the years to come.

If you can get them to post their cool branded clothing on social media, you’ll spread your brand to thousands of new people quickly. They could even make that consumer drive one of their New Year’s resolutions if you’re lucky! 

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3. Become Known as a “Hip” Brand

Speaking of designing attractive, eye-catching clothing, there are many other reasons that you need to ensure your wearables are cool-looking and classy.

If you can make your branded clothing “hip” within your community, your brand will begin to become associated with a sense of social status. No other effect on this list is as potential-filled as this one, but making your brand hip is no easy task.

That being said, many of the most important business goals are never simple to achieve, so why not shoot for the moon and aim to make a piece of clothing you’ll be proud of in 2023? 

4. Branding Wearables is Easy!

While designing wearables to feature your brand may seem overwhelming to some business owners, it’s actually a lot easier and more accessible than you’d think. When it comes to t-shirts, polos, hats, and other common wearables, the process is especially simple.

Many websites where you order your bulk branded merchandise also have suggested design templates that you can simply plug your brand into, so even those who think they have absolutely no design sense can manage to get the job done.

If you have an employee with a great sense of taste, you can also recruit them to help you design the type of hip, comfortable wearable that’s sure to be a mega-hit with your customers. 

5. You’ll Stand Out from Other Competitors in Your Industry

When looking at what to gift customers with during promotional campaigns, many companies opt for cheap, common, and frankly uninspiring gifts. By giving out wearables that are fun, useful, and filled with value, you can quickly stand out from the other small businesses in your area.

If you have businesses that are direct competitors near you, you’ll need to use every trick in the book to beat them in terms of sales, notoriety, and customer loyalty rates, after all.

Promotional marketing campaigns are one of your best tools for doing so, and branded wearable merchandise will help to make your company much more well-known than the business that you’re competing with.

If you play your cards right, you can make your business seem more ingrained in, and important to, the community where you’re doing business (which will help you overtake your rival, and poach customers from them with ease). 

It’s Time to Use Wearables to Boost Your Sales

What are you waiting for? With the right wearable promotional gift, you can easily boost your small business’s sales, and build a reputation for quality that will help to keep you successful in the future as well.

Craft and design your wearable gifts intelligently, and you’ll have a stellar promotional marketing campaign on your hands in no time. 

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