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How to Use Video to Grow Your Social Media Following?

Social media has long penetrated into all spheres of modern life. Becoming an important part of life, social media platforms began to fill the market for brands and products, becoming a convenient advertising platform.

Now it is hard to imagine a brand that is not represented in any social network. Over time, brands have started to compete more with each other for consumer attention and loyalty in social media by creating unique and creative content.

At the moment, one of the most modern ways to promote a product or business on social media is video marketing. Video content is becoming so popular because users are accelerating their pace of life.

It has become very difficult to read long texts, and consumers want to get all the information they need quickly and colorfully. 

Video for Business Promotion

In order to understand why video marketing is really necessary for business, let’s understand the definition of this concept. Video marketing is an effective tool to increase brand awareness and sales of a business or company in the market with the help of videos.

This method of advertising products and brands on social media has a number of advantages, the main one being increased conversions and sales.

A beautiful picture is always remembered much better than a long text description, and the relevant, dynamic and informative video helps to convey information to customers much faster and remembering this type of content is several times greater than just the effect of an interesting picture.

Also using video marketing the company often becomes much closer to the consumer and through this type of promotion in the network to strengthen relationships with the client and increase brand loyalty.

This format helps to hear the voice of the brand, sends a mood and unambiguously causes more emotions.

As a consequence the customer is more likely to want to buy again from a brand that uses video marketing in its advertising campaign because it will have already built a more trusting relationship with this business. 

In order to competently create an enticing consumer video or video that will be interesting to talk about your product you need to know and divide the different types of video marketing:

  1. Video reviews. They tell about the brand’s product properties, advantages, characteristics and other features. 
  2. Video reviews. They try to strengthen the credibility of the brand by means of satisfied users of the product. 
  3. Training videos. Usually, these videos contain materials which teach how to correctly interact with the product. 
  4. Interviews with experts. These videos help to promote the brand and build a positive reputation. 
  5. Promotional videos. They are basically promotional materials that are used to raise awareness and increase sales of a brand’s product or service. 
  6. Brand videos. They tell about the purpose of the brand and its mission. 
  7. Event videos. The purpose of such videos tell about the event which the brand arranges, to create infotainment that would increase brand recognition. 

Each of these formats will help your brand promote itself and attract a larger audience. As you attract an audience, your business profits naturally grow. 

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Video Content Development Strategy in Social Media

In order for your profile to be truly successful and for videos to attract potential brand customers, you need to work out your social media video marketing strategy in detail. 

In order to approach the issue structurally, you can conditionally divide this task into several stages:

  • Set a goal, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and determine what the end result you want to get. 
  • Analyze your target audience.  Depending on who is interested in your product, make content, create videos that will appeal to that audience. 
  • Analyze the successes and failures of your competitors.
  • Think about what budget you are ready to allocate for the creation of the video.
  • Create a structured table of the content you want to produce. A social media content calendar can help you do this perfectly. You can also use tables, however, a variant with a calendar most often significantly reduces the time and is most easily adjustable for any system of content publishing. 
  • Closely monitor the statistics. You need to constantly monitor the results of your marketing efforts and adjust them on the basis of received data. 

What Is the Power of Video Content?

One of the main benefits of using video content for social media in a brand advertising campaign is the ability to creatively and non-trivially tell a brand story. Social media gives you a unique opportunity to get almost instant feedback and maximum audience engagement if your video is to your liking. 

With a video, you can not only talk about the product, you can let the client behind the scenes of your business. Introduce the technology of production or introduce the team. You become closer to the consumer and this naturally affects his interest in your product. 

Social media video content is available for many types of businesses. Everyone can come up with a unique approach to creating it and present it creatively.

For example, restaurants often have pages in Instagram, introducing their subscribers to the backstage of the work. The visitor can find out how his favorite pastry is created or how the restaurant is transformed in the morning before the arrival of the first visitors. 

If you own a brand that produces clothes you can tell in your videos about how things are cut or how orders are packed by caring managers. There are a lot of ideas for completely different businesses. 

Often social networks themselves dictate to producers new trends in video creation, which just have to be followed if you want to stay interesting and modern. The main thing is that the trends don’t contradict the concept of your brand. In that case, even the most popular new experiments should be abandoned. 

How to Make a Video Popular?

Not all videos become popular, the main thing is to make a video in such a way that your audience will be delighted. Encourage them to take action or interact with your social network and subsequently your product.

Try to tell a story in the video that fully satisfies the request of your target audience. The first seconds of the video is called – primer. This part is very important, you need to make them memorable, and try as much as possible to make them interesting.

After all, it depends on the first seconds whether the user will switch to the next content or continue to watch your video. 

You should not put too much emphasis on your product, try to satisfy the customer’s request. Show how your product can help him solve his problem. Explain the benefits of buying from your brand. 

Be sure to optimize your video for viewing on mobile gadgets. Digitalization of modern society is happening rapidly. More than 60 percent of users browsing social media do it with their smartphones.

In order for the video to really become popular on the network you must necessarily solve the pain of the consumer that is why you need to determine in advance the target audience of your brand.

This will definitely help reduce the list of topics for the video. Also try to use trends in favor of the brand and be on the same wavelength as the consumer. Audiences will definitely appreciate it!

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that when using video content in social networks, the number of subscribers and engaged audience increases quite a lot. And this directly affects the income and popularity of the brand.

According to Wyzowl Video Survey 2021, about 80 percent of marketers state that video content helps to keep a potential customer on a social media platform or site and attract more potential customers.

Of course, this statistic is quite eloquent. And it definitely makes you think about trying to incorporate video content into your social networks. 

It should also be noted that video content really has a fantastic effect on traffic. Based on the Aberdeen Group video marketing increases the number of visitors to the site or social media platform from search engines by 41 percent. 

This is also an important enough metric that it speaks in favor of choosing to implement video content on your brand pages. 

In any case, if you want your brand to stay on trend, attract new customers and keep the attention of existing customers all the time you should try to implement video content into the routine of your social media feed.

It’s really not difficult following all the recommendations above you will succeed, but if you are not sure of your abilities you can always ask for help from professionals in this field. They can always help you create quality video content for your profile. 

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