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7 Pointers for Considering a Career as a UX Designer

The tech world is presently abuzz with the terms ‘UX design’ or ‘UX designer’. Many people are switching to careers in UX design and a lot of UX positions are being advertised every day.

With these developments, one cannot but ask what the hype is about this field. If you’re curious about UX design and considering starting a career in it, you’re in luck. 

What is UX design

Simply put, User Experience (UX) design is the process of creating or designing products that give users great experiences. UX design is a fascinating field. It is involved in all the apps and websites we interact with daily. 

While user experience design is applicable to all kinds of products and services, the term is often used for the design of websites and applications. This procedure determines the success or failure of a product. In fact, studies show that good UX can boost conversions by up to 400%.

No wonder the hype!

What does a UX designer do

The job of a UX designer is simple, too: to make the user’s interaction with a website, app, computer, mobile phone or any other product as seamless, intuitive and enjoyable as possible. The designer is responsible for the user’s satisfaction with a product.

Their job is to always look for ways to improve the user’s experience, whether the project is to build a website or an app. 

If you’re considering a career in UX design, you must be familiar with some of the tasks designers carry out in the course of their job. They are the following:

  • Understanding the user, problem and the brand
  • Conducting user research
  • Coming up with insights from the design and analyzing them
  • Designing the software product
  • Conducting user testing
  • Modifying the product as necessary
  • Delivering your design solution

7 reasons why you should consider a career in UX design

Do you want to know if UX design is worth the buzz or not? If you’re still not sure whether you should pursue a career in user experience design, read on and let’s get you converted. 

1. You have the opportunity to improve people’s experiences

Improving user experience is the main job of the designer. When you start a career in UX design, you have the opportunity to create great experiences for users you will never meet.

The fulfillment that comes from knowing you made a customer’s journey smoother and more enjoyable is one of the top reasons you should choose the profession. 

With your help, people all over the world can pay bills, shop, plan their travels, study, book hotels, manage their businesses and perform other digital tasks smoothly. This is enough reason to be a user experience designer.

2. It is in high demand

Having an online presence is a top goal for companies in today’s world. No company is considered serious or worth its salt if it is absent online. Many businesses even exist solely online.

Therefore, there has never been more demand for websites and apps. The more websites and apps are in demand, the more UX designers are needed. 

In addition, business owners are seeing that the more intuitive and well-designed websites and apps are, the better customer satisfaction and conversion. This has made them invest heavily in UX design. In other words, you have higher chances of landing a well-paying job if you start a career in UX design. 

You can learn UX design by hiring professional coaches. You can find professional coaches here.

3. Your salary expectations are high

Due to the rise in demand for UX design skills, the field commands competitive salaries. Companies who know the benefits of good user experience will stop at nothing to woo competent designers.

If you’re in this industry, you’ll be confident of attracting handsome pay. To know what salary to expect as a designer, check out Uxcel’s breakdown of salary expectations. You will be more enlightened and encouraged to start your UX design career journey. 

4. There are many areas you can specialize

UX design is a broad field that presents many opportunities. You’re not limited to a specific role; you can specialize in areas that best suit your skills and personality.

When you start a career in UX design, you have the privilege of choosing to become one of the following specialists:

  • Product manager
  • Product designer
  • UX designer
  • UX researcher
  • Visual designer
  • UX writer
  • Information architect
  • Interaction designer

5. Opportunity of remote work with good pay

Many aspects of the UX design process can be done remotely. Depending on the area you specialize in and the company you work for, you might be able to work remotely. The flexibility of time and convenience that comes with remote work is a good reason to choose UX design. 

6. UX design is a relatively easy field to enter

The entry barrier into the UX design field is low. Many people who switched from different fields now have great UX design careers. The reason is that there are transferable skills you can bring from other industries into user experience design. These skills include:

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Writing 
  • Research
  • Psychology
  • Business management

With these skills, you can easily fit into your chosen UX design role and continue your career journey. 

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7. Affordable and accessible certification

You don’t need to break the bank to start a career in UX design. Neither do you need years of studying and training to qualify as a designer. Many short courses and bootcamps are available to help you begin your career journey.

You can also take advantage of the free resources online, although getting a more recognized certification should be the goal. 

Tips for starting a career in UX design

Are you now convinced a career in UX design is worth the hype? If you are, find below tips that will help you start this exciting journey. 

Tip 1: Familiarize yourself with the UX field

To start a career in UX design, you need to know what the field is all about. Go online and do your research. Find out why user experience is important. Familiarize yourself with UX design principles and processes.

Ask who the main players are. Read about the trends. Find out where you can take courses. Knowing about the industry you’re about to enter gives you a better perspective and helps you make the right decisions. 

Tip 2: Enroll for bootcamps and online courses

Regardless of your background, you need to take courses and/or bootcamps if you’re considering a career in UX design. Despite the fact that the industry has a low barrier entry, foundational courses are rigorous and thorough.

Set out the time and budget to equip yourself with the required knowledge before starting the journey. 

There are many courses and bootcamps out there and you could be at a loss for which ones to choose. Before you decide on the right ones for you, ensure you do proper research and check reviews of past students. 

Tip 3: Network with aspiring and practicing designers

Joining a community of aspiring and practicing designers helps a lot if you’re considering a career in UX design. You get encouraged and motivated when you connect with established designers and potential ones like yourself. You have people to share experiences and discuss challenges with. Networking offers the opportunity to collaborate, learn and have fun with people of like minds. 

Tip 4: Find a mentor

Mentoring is vital when venturing into a new career. As a newbie, you don’t know your way around, therefore, you need a guide; someone who will hold your hand as you find your path in your newly chosen career.

A mentor gives you the required support and guidance and instills confidence in you. Mentoring also exposes you to opportunities and expands your network.

Take a bold step today and start a rewarding career in UX design

UX design is a growing tech field that attracts the best talents daily. To start a career in this promising industry, you must first be convinced you’re making the right decision. If you need some motivation to take this bold step, consider the benefits a career in UX design brings. 

These benefits include the opportunity to create great experiences for people, high demand for UX professionals, diverse areas of specialization, opportunity for remote work, low barrier entry and affordable courses and bootcamps. 

As you begin this exciting journey in UX design, tips like identifying your salary expectations, familiarizing yourself with the industry, enrolling for bootcamps, networking, and getting a mentor will help you find your bearing fast.

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