how to use video marketing

Top 5 Tips on How to Use Video Marketing for Lead Generation

Video marketing is everywhere, and it is hotter than ever! You click on the first random page on the internet, and the chances are that you will get a video on it.

Videos help companies get new customers and educate people about the products in general. They are extremely effective, and there are some areas where you absolutely have to use videos to help your business thrive.

how to use video marketing

So, if you are interested in tips on how your marketing goals can be met thanks to videos, keep reading!

1. Use it in email marketing

Yes! Emails are doing so much better with video in them! Let us just show you a little dance of statistics regarding videos in email marketing here:

  1. Using high-quality advertising videos in emails can double or triple the CTR of your emails
  2. About 80% percent of people who watch through your video on email end up purchasing at least something on your website.
  3. More than a half of users stated that they prefer videos in their emails
  4. Adding videos in your emails helps to decrease unsubscribing rates by a quarter

But how you can get an email from a new customer, you may ask. Well, simple! Just add a pop-up to your website with an offer of a discount or a gift in exchange for an email address.

Now you can send them a follow-up email with an onboarding video to convince a person to purchase your product. You can look here to find the ideas for the best onboarding videos to add to your emails.

2. Add a clip at your main page and about us

The idea of About Us and homepage videos is not new, but its undoubtful efficiency is rarely discussed.

However, using these videos in video marketing gives your website many interesting boosts. First of all, it helps the website increase the time people spend on a page. Secondly, it allows you to introduce your products in an interesting way and not bore people. Lastly, it is absolutely fantastic for explaining what your product is all about.

If you make people stay at your pages longer, Google starts thinking that people adore your website, and it helps boost the site’s ranking, hence it’s being shown to a wider audience, and you get thousands of new customers!

social media

3. Go wild with videos on social media platforms

Of course, we will always encourage you to use videos on top social media platforms on the internet because it is simply one of the best lead generation strategies that exist today.

Videos should follow most of your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because it is just more convenient for a regular person to watch a little video than read a text.

You can tell so much more with a quick 15-second clip than in a text that can be read in fifteen seconds, so do not miss a chance here and use videos everywhere on social media.

4. Add video feedback to your testimonials page

Adding customer feedback in video form is a very productive method to ensure the new people on your website that you are the one that they can trust.

You can ask your customers to create video testimonials to add to your website in exchange for a discount or extra service of some kind.

This type of user-generated content is very helpful for attracting new customers, so give the old ones a little treat in exchange and get smashing video feedback for your website.

5. Create a YouTube channel

Have you noticed that many companies have started YouTube channels lately? We see huge companies that speak about their products on the platform, show how to use them, and try to increase brand awareness.

This is a great way to engage in conversations with thousands of people, increase customers’ trust, and overall show people all the sides of your business, good and bad.

If it fits your brand, we advise you to be brutally honest in these videos, show the behind-the-scenes production processes, and, naturally, try to show your audience how hard you try to do something better.

For example, if your company has no other choice but to test your products on animals, show your audience what steps you perform right now to stop it.

Show them that you care and want to change, and that’s how you can become closer to your audience.

Bonus: a word about choosing the right software

To create these videos, you need not only simple video editor, but also many other useful tools like:

  1. Screen recorder (learn how to record screen on Mac or Windows for easy and quick creation of webinars, tutorials, how-to’s, etc.)
  2. Video converter (to convert videos in a proper format for different platforms)
  3. Video merger (for quick combining of different video clips)
  4. Photo editing tools (for thumbnails, infographics, presentations, etc.)

We added this part to our article just because we want to point out how important creating fascinating videos for your website is. Everybody can make a nice video clip, but only some can create an absolute masterpiece and make customers happy.

And when they are happy, they are more than willing to tell you about your products to other people; hence, you have new people on your website!

In conclusion

Including videos in your marketing campaigns will help your business to attract much more attention than any text can do.

According to Hubspot, the number of videos people are watching daily has doubled in the last three years, and as we can now see, this situation will not change any time soon.

So the only logical thing in this situation to do for you, as an entrepreneur, is to celebrate this popularity of video marketing and use it as much as you can in your campaigns. Good luck!

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