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16 Unique Selling Proposition Examples in 2020

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP), also known as unique selling point, refers to the distinctive characteristic that makes your company or product stand out from the competitors. In other words, what makes you different from other businesses in the sector? What do you offer that they don’t (or do, but not as well)? Today, I will share 16 awesome unique selling proposition examples that we can all learn from.

Also, just a quick disclaimer before we move on. A couple of the links on this blog post are affiliate, which means that I will make a small commission if you end up purchasing after clicking. 

1. The Economist

You’ve seen the news, why not discover the story?

unique selling proposition examples

The first on our list of Unique Selling Proposition examples is this one from The Economist. They do a remarkable job on making an unexpected, but powerful twist to a regular service of delivering the news.

While other newspapers and media channels just deliver the news of what happens around us, The Economist goes beyond that – they tell stories.

The Economist builds a Unique Selling Proposition around storytelling, which makes the company different from its competitors. Their initial claim is further supported by the following phrase:

Enjoy unrivalled analysis of the issues that lie behind the headlines.” Which I absolutely love, because they are already constructing a strong Marketing statement by telling us that their analysis is unrivalled.

2. HelloFresh

America’s Most Popular Meal Kit

HelloFresh is one step ahead of its competitors with a strong proposition in place: America’s most popular meal kit. However, they are not only making their product stand out by being the most popular.

Looking at their landing page, I can see at least a couple of distinctive characteristics that complement the initial one:

  • Offering the biggest recipe variety on the market of meal kit delivery;
  • They are also the company with the most 5-start reviews among competitors;
  • HelloFresh offers no commitment, which seems to be an issue with other brands;
  • Also, they claim to test each recipe 45 times to ensure its simplicity and deliciousness;

The company is doing a great job with their marketing message. In fact, each one of these points could be a USP by itself, which is awesome. Many organizations struggle to think of just one!

3. Tiffany & Co.

The right one is worth waiting for

tiffany and co unique selling point

Next on our list of Unique Selling Proposition examples is this one from Tiffany & Co. And honestly, I am kind of obsessed with how awesome it is.

First, the phrase “The right one is worth waiting for” is a great play of words. Because it’s a diamond proposal ring, they are obviously referring to the person who would be proposing with it. However, it is also a subliminal message about the right ring worth waiting for (Tiffany’s, of course).

However, we also have another distinctive claim that makes Tiffany stand out from competitors. And that is, “We’re the leader in diamond traceability”, which means that they are responsibly sourced.

And last but not least, they are also implementing elements of storytelling within their unique selling point. When you click on “Shop the story”, you are actually taken to a subpage with mini stories associated with their products:

Can this get any more awesome?

4. WooCommerce

The most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business.

unique selling proposition examples

What is one of the most important things that customers value in a product? That’s right: its ability to get customized and adapted to their needs. Well, Woocommerce seems to know this very well because that is exactly what their Unique Selling Proposition is about.

And that is, being the most customizable eCommerce platform for online businesses.

Which, paired with the invitation to get started for free, makes it quite difficult to ignore!

5. Hubspot

There’s a better way to grow.

unique selling proposition examples

Hubspot (affiliate link) is one of the leading companies for Inbound Marketing and Sales solutions. They are also a reference when it comes to branding and communicating their Marketing messages, and their Unique Selling Proposition is a great example of that.

A lot of companies on the market offer these services in exclusively paid subscription plans. However, Hubspot´s distinctive feature is that it allows you to “Get started with FREE tools, and upgrade as you grow.”

Which they end up resuming as “There´s a better way to grow”. The idea behind it is that you get started by using their tools for free. And then, Hubspot grows with you as your business gets bigger and requires more comprehensive solutions on its journey.

6. AirBnB

Book unique places to stay and things to do.

unique selling proposition examples

Next on our list of Unique Selling Proposition examples is this one from AirBnB. I love it because they have done a great job summarizing what makes them different from their competitors in just a single phrase.

And that is, their huge variety of unique places to stay in when travelling that you can´t typically find on other platforms or services of similar type. Of course, in this USP we also see their diversification intent towards activities other than just accommodation.

Which is also something that your typical booking platforms or accommodation websites don´t necessarily offer. Just awesome!

7. Stripe

The new standard in online payments

With the most complete toolkit on the market for businesses that want to accept online payments, Stripe has established itself as “The new standard in online payments”.

Their user-friendly interface, multiple integrations, variety of tools, and great technical support have ranked them “the best software platform” among their clients. And they are taking a great (and well-deserved) advantage of it as their Unique Selling Proposition.

8. Emirates

Don’t just fly, fly better

unique selling proposition examples

With their slogan Don’t just fly, fly better, the state-owned airline company Emirates is taking pride in offering the most exclusive experience for their first class passengers:

Which, according to the statement above, has been possible by investing in the largest and most modern fleet of Boeing 777 and A380 aircraft in the world. But also by providing an incredible attention to their customers and ensuring their great experience from take off to landing.

While many of their competitors are focusing on cost leadership, Emirates are taking a different approach for their brand. And they are doing an excellent job with it.

9. Turkish Airlines

Flying to the most countries

While Emirates focuses on the experience it provides to passengers, Turkish Airlines highlight its rich offering as a Unique Selling Proposition. And that is, having the resources, capacity and agreements to fly to the biggest number of countries.

At first, this might not seem like something that a customer will necessarily value. I mean, when you are purchasing a ticket to one country, you care more about low prices, security, boarding on time, etc. Not if the airline travels to other countries as well.

However, what actually gives value to the company´s USP is their Miles& Smiles program for accumulating miles and receiving discounts. With this in mind, knowing that you can take this airline for trips to any country means that you can accumulate a lot of miles.

And consequently, get a lot of discounts. Now, it definitely sounds more exciting!

10. Ben & Jerry’s

We make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way.

unique selling proposition examples

Next on our list of Unique Selling Proposition examples is this one from Ben & Jerry’s.

When I first read it, I wasn’t sure what they meant with it exactly. Saying “the best” isn’t very specific, and can be very subjective in some cases. So what did this claim mean?

But then, I scrolled down and each of the images revealed the following texts:

  • Caring dairy;
  • Cage free eggs;
  • Brownies;
  • Fair trade;
  • Non-GMO;

By clicking on each of the images, you will be taken to a specific landing that explains the company’s efforts in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. Which finally made me understand what they meant with their USP.

11. Postmates

Anything, anytime, anywhere.

Postmates is US-based company that employes couriers to deliver goods of all sources locally. They take pride in their unique capabilities and resource availability to match inventories and consumer demand.

This makes it possible to deliver “anything, anytime, anywhere”, more than any other brand on the market. Which is the essence of their Unique Selling Proposition.

In fact, they aim to become a referent in the sector to the point in which the company’s name is used as a verb: “Postmate it”.

12. Brex

The smartest corporate card in the room

unique selling proposition examples

The startup company Brex aims to differ from its competitors by offering “the smartest corporate card in the room”. It includes unique features such as:

  • Instant approvals;
  • Modern payment terms;
  • No personal guarantee;
  • Higher than usual limits;
  • Advanced fraud protection.

Their Unique Selling Proposition is built around their main product – the credit card. And of course, the exclusive benefits it offers compared to the competition. Which has been further enhanced by all the clients listed on their website.

13. Robinhood

It’s Time to Do Money

The next USP from our list of Unique Selling Proposition examples comes from Robinhood.

Robinhood is a company that offers commission-free trading in one, user-friendly platform. I absolutely love their slogan: “It’s Time to Do Money“. This slogan, paired with the simple, but powerful description, definitely highlights what makes them different from their competitors.

And that is, being the pioneer in commission-free investing. In other words, they are doing something that no one else was doing at the moment.

14. Salesforce

Connect to your customers in a whole new way with the world’s #1 CRM platform.


Salesforce is coming strong with their statement, and is quite well-deserved. According to data from their own website, currently over 150,000 businesses are using their CRM! Which is completely mind-blowing.

And definitely a Unique Selling Proposition that every organization would love to have. Simply being the best. (just to make it clear that this is not my claim, but Salesforce´s.)

A quick search also shows us that they have some of the most comprehensive and feature-rich tools on the market. Which enhances their statement even more.

15. Contently

The highest-rated content marketing solution

What makes Contently different from competitors is the amount of users who have trusted in their product. This might not be a distinctive feature of the platform, but is a guarantee for unmatched quality that not every organization can provide.

For this reason, being “the highest-rated content marketing solution” is a Unique Selling Proposition for Contently. And it is a definitely a very solid one, as it can be proved with actual ratings from their customers.

16. N26

The first bank you’ll love

unique selling proposition examples

Next, we have this brilliant example from N26, a German bank that operates exclusively online. They have taken a service that people have to consume, but dislike to, and turned into something enjoyable that takes no time.

For this reason, their USP “the first bank you will love” is definitely something that grabs the attention. And makes you want to learn more about the product. The company´s effort in creating a unique product makes them stand out from the crowd.

That was all from me, folks! If you liked my article on Unique Selling Proposition examples, you might also like 10 Golden Marketing rules in the 21st Century. In this article, I explain the concept of Unique Selling Proposition and why it is one of the most important aspects in the Marketing strategy of any business.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below. And I hope to see you again soon!

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