9 Types of Video Content You Need to Boost Your Sales

Nowadays, video marketing is a powerful tool to promote business and achieve success. When choosing a content marketing strategy, brands choose visual means due to their convenience and effectiveness.

It’s known that people better perceive video content, and they are more likely to get acquainted with your promotion and make a purchase.

Statistics say that 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Videos posted on social media bring marketers 50% more views. YouTube is the most popular platform for video content marketing strategy, but Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are still very popular among specific user groups.

There are lots of video types for business promotion, and in this article, you will find the best solutions for your company. Using videos helps build brand credibility, establish an online presence and boost sales.

Video content pluses for your business

With content marketing on the rise today, businesses cannot ignore video content popularity. Many companies already benefit from implementing videos to their marketing strategies and report significant changes. They do not hire specialists, but shoot and edit video on their own, showing different aspects of their brand to the audience.

Videos save time, as it’s easier for people to get and retain a message watching a few-minute video than reading a long text. Brands can effectively communicate with their audience using a video content marketing strategy. Viewers are more engaged, better perceive information, and buy your products.

Videos are indispensable for business promotion as they tell more about your brand. With social media videos, you can easily engage new customers, improve SEO ranking, and increase sales.

Video types to promote your business

Video creation for a content marketing strategy is not an easy task, but if you plan your content, use proper shooting equipment, and editing tools like Movavi Video Editor, Vimeo, and Magisto, your sales will grow. Let’s find what videos will work for your business the best.

1. Product demo videos

Creating product demo videos allows brands to showcase their products or services. People will get acquainted with what you offer entertainingly. It builds brand trust and awareness, and you become closer to your customers.

Businesses can explain their products’ features, benefits, and work principles. People better engage with video content, finding it more interesting and easy to perceive. Product demo videos work better than lengthy texts describing the product.

When you promote some item and want to capture people’s attention, use a product demo displaying how it looks and works. Customers will save their time checking your web store, reading descriptions, and disturbing your customer support with tons of questions.

2. Explainer videos

This type of video for business promotion enables viewers to understand some work principles and processes associated with your product or service. Use animation to engage people and explain complex things creatively.

In explainer videos, you can show how your product may be useful to people. It’s a great alternative to lengthy blog posts. Engaging visuals and audios provide an incredible experience and make viewers closer to your brand.

You can make an animated explainer video with voiceovers using text to speech tool or engage people in the shooting. It’s also possible to make a live explainer video so that people instantly ask follow-up questions and know more about your product.

3. Testimonial videos

Businesses can also increase sales with testimonial videos. It’s an excellent way to stand out and build brand recognition. Testimonials are widely popular on YouTube, where many businesses share with people real reviews of their products or services.

It’s an effective content marketing strategy since viewers see real customers giving their feedback. When creating this video, you should not hire actors and ask them to speak only positively about you. Invite your clients and ask them leading questions, so they share their experiences.

They can describe a problem your product or service helped them to solve. Your business will get more engagement, higher conversions, and increased sales.

4. Social media videos

Social media videos give you the freedom to experiment with formats and styles. Mind that each social media platform has specific rules to post videos effectively. For example, a YouTube video can last 5-8 minutes, while Instagram and TikTok about one minute.

You can post your video in stories or make a live video to connect with the audience. Social media videos should contain captions, be entertaining, and be accompanied by trendy music. Brands need to add descriptions, hashtags, or tag other brands or influencers.

Your marketing video on social media will boost user engagement and increase sales. Follow social media trends, create challenges, and make your videos exceptional.

5. Webinars

Webinars are a great video content tool for business blog owners, as it allows them to collect and share interesting information on their brand from experts. Speakers discuss relevant topics and share valuable experiences incorporating some products and services.

It’s a cost-effective solution for business introduction to a larger audience. You can record the webinar and share it on your site, that builds brand authority and people’s trust.

A webinar may be a valuable source of information, providing tips on how to solve some problems with your product or service.

6. Personalized videos

This video type helps brands connect with the audience, showing some personal details about their company life. Personalized video content can increase response rates, boost sales, and help your business stand out from the crowd. It’ll be your calling card with your company name, logo, photos, team, and story of success.

Tell your brand story and be honest and unique in what you present to people. Do not be afraid to look funny and try to show who you are to viewers. When they watch your personalized video, they should understand that you aim at helping others, self-improve, and achieving new goals, not simply making money.

7. Behind-the-scenes videos

A behind-the-scenes video is a great way to get closer to your customers. Showing them your business routine, you will involve your viewers in the process of product creation. It concerns not only interesting manufacturing processes, but everything you do for your business.

In this video, you can show people a step-by-step guide to creating a product. Or you can display to viewers how you carefully pack their orders. Another good idea is to give your customers a look at how you communicate with your team and improve your products or services.

types of video content

Thus, you see that behind-the-scenes video type is a creative solution for attracting customers by showing them ordinary things and processes. Be sincere with your viewers and do not try to exaggerate your achievements or hide flaws.

8. The spot

The spot is a short commercial video lasting from 15 to 30 seconds. Brands can feature in their spots whatever they find important for their customers. Spots are popular because businesses can distribute these videos on different platforms, from TV to social media.

People can come across these videos when watching YouTube videos or films.

Spots engage views immediately as a brand tries to showcase its best features in a very short runtime. Businesses tell their stories or promote new products in 15-30 second videos. The fact that these videos are so shot makes it easy to share them on social media.

They will work well in Instagram stories, TikTok, YouTube shorts, and more.

Spots have been popular for decades, and in the era of the internet, they will attract more and more customers to brands resorting to this video content type.

9. Company culture videos

When creating company culture videos, businesses pursue two purposes. The first is to showcase your company ethos to customers. Here your task is not to promote your product or service but market your entire brand.

In these videos, you can tell people your brand story, present your team, and focus on representing your business as a credible entity.

The second aim of creating company culture videos is to attract new employees. Show your potential workers your friendly team. It’s essential to engage new talents when developing your business, so mind your website and social media page have these videos.

It’d be great to feature in your video how you have spent your free time with your team, have fun, make presents, dance, sing, travel, etc. An engaging company culture video displays personalities and is honest. So not try to sell anything in this video – just be yourself, and viewers will appreciate it.


Now you see that video marketing is a great way to promote your business, build a brand, and boost sales. We hope that this article will help you create an effective content marketing strategy and achieve success.

Choose whatever video type you like, try several of them, and do not be afraid to experiment with new content and formats. Mind your video has a high quality, good light, sound, music, and positive vibe so that viewers have a desire to know more about your brand and products.

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