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Tips for Writing a Compelling Digital Marketing Book

When describing a good book, you may say that it is composed of a plot that hooks you and keeps you entertained while reading the piece, and most importantly it educates you in various ways. This principle acts as a paradigm for all of the genres including digital marketing. This area is constantly changing and evolving, given the fact that it is currently one of the fastest-growing industries.

A good digital marketing book needs to contain all the details about the expertise it deals with and have an approach where you can easily recognize patterns and strategies that the target audience can apply in their digital marketing businesses. Writing a good-quality digital marketing book is not enough, you will need to promote it as well accordingly.

A proper digital marketing book is a huge step and a serious move, so, you will need tips that will help you execute this task properly. Considering this, we have prepared a list of tips that can lead you through this process. 

The Content That Hooks

Just as with fiction books, you will need to have a plot and content that will hook the reader up. It is essential for you to define the topic and have engaging content that will simultaneously be easy for understanding and read, and supported by examples proving your hypothesis.

There can be a couple of things that could be improved when it comes to defining the content and how you present it in the book. Digital marketing books do not have to be dry as they can be spiced up with proofs from real life and spiced with quotations in line with the topics you are dealing with. 

Choose a Compelling Book Cover

You have probably heard the saying “Never judge the book by its cover”. Do not take this one seriously as people definitely judge the book by the cover. You have probably noticed that the paradigm for books nowadays, regarding the design, is rather minimalistic covers with a full focus on the title.

The main purpose of decent cover design is generally the motive that it is typically the first thing that grabs the reader’s interest. Digital marketing can inspire a whole range of unique covers that will definitely attract readers. Picking the cover is not the only thing about design that should concern you. You want your book to be of good quality in the sense of the paper, size, and font.

The Details: Proofreading, Printing, Distribution

Just as we have previously mentioned, it is not enough for you just to write a book. You will also need to publish and promote your work. Generally, the details about publishing can take some time and even prolong the printing of your book. Luckily, today, there are publishing houses that will make the process much faster.

Look for a veteran publishing house that has previous experience with these kinds of books. Ideally, they should be able to help you with formatting, design, printing, and distribution.

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Visual Content

It is important for your book to have various types of content incorporated. This will not make it look more interesting and entertaining, but will also help your readers stay more focused and on the track of ideas. Using pictures, graphs, charts, and other visual tools can be a very nice addition to your content.

Images can create an even more engaging experience and help you communicate hard-to-grasp concepts in a more effective way. In case you are using charts and graphs throughout the text, it would be much easier for you to incorporate the figure number of every chart as you can easily reference it in the text.

Pro Tip: For you to maintain even better organization through the text, you can organize the images you are using by the chapter numbers. This will make the text easy to follow and all of the data to be addressed without any trouble. 

Keep Notes

This is a very important thing to do as it will help you with the quality of the texts. There are various sources you are using as part of your expertise, and keeping notes about them will make your job much easier. Clear bibliography will only add to the quality of your book and will increase your credibility.

Non-fiction is generally based on research data and experiments and well-structured notes with citations, stats, and image sources. Notes about the main text will help you to stay on top of the priorities and will help you emphasize the main ideas. 

Be Very Clear With Your Book Topic

There are a lot of things that can be said regarding the topic of digital marketing and it is the main reason why you need to be very specific about the theme you are using. First things first, you will need to be focused on the book idea. The best tip you can get, at the beginning of your writing, is to write down whatever you know.

This one simple phrase can be quite helpful and you will catch yourself repeating it as a mantra. Digital Marketing is a specific domain and it targets a specific audience so this can be one of the first steps in defining your topic. By defining the target reader you will be able to produce meaningful and engaging content.

You can do this by simply creating a reader persona or a semi-fictional representation of your target audience. 

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Thinking about the digital marketing topics your readers are immersed in is not enough as you need to incorporate what intrigues you as well. Writing about the things that spike your curiosity as well is something that will keep you coming back to the text every single day and coming up with the concepts which were hidden all along.

Believe it or not, this is the core, unless you are writing about the topics you are personally interested in or for the wrong reason, you should not expect to create content that other people will love. 

Do Not Skip Writing the Book Outline

Once you are 100% positive about the things you want to write about, you will be much more eager to start writing about them. Your passion for the topic you are writing about can be easily passed on to the readers which can keep them hooked to the topic.

Review all of the notes about the topic you want to talk about and then create the book outline that will later serve you as the roadmap. With the roadmap, you will be able to form the main ideas and the subideas as well. This way, you will be able to transfer all of the ideas to the paper. 

Another way of creating compelling marketing book content is to start creating purpose statements. This basically means that you should put in sentences that describe the purpose of the book. Typically, purpose statements are underestimated while these explain why the readers should consider reading your book.

Purpose statements have the leverage to keep you focused on the main idea and will lead you through drafting the outline and further writing your book. Methods like these will prevent you from straying from related topics and writing about irrelevant ideas. 

After you are done with writing the book outline, you should proceed with doing further research about the topics that will serve as the fill-ins for the areas that you have missed out or even forgot to include in the initial outline. Research is one of the most important parts, but writing is even more important since you will sense what you are missing during the very process. 

Working Title Will Give You More Freedom

If you define the title before you even start writing your book, you can seriously limit the scope of your research and the hypothesis which can be quite stressful, especially for specialized texts such as digital marketing. In contrast to this, the working title is the temporary name of your text that will be used during the writing process.

By simply identifying your book, you will set the direction without limits. Once you finish your book, you can revisit the manuscript, update and edit it accordingly and finally define the title. Do not be too concerned with this one, you should think of the titles as placeholders, not restrainers. The working title is temporary, but it can help you make up your mind. 

Writing a digital marketing book is a huge step, especially if you are deeply into this field. Probably, the toughest part of this task is to define what is the main concern and topic you would like to engage in. Writing a compelling text can be quite daring as you will need to think of intriguing questions for your readers and the questions concerning you as well.

Also, you will need to make sure that the text is interesting and combined with visual tools.

The use of visual tools such as images, graphs, and charts will help you with following the text and staying ahead of it. Combining all of these elements together will certainly result in compelling and engaging content. 

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