Tips for Instagram B2B Marketing in 2023

Instagram marketing is slowly becoming a key marketing channel for businesses. With more than 800 million users, Instagram has a user base larger than all social media channels combined. 

Further, the app is perfect for visual content and storytelling, which makes it ideal for B2B marketing. If you want to make your brand more visible on social media but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve got you covered. 

This blog post will cover tips and strategies for growing your business on Instagram to help increase awareness and drive new customers to your brand.

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Switch to a Business Instagram Account

Before anything else, change your account to business mode and keep in mind the things we are referring to. Also, you can buy an Instagram account from Instagram account marketplaces like Social Tradia.

Leverage powerful social media platforms like Instagram to increase brand reach and expand business opportunities. Create an Instagram bio that clearly states whether your business is a B2B or B2C company. Provide valuable content that offers insight on topics related to your industry rather than self-promotion.

Utilize other social media platforms to announce your presence on Instagram. Make sure to post regularly to maintain engagement with your target audience. Finally, ensure you post content relevant to the platform and audience you’re targeting. This will help build awareness and interest in your business.

Create An Instagram Strategy

B2B marketing on social media has become increasingly important as consumers turn to social media for brands’ content and customer engagement. However, you can follow a few tips to create an effective social media strategy for your business.

  • Utilize hashtags, contests, and influencer marketing to increase brand awareness and boost sales. These strategies help your business target specific audiences and create brand awareness among potential customers. By using these marketing tools, you can engage with customers on social media and build brand recognition and popularity.
  • Offer free, trackable webinars and white papers to nurture prospects along their customer journey. Webinars and white papers allow businesses to provide informative content that helps customers make informed decisions about their purchases. Webinars facilitate discussions between experts in the field and potential customers, while white papers give customers more detailed information about products and services.
  • Leverage interactive features on Instagram to promote video content when participating in trade events. In particular, users should post informative videos about their products or services on Instagram stories. This way, customers can learn about the brand’s offerings without being bombarded with ads or marketing messages. Furthermore, businesses can post images of social media marketing campaigns on social media platforms such as Instagram to showcase their efforts toward customer engagement.
  • Highlight company values and culture, and build customer trust. Businesses should post content that illustrates their values and personality through images or stories that show how they care about their customers. Also, they should highlight ways they have improved customer satisfaction through blog posts or other types of content, highlighting their efforts toward customer engagement.

Define your target audience

When planning an Instagram marketing campaign, it’s vital to understand the market and industry of your target audience. This will help you create content that speaks to their interests and target audiences with relevant content that draws them to your business. 

To do this, use customer journey maps to identify potential audiences and create content that resonates with those audiences’ interests. This could include social media marketing tips or tips on using social media to market your business effectively. 

As part of an Instagram advertising agency’s B2B marketing strategy, you can utilize analytics to target specific demographics and segments of your target audience with content that appeals to them. By doing this, you can generate leads for your business through social media marketing.

Set SMART goals

You need to have a set of SMART marketing goals before posting for B2B marketing on Instagram. Here, we listed some of the items that will help you to determine your goals better:

Choose social media platforms optimized for the content you want to post

  • Prioritize hashtags and keywords relevant to your business and social media marketing efforts.
  • Develop an editorial calendar that outlines the types of content you want to create and post on social media. This will help guide your social media marketing efforts and help you avoid posting content that is not relevant or engaging.
  • Utilize interactive features on Instagram to promote highly shareable video content when participating in trade events. This will help audiences stay tuned and be prepared to share your content with friends and followers. 
  • Focus on calls to action such as “learn more” and drive audiences to appropriate landing pages instead of “buy now” calls to action. This will help audiences fully understand your products, services, or brand message before making a purchase decision.
  • Provide a helpful, personalized, and informative customer experience on social media channels. This will help build customer trust, and increase customer loyalty through consistent brand messaging across social media channels.
  • Use hashtags and keywords strategically to reach potential customers interested in your business and niche market. 

Following these tips can effectively market your business via social media platforms.

Commit to a posting schedule

Establishing a consistent posting schedule on Instagram is a vital part of successful marketing for B2B companies.

  • Aim to post at least once a day or multiple times per day if you have the resources. This will help create awareness and build your audience’s interest in your business. The types of content you post will also be crucial.
  • Include clips from company events, informative content, and posts that communicate company values. These posts can help customers connect with your brand and feel like they’re part of the story.
  • Utilize Instagram’s analytics to track your progress and optimize your content for maximum impact. This will help you identify which types of content are performing well and which aren’t.
  • By keeping track of your followers’ habits, you’ll be able to tailor your marketing efforts to suit the audience best and avoid wasting resources on content that isn’t as popular.
  • Finally, be sure to include your bio on all of your posts. This should be concise and provide customers with all the necessary information.

Share Great Content

B2B companies can leverage Instagram to share thought leadership content, such as insights from industry leaders, to build trust and start conversations with followers.

This type of content is beneficial because it allows businesses to show customers why they are great and what makes them unique. This provides customers with valuable information that can help them make informed decisions when choosing a business.

Additionally, creative content such as photos, videos, and bio stories can help businesses stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. By incorporating these elements into posts, businesses can create relevant, meaningful, and engaging content for followers.

Finally, customers will appreciate businesses that take the time to add a unique spin to their posts. This will help draw attention to their content and potentially increase brand awareness and followership. Although it may take effort and planning, creating content for social media platforms such as Instagram can be a great way to generate awareness of your business and engage potential customers.

Take Photographs

Utilize user-generated content to provide a personal glimpse into your B2B company’s culture and product offerings. Take advantage of Instagram’s interactive features, such as hashtags and filters, to create highly shareable video content. 

In addition, incorporate visuals of your team members in action to add a human element to your business. Take photographs of your products or services to highlight the benefits to potential customers. 

Make sure to include calls-to-action in the photo captions, such as “learn more” and “contact us.” By taking these steps, you can increase awareness for your business on social media and build strong consumer relationships online.

Create Great Captions

Write captions that are crisp and represent your brand voice. By writing captions that are clear, concise, and consistent with your brand voice, you can help draw customers’ attention to the content and message of your photo or video.

Utilize trending keywords and hashtags to support your captions. By incorporating keywords into the captions of your content, you can help promote awareness of your brand or product among potential customers.

Write a bio that gives customers all the information they need to make a buying decision. By writing a bio that provides customers with additional information about your company and its products or services, you can help expand customer awareness of your brand or product.

Leverage Hashtags

As a business, leveraging hashtags in social media marketing efforts is essential.

  • Use hashtags to target your audience more effectively on Instagram. This will help you reach potential customers and attract their attention. It’s also important to include relevant hashtags in your social media content. These can help your followers connect with your brand deeper and become followers.
  • A business can easily acquire customers via social media with the right B2B social media strategy and hashtags. Planning ahead of time can help businesses create content that is highly engaging and relevant to their audience’s interests. This will help them build a larger presence on Instagram and increase brand awareness and reach.
  • Increasing brand reaches through hashtags can also benefit B2B marketers. Research supports the power of hashtag marketing for businesses, with hashtags helping them target their desired audiences more effectively.

Tell Stories With Instagram Stories

Use Instagram stories to tell bigger stories than a series of individual photos or videos. Get creative with your content on Instagram stories. Try posting captions with a narrative, or post stickers or filters to add an element of playfulness to your story.

Post content without overwhelming your audience. Aim for consistent themes and topics in your stories, so audiences can easily follow your journey. Nurtures prospects along their customer journey with invitations to webinars and white papers.

Promote video content when participating in trade events. For example, you could post a video of your marketing team discussing the benefits of a new product or service on social media during a trade show. 

This will help build awareness and drive audiences to the content. Leverage CTA’s to drive audiences to your content. For example, you could post a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of each story that directs people to a specific webpage or social media post where they can learn more about the topic discussed in the post/story.

Take Advantage of Reels

Use Reels to create informative and helpful content to engage viewers.

Create Reels using video marketing strategies such as product demos, testimonials, and how-to videos. These videos can help potential customers learn more about your product or service and why they should choose yours.

Offer valuable resources, information, and tips to help viewers learn more about your product or service. When creating Reels, try incorporating relevant details and messaging to help potential customers understand your brand’s message and why it is excellent.

Utilize Reels to showcase customer success stories and testimonials. You can create Reels for social media marketing campaigns by featuring influencers with positive experiences with your brand or subject-matter experts offering advice and insights on the topic.

By taking advantage of the various marketing strategies outlined above, you can create Reels that are informative and engaging to audiences.

Engage Your Audience

Use Instagram to nurture prospects along their customer journey by providing invitations to webinars and access to white papers.

  • Promote video content when participating in trade events to generate more engagement and track activity.
  • Utilize educational and informative content to add value and engage your target audience. This could include blog posts, videos, and infographics that provide valuable information about your products or services and help educate customers about your brand.
  • Utilize hashtags, contests, and influencer marketing to increase brand awareness and boost sales.
  • Use Instagram to connect with influencers and showcase products or companies to acquire new clients. By posting content on social media featuring your products or company, you can attract potential customers interested in the product or service you’re offering. 

Through these social media campaigns, you can effectively market your products and services to potential customers who may not otherwise be aware of them.

Respond To Comments And Mentions

Interact with your followers on Instagram by responding to comments and mentions. This way, you can connect with the audience and provide valuable content. Consider selling your time with subject Instagrammers to build trust and establish value for your audience. This can help boost brand awareness and create positive associations with your business.

Moreover, provide helpful, personalized, and informative experiences to your audience. This will strengthen the customer relationship and create a positive association with your brand.

Nurturing these connections will help boost brand awareness and ensure a lasting customer base.

marketing audience

Cross-Promote Across Other Social Media Platforms

Burying content on social media is not an effective marketing strategy for B2B businesses. Marketers should leverage the interactive features of Instagram to promote video content when participating in trade events. 

You could target audiences with calls to action such as “learn more” and drive audiences to the relevant landing pages. Besides, you can offer free access to white papers and track the activity to measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

You can also use social media tools such as social media ads to nurture potential customers and guide them along their customer journey. In a nutshell, you must create valuable content that instills trust in your audience and effectively communicates your business propositions through social media channels.

Leverage the Power of Influencers

  • Choose influencers who are suitable for your brand and whose values align with yours
  • Create social content that is high-quality and relevant to your audience
  • Develop a media strategy and track your objectives
  • Utilize Instagram for cost-efficient PR
  • Create a marketing plan that is tailored to the platform and your target audience

Influencers have the power to reach new audiences and boost sales. By engaging with influencers on social media, you can create valuable content for followers that appeals to their interests and values. This increases awareness of your brand, drives engagement, and generates exposure.

When choosing influencers, consider audience demographics, social media presence, industry experience, and geographic location. Finally, outline clear objectives for campaigns to measure success. By following these tips, you can leverage influencers to improve awareness of your brand among potential customers and generate positive results.


We hope these tips have helped you learn how to market your business on Instagram. If you follow these tips, you’ll see your followers and engagement increase, which will help your business thrive. Remember that marketing on social media is all about being creative and putting a personal touch on things. 

You can always try new strategies as they become available, but the above tips should help get you started. Happy marketing!

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