The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

Do you want to become an expert in LinkedIn advertising, and launch high-converting campaigns for your clients – or yourself? Discover the most complete and effective LinkedIn guide on the Internet, and go from Zero to Hero in 130 pages of hands-on practical content!

Learn how to set up the Insight Tag, configure conversions, set-up matched audiences and launch successful campaigns in no time. In this eBook, I am also sharing some of my top tips and best practices after having launched more than 800 campaigns myself.

Why this ebook?

There is one simple reason: zero fluff. Let’s be honest – there is nothing more annoying that buying an eBook that’s all fluff and no real content. The Complete Guide to LinkedIn Advertising is 100% practical and straight to the point.

Insight Tag

Learn how to install the Insight Tag on your website to gather valuable data and drive more conversions for your business.

Matched Audiences

Leverage the power of lookalikes, account-based targeting, remarketing and more with Matched Audiences.

Lead Generation

Discover how to implement LinkedIn's native lead gen forms to generate high-quality leads and drive more sales.


There is no sense in launching campaigns without measuring your results - learn how to set them up in no time.

Bidding Strategies

Select the right bidding strategies and optimization goals to drive the most results for your business.

Tips & Tricks

Unlock my secret tips and practices to optimize your audiences and make the most out of your campaigns.

Learn how to create a Campaign Manager account step by step, and set it up to start launching your campaigns.

The Insight Tag is a piece of code that you implement on your website to establish a connection with LinkedIn so they can exchange data. Discover how to do it quickly and easily.

Discover the different types of conversions that you can set with LinkedIn depending on your goals, and learn how to configure them in the most effective way.

There are 8 different types of Matched audiences that you can use to re-engage with your audience and impact them continuously. Discover everything about them.

You are now ready to start creating your first campaign! Discover all the awesome possibilities that you have with LinkedIn, including ad formats, bidding strategies, target audiences and more.

Lead Gen forms are one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads by leveraging the power of LinkedIn’s native forms. They provide better experience for the user, and tend to be cheaper for advertisers.

Of course, you can’t expect much success with your LinkedIn ads if you aren’t using your analytics to optimize and improve along the way.

Discover the best tips and practices for your LinkedIn ads to make the most out of your budget.

A Company Page on LinkedIn is obligatory for most ad formats. If you don’t have one already, discover how to create it here!

…and a little bit of information about me! 🙂

A note from the author

With over 756 million total users, of which 675 million are active every month, LinkedIn is the biggest social media channel for professionals who want to build their network and become part of an incredible community of lifelong learners.

Considering these facts, it is no surprise that LinkedIn is also one of the most powerful channels for advertisers who want to reach a professional, highly-refined audience within their industry.

In the last few years, I had the incredible opportunity to launch and work on the optimization of over 800 campaigns, which gave me a solid practical experience and a valuable knowledge on how LinkedIn advertising works. Which gave me the inspiration to write this e-book on LinkedIn Advertising so I can share my experience with those advertisers who are looking to maximize their results and get the best out of their campaigns

Become a LinkedIn expert with 130 pages of practical, fluff-free content.

Increase your sales

Leverage the power of LinkedIn advertising to drive more sales for your business.

Increase your revenue

Reach a target audience of experienced professionals within certain industries or with specific job positions.

Make a second impact

Most people won't purchase after having been impacted only once by your ads.

Second impressions matter

Re-engage and re-impact people who have already interacted with your business through matched audiences.

Drive more web visits

Drive more website traffic and get people to do key actions on your website.

Measure your results

LinkedIn's Campaign Manager offers powerful analytics to help you measure results and optimize your campaigns.