Find out How Successful People Think about SEO in 2022

Digital Marketing is a vibrant field which saves on altering. We no longer look to implement basic SEO practices for generating digital traffic to websites and products. Similarly, many e-commerce platforms have now started to use tools that are SEO-friendly for their businesses.

WooCommerce, which is an eCommerce platform for WordPress, has also SEO- friendly features. One of its plugin named Customer upload files for woocommerce provides advance feature to the customers that will help businesses get that extra edge. For a successful online business, user-friendly features are just as important as SEO-friendly.

It is built on WordPress, which makes it easier for a business to be compliant.

When marketing your business, you already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is an important technique. When you think about your SEO plan, you might be a bit worried about its practices to place in a manner that will help you to improve your site’s rankings.

A couple of questions that arise are, how are the successful people thinking about SEO in 2022? What practices are they using to stay at the top? Here we go into the details of how those people and businesses are using SEO practices.

Search Engine Optimization has changed with time. Keeping this in mind, SEO tactics have not changed much. We still look at the backlinks, page speed, URLs, Images and usefulness of the content. Basic practices are the same but in 2022, the practices have now shifted to quality, authenticity and relevancy.

SEO shift

In 2022 sites like Moz Blog, Hub Spot and Search Engine Journal (SEJ) are consistently pointing out one fact. Any change in Google’s algorithms can either make or break a business’s place on search results.

Therefore the SEO practices must be on-point and the people responsible for it must keep an eagle’s eye on trends and upcoming practices.

Every SEO practice which is implemented needs to be written down as a strategy before any action is taken by the SEO team or the person responsible for it.  SEO Strategy looks to acquire more organic traffic. Here is a brief overview provided by Backlinko.

After successfully planning and putting together a strategy, execution becomes easier for a person. Some practices have changed since last year. There is a growing practice of using long tail keywords in articles and blogs.

These help to inform the user in a more explanatory manner as compared to the use of short-tail keywords.

SEO practices have changed drastically over time in digital marketing. Everything is more user- oriented and keeps in mind that even though businesses have to preserve the command of the content that goes forward.

User experience is kept in mind. Make sure that users are getting the information they intended to get when they open a website. This is the exact reason to use common language and avoid any complex jargon and language.

So the user can comprehend the information presented. As stated in The Ultimate Guide to SEO in 2022 by Hub Spot, Some past practices should be left behind, in order to practice high-performing SEO strategies and practices.

New strategies

People are more often intimidated by SEO and its complexity because a majority of users do not go past the first page of a search on Google. There are a few practices a person can use to rank higher on a Google search.

These are briefly explained by SEMRush. Here is a quick review of the article.

shopify seo optimization

  • The alignment of content is directed towards the search intent of a user.
  • Having a gripping title and meta description
  • Optimization of images (adding alternative text) and Page speed.
  • Use of high-quality backlinks.
  • Make SEO-friendly URLs and user-friendly.

Many websites have a problem of bounce back and being unable to retain a user. There are some ways SEO can help keeping in mind the same core practices. Firstly, try to use content and images that match the search inquiry of the user using long tail keywords.

You can gather information on how people use the keyword by doing a quick review of most searched questions on Google, Quora and even Reddit.

Best practices

Knowing the intent of the search is the first and most specific qualification to meet.

Make sure the images that accompany the text are relevant, have alternative text, and have reduced size which will result in reduced loading time for the image.

Thirdly, in longer content try to use visuals that sum up the information after a section is completed or use short text to put forward the utmost important content.

Lastly, clear up any and all unnecessary information that may distract the user. This includes distracting fonts and images.

Search Engine Optimization is not limited to websites. It is also a huge part of social media marketing. Social Media Marketing (SMM) and SEO are complementary fields when it comes to driving traffic to a web page.

The main purpose of SEO is to optimize your site in a way that when people search for a service or product, your website shows up attracting the person to visit your website. Social Media plays a similar role, it helps introduce you to social media users.

Your name and product/service along with content are presented to interested people.

Social Media

The question asked by many peoples is, “My business is serious. I can’t make dance videos on TikTok and post about my client. How do I use social media marketing to generate traffic?”

The answer is simple, you don’t need to create dance videos or even give away your clients to get the attention of your targeted audience. In B2B modules we need to remember that our customers use social media every day.

With tons of social media users who specifically search for their content, the probability of finding clients and customers on social media is high.

SEO optimization in social media makes sense because if our targeted audience is searching. We can get reach and impressions based on alt text, hashtags and the use of short-tail keywords in the caption, building a community, and keyword-oriented profile text.

Social Media SEO takes businesses to look at different aspects like claiming a name on social media, claiming a vanity name, using Meta description and use of local SEO.


SEO practices in 2022, include a critical look at all aspects from the title, Meta description image text and size, quality of content and user-friendliness. This is not just restricted to websites and further moves into the field of SMM.

Social Media is complementary for businesses. It can help in the promotion of content by optimizing it with the right keywords and adding links to use as backlinks can improve the ranking of the website.

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