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5 Factors Influencing SEVEN ELEVEN’s Achievement in Japan

SEVEN ELEVEN’s success is a result of their ability to adapt. They have been able to do this by keeping up with the times and staying relevant in an ever-changing market.

The product lineup is altered regularly to meet changing customer needs and demands. The success in hiring and training employees is another factor that makes a company prosperous.

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1. One-Stop Shop to Buy Everyday Products

SEVEN-ELEVEN is a one-stop shop for consumers to buy daily household items and important stuff. The store is unique because it offers various products in one convenient location.

For example, if you are looking for a particular brand of shampoo or toothpaste, an entire aisle will be dedicated to that product. The number of brands available at SEVEN ELEVEN is also impressive.

If you cannot find what you are looking for at SEVEN ELEVEN, then you can ask the staff at the store, and they will assist you immediately.

People in Japan had to travel from one place to another to buy their desired products. Moving from one place to another was hectic and very inconvenient for them. So, SEVEN-ELEVEN introduced the concept of a one-stop shop to facilitate their customers.

This concept proved very fortunate for the company, and people started coming to their stores for everyday needs.

That is why the idea of a one-stop shop is listed at the top regarding factors influencing Seven Eleven’s achievement in Japan. The one-stop shop concept of SEVEN-ELEVEN is unique to Japan.

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You can find only a few food and beverage items in most convenience stores. In SEVEN ELEVEN, you will find an assortment of everyday products such as canned drinks, snacks, cosmetics, and household goods.

This makes it more convenient for customers to buy these products in the store. The product lineup is altered frequently to meet changing customer needs and demands.

The company constantly upgrades its products, so customers can have a wide range of choices when visiting a Seven Eleven store.

2. Good Relationship with Customers

One of the important factors that made Seven Eleven’s success feasible is that its employees have a good relationship with the customers. As a result, they will be in front of customer service.

This means that they must be friendly, helpful, and courteous at all times to avoid alienating potential new customers who may enter the store.

Looking at the seven eleven japan case study, you will find that the company has fostered a strong connection between its employees and customers.

Furthermore, the case study can help you understand different aspects of the company and how it solved potential problems. The Seven Eleven case study lets you take a deeper look into the company’s overall structure and functioning.

A good employee will ensure that everyone has what they need when they enter their store and always leave satisfied with their purchase or experience at SEVEN ELEVEN.

This tendency to keep customers happy has taken the company to the next level. The company has good relationships with its customers because it is easy to contact them via phone or email. It has optimized the system to receive the answers they need quickly.

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It looks like the company’s pioneers understand Japan’s need for great customer service. That is why they focused on this particular aspect more than anything else did.

They started taking care of the employees. Then, as a result, the employees began taking care of the customers. That is how the company evolved and reached the pinnacle of success.

3. Quick Decision-Making by Top Management

Decision-making is one of the most important factors when it comes to the success or failure of a company. If the management successfully makes the right and timely decisions, no one can stop them from prospering.

Alternatively, the company cannot survive in the end if the management cannot make the correct decisions. The top management of Seven Eleven makes quick decisions to satisfy customers’ needs quickly and effectively.

For example, when there was an increase in demand for compact discs in Japan, they released a new model within three days after receiving orders from their customers.

This shows that they have quick decision-making skills and can respond quickly to market changes by properly using information technology tools like email or voice mail systems.

Their management knows that surviving in the competitive space is not easy. That is the reason they make quick decisions to satisfy consumer requirements.

The company has hired marketing strategists who have years of relevant experience and capabilities to devise successful strategies for the better.

4. Success of hiring and training employees

The company has hired and trained expert employees who have gained valuable knowledge through their employment with Seven Eleven.

They also understand the importance of customer satisfaction and provide excellent customer service to their customers. This enables them to maintain high levels of productivity at all times.


The company has worked hard to hire and train the right people. They have hired experts in their respective fields who have worked for several years.

They have also undergone training in Japan and overseas. This ensures that the employees are knowledgeable about Seven Eleven’s products and services.

The success of a business depends largely on the caliber of people working there.

In this case, SEVEN ELEVEN has been able to hire and train employees capable of handling high-volume orders with utmost precision, ensuring that customers receive their orders on time without any issues.

5. The Right Location Selection

Seven Eleven has chosen locations where it can build stores quickly without affecting other businesses in the area or disrupting traffic flow on roads nearby.

It has also selected sites that are convenient for customers to reach by public transport or via their vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, scooters, or bicycles.

SEVEN ELEVEN has been able to achieve this by having an open mind towards change and adapting quickly to new trends that arise from time to time.

For example, if one store were located in an area where there were many competitors, they would be more likely to close it down and re-open it somewhere else.

This is because they need a stronger business presence in order for them to remain competitive in the marketplace.

In addition, they also need to keep track of what customers want in order for them to be able to provide them with the products they desire at an affordable price point without losing too much profit margin due to overheads such as rent or wages.

The right location selection is of utmost importance for any business. The product lineup must be adapted to suit the geographical and cultural diversity of the region in which it operates.

In this regard, SEVEN ELEVEN has done well in Japan by offering a wide variety of products for its customers at competitive prices.

Key Points About 7-Eleven

  • SEVEN ELEVEN was the first to anticipate that a consumer-oriented society would emerge in Japan.
  • Its steady introduction of new goods, adjustments to the times and variety of products has led to continuous increases in-store sales.
  • Becoming a 24-hour convenience store chain has helped it stand out in a very crowded market.
  • It expanded its own-brand product assortment, which helped increase its revenue.
  • It has used promotion campaigns such as “Seven Days of Seven Eleven” and “Lucky Seven.”
  • High tendency to competition among employees with an incentive system.
  • Stores are located in places where customers will find them most convenient.

The company has been successful because of how it tried to understand Japanese culture.


The company’s success in Japan is due to its product lineup, which is altered frequently to meet changing customer needs and demands.

Employees have many opportunities for growth at SEVEN ELEVEN. Since the company hires employees from all over the country, they are able to find just the right person for any position.

The company’s training program is extensive and thorough, making sure that all new hires can handle their tasks quickly and efficiently.

These are some things that make seven eleven a successful brand name in Japan.


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