4 Ways to Promote your Labour Business

If your business offers manual labour-based services to local homeowners, you’ll know how vital it is that you establish a good reputation. You’ll constantly be searching for new ways to build your brand, so you may be considering your options. 

If you want to broaden your customer base, chances are, you’ll need to be creative in using the online and offline spaces to your advantage. Let’s explore how:

Get to grips with SEO 

Your search engine optimisation needs to be tip-top so you can make an online presence for yourself that can’t be rivalled!

To get on top of SEO, you’ll need to invest time into getting your website up to scratch. Make sure it is updated regularly with useful, well-written content and has a clean, uncomplicated aesthetic.

In addition to dedicated pages to help customers contact you and read more about your services, consider integrating a blog. 

In need of inspiration? Type relevant words or phrases into Google and see which queries are suggested from the search bar’s dropdown facility. This will give you a pretty clear idea of which concerns people are clamouring to read about. 

Always remember: Google’s algorithms favour useful content written in fluent, concise language.

Create short videos

Video content encourages people to linger longer on your site. Some users prefer to watch something than read about it, so you’ll increase the chances of engagement. 

What should these videos be about? 

Well, you could feature informative videos detailing why your business is best positioned to resolve your potential customer’s pain points. You could also jazz up your blog with “how-to” videos showing users how to use certain tools.

For example, you could create motion videos with nail guns and other power tools from RS, outlining best practices.

As the rise of TikTok has shown, video content is highly favoured by millennials and Gen Z. Therefore, it’s a great way to capture younger homeowners’ attention. In fact, millennials are the most likely generation to make a purchase decision after watching a product video.

Reach even more people with PPC 

Your marketing efforts don’t have to stop with SEO. Dedicate a monthly budget for online pay-per-click advertising and enlist the expertise of an agency or freelancer. 

With PPC, you will use Google Ads (and perhaps Microsoft Ads too, if you want to advertise on Bing) to ensure your business reaches a wider audience.

You will likely channel most of your advertising budget into the Search network, reaching people who are looking for businesses like yours on Google. These leads tend to be highly qualified, due to the fact the users already have a clear intent to buy when they search. 

Aim for a combination of a strongly written landing page and well-written short ads as well as a website that you have optimised to offer a great mobile phone experience. These three ingredients are the recipe for ads that consistently show on the top of the first page of Google (provided the budget is adequate). 

Don’t forget leaflets and print media ads

We may be living in a digital age, but print media isn’t fully obsolete yet! To make sure you’re getting interested from homeowners and company owners of all age ranges, strengthen your offline presence too. 

Network with other businesses in your area and see if you can leave business cards and pamphlets, such as hairdressers and barbers. 

Spend an afternoon leafleting in an area you want to expand to. You could not only reach older demographics who may not be online but strengthen your brand’s reputation. Evidence suggests that people assume brands are more reliable if they take the time to design leaflets and newspaper ads, so don’t underestimate the power of print!

Online and offline marketing doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. Mix them and mix them well, and your business can fly to new heights!

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