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7 Great B2B eBooks & Resources Worth Reading

E-books are one of the most efficient ways for generating qualified leads and obtaining valuable data that will help you develop a great Inbound Marketing strategy. However, writing an e-book for a B2B audience is not the same as capturing B2C leads, and it requires an additional effort for catching the attention of your potential client.

In this article, I will show you 7 gorgeous B2B eBooks with a great content and stunning design that will inspire you to write your own.

1. Customer Engagement from Emotion to Involvement

B2B ebooks: Customer engagement from emotion to involvement by Aircall

Company: AirCall

About AirCall: AirCall provides software that lets companies create and manage cloud-based phone systems without the need for unnecessary hardware or phone desk. Its features include a Virtual Call Center, Voicemail, Call queueing, and Interactive Voice Response, among others.

E-book: This gorgeous eBook explores the importance of customer engagement and provides valuable insights on the techniques that B2B businesses can apply in order to geniuinely connect with their customers. It includes practical examples and plenty of additional sources to help you build a successful customer engagement strategy.

Perfect for: Call Centers

Length: 24 pages

Download link: click here to download this eBook.

2. Artifical Intelligence & Social Media

b2b ebooks

B2B ebooks: Artificial Intelligence & Social Media by MakeMeReach

Company: MakeMeReach

About MakeMeReach: MakeMeReach is a social advertising platform created with the purpose of helping brands and advertisers create, manage, and optimize their marketing campaigns on social channels.

E-book: The Artificial Intelligence & Social Media Guide is among the niche B2B eBooks that explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence on social media, and the way new technologies make it possible for brands to communicate with consumers on a much more personal level. It explains the 4 major social spheres impacted by AI: Social Advertising, Customer Service, Content Creation & Optimization, and Consumer & Competitive Intelligence.

Perfect for: Marketing agencies

Length: 25 pages

Download link: click here to download this eBook.

3. The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building


B2B ebooks: The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building by Moz

Image source: mangools.com

Company: Moz

About Moz: Moz is a Software-as-a-Service company dedicated to the development of Inbound Marketing and Marketing Analytics solutions. Their SEO tools include keyword research, link building, and page optimization insights, among others.

E-book: The Beginner’s Guide to Link Building is a comprehensive guide to link building for both beginners and Marketing specialists. It takes the reader through the whole link building process including important metrics, tactics, as well as advanced tips and tricks. It doesn’t require download and can be read directly on the website of Moz.

Perfect for: all types of companies developing a Digital Marketing strategy

Length: 89 pages

Download link: click here to download this eBook.

4. The Sophisticated Marketer

B2B ebooks: The Sophisticated Marketer by LinkedIn

Company: LinkedIn

About LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most popular social network service designed for professional networking, with more than 500 million members across 200 countries. The platform is available in 24 languages.

E-magazine: The Sophisticated Marketer is an electronic magazine launched recently by LinkedIn with the idea to help B2B Marketers build better strategies and get insights from the most trending news and topics. You can also order a free print copy if you request it within a specific time period (they specify it with each new issue).

Perfect for: B2B Marketers

Length: 72 pages

Download link: click here to read this e-magazine.

5. Once Upon a Digital Time

B2B ebooks: Once Upon a Digital Time by LinkedIn

Company: LinkedIn

About LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform designed for professional networking and employment, with 500+ million members across 200 countries.

E-book: Another one of the niche B2B eBooks produced by LinkedIn is Once Upon a Digital Time, a helpful guide with fun illustrations that gives a spicy twist to modern-day storytelling. It is designed to make companies stand out with their Content Marketing strategy in a world where everyone is trying to reach their audience through storytelling.

Perfect for: All companies that want to tell their story to the world

Length: 33 pages

Download link: click here to download this eBook.

6. The Anatomy of a Payment Gateway

B2B ebooks: The Anatomy of a Payment Gateway by MYMOID

Company: MYMOID

About MYMOID: MYMOID offers innovative payment solutions, carefully designed and crafted with the mission of providing the ultimate payment experience to companies and their customers.

E-book: The Anatomy of a Payment Gateway explores the key aspects behind the revolution of digital payments, and the concept of Gateways as the connecting thread between companies and customers. It explains the role of the gateway within the payment network, the benefits it provides to businesses, and the cases of use among verticals.

Perfect for: B2B companies in verticals such as Microlending, Travel & Hospitality, E-commerce and Call Centers.

Length: 20 pages

Download link: click here to download this eBook (it will be available from 01.06.2018)

7. Online Payments in the Dating Industry

b2b ebooks

B2B ebooks: Online payments in the dating industry by SecurionPay

Company: SecurionPay

About SecurionPay: SecurionPay is a company that provides payment processing infrastructures to offer payment services for online merchants.

E-book: Online Payments in the Dating Industry is a niche-specific eBook designed to help dating websites choose a date payment provider, and show them the most efficient techniques to improve conversion rate and build long-term relationships with their audience.

Perfect for: Dating websites

Length: 26 pages

Download link: click here to download this eBook.

Thank you so much for reading my article on some awesome B2B ebooks and resources that you might like reading! If you liked this article, and you are interested in learning more about B2B companies, you may also like: Should B2B Companies Put Prices on Their Website? (+Quiz).


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