4 Awesome Examples of Medical Companies’ Campaigns

Running a medical company can be challenging, but creating a successful marketing campaign as one is an entirely different kind of beast. Health is a delicate subject that many people would rather avoid. It makes the task of promoting healthcare services and products more complex than one would imagine.

But, when done tactfully and respectfully, marketing efforts can win over numerous people and increase the brand’s reputation. Whether it is a piece of content or a whole social media campaign — it could very well be what a company needs to break the mold and get ahead of the competition.

So, while using tips from an article like “15 Creative Ways To Increase Patient Volume At Your Medical Practice” can help you convince more people to do business with your firm, you could also take inspiration from the best marketing and ad campaigns in the healthcare industry.

Here are some of the most interesting examples of brilliant healthcare marketing campaigns to this date:

‘Patient Stories’ by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

We start off with an excellent example of storytelling done right. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital encouraged their patients to participate in a series of short videos where they shared their experiences.

There were no dramatic cuts to medical equipment or sprinting doctors — just people sitting in front of a camera, describing their genuine gratitude to the hospital and their doctors. These uplifting stories became the backbone of the hospital’s marketing strategy and paid off big time.

The campaign showed that hospitals do not save fictional lives. Instead, it highlighted how access to high-level healthcare impacted the lives of numerous individuals, each one of whom has their own story to tell.

These simple black-and-white, documentary-style videos allowed the company to show off its human side while encouraging more people to use the care of their medical services — a true masterclass in marketing.

‘Thinly Veiled Metaphors’ by Roman

While the previous example was all-around praised for its simplicity and emotional impact, this one won the hearts and minds of many people thanks to its creativity and no-nonsense approach to the subject at hand.

Roman, a company specializing in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), produced a brave video in which it mocks stereotypical depictions of this medical issue.

The video itself is a unique blend of humor and statistical data with a clear focus on the whole experience, rather than embarrassing situations it can lead to.

It makes it painfully obvious to spot how titular “thinly veiled metaphors” do nothing more than ridicule the problem many men struggle with. And it attains this goal while, at the same time, convincing you to purchase their product. Brilliant stuff.

‘We Dare You’ by UnitedHealthcare

The third entry on our list belongs to UnitedHealthcare, which, through a straightforward call-to-action, created one of the most memorable campaigns of recent years.

The ‘We Dare You’ campaign challenged people to make one small healthy change per month and document it on social media in exchange for a chance to win various prizes.

Why did this campaign turn out to be so successful? First of all, it took the connection between the organization and its followers to the next level. It allowed the company to gain a more in-depth look into their patients’ lives, while the campaign’s participants had the chance to interact with UnitedHealthcare on completely different terms.

Secondly, the campaign managed to bolster the ranks of its followers and create a heavily engaged community. People encouraged themselves to strive for better health, spreading awareness of doing regular exercises and eating a well-balanced diet.

As a result, the organization fostered an online community full of people willing to improve their lives by taking better care of themselves, which is just what a medical company needs.

‘Yes, Mamm’ by Carilion Clinic

The final example of ingenious healthcare marketing we want to share in this article comes from the Carilion Clinic of Virginia’s Roanoke Valley.

Several years ago, this company created a hashtag campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer.

While it may seem pretty straightforward at first glance, it transformed people’s approach to breast cancer and underlined the importance of making regular appointments for breast cancer screenings.

The company used the hashtag in its answers to tweets regarding breast cancer. Furthermore, it launched the campaign in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Overall, this marketing venture became a screaming success. Thanks to it, more people joined the movement of encouraging women to get a yearly mammogram and became frequent visitors of the Carilion Clinic website. It is a win-win situation!

The bottom line

The healthcare industry is full of kind-hearted people and innovative companies that want nothing more than to improve the lives of their clients. However, getting this message across the most popular marketing channels can be problematic.

Not only does it require a certain level of sophistication, but also marketing know-how — which many organizations simply lack.

Nevertheless, the examples mentioned above show that creating a successful marketing campaign as a medical company is possible.

With attention to detail and a human-first approach, healthcare providers can connect with their current and prospective patients on a more personal level, which is beneficial for all parties involved.

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