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McDonald’s Mission Statement: 6 Key Lessons to Learn From

What are some of the lessons that we can learn from McDonald’s mission statement? Continue reading to learn more!

The Corporate Mission Statement for a company serves as a powerful policy and sustainability tool to ensure continuous growth. A powerful mission statement is short, simple, catchy, and action-oriented.

It has the ability to capture the attention of consumers, corporations, and the society around which the company operates.

Mission statements also play a pivotal role in encouraging employees to understand how their actions can help achieve business targets and create a positive working environment.

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McDonald’s, a household name and a leading global food service retailer has been trusted by millions for quality, taste, and affordability.

The company has recorded a second-quarter net income of US$ 1.9 Billion despite a rapidly changing and challenging environment. Even during these times of economic uncertainty, McDonald’s continues to demonstrate strength and resiliency.

McDonald’s Mission Statement: “To make delicious feel-good moments easy for everyone,” continues to hit the right chords among an enormous loyal customer base.

A note-worthy point here is that McDonald’s Mission Statement highlights the importance of its customers from a broader point of view. The company aims to provide quality and easy accessibility to ensure that consumers remain loyal to their choice of food, beverage, and family entertainment.

Key lessons from McDonald’s mission statement

Here are 6 vital lessons we can take away from McDonald’s mission statement:

1. McDonald’s mission statement – it says it all

Modern-day today offers a highly competitive playing field where consumers are spoilt for choice, and brands are battling it out to remain ahead of the game. It is important to note that every successful business will always aim to keep its mission simple, relatable, and attainable.

McDonald’s Mission Statement hits us where the heart is! From an average consumer’s point of view, it offers everything in one simple sentence – taste, environment, accessibility, and the masses.

Through its mission statement, the company is successfully targeting the larger portion of the population where people are guaranteed good taste, a great ambiance, affordable price ranges, easy accessibility, and a welcoming feeling towards everyone.

mcdonald's marketing strategy

McDonald’s mission statement

The global presence of McDonald’s has paved the way for better reach and allowed diversity and inclusion to become a big part of the company’s core values.

It is more than just another brand name; McDonald’s has become a global household name through its vision and strategic planning.

2. Be ahead of your game – understand your competitors

You must know your competitors well. You must also have the right information and the ability to understand and predict their next moves. Dive into understanding their marketing strategies and focus on how customers respond to their campaigns or new products.

If research shows that customers at a certain geographical location give more preference to and regularly purchase Happy Meals, for example – you know that is exactly where you need to keep your focus.

Porter’s Five Forces Model talks about the significance of competitive rivalry and how important it is to understand your competitors. This world is a big market with immense potential.

It’s a ground where big brands find themselves constantly thriving to attain the largest piece of the pie.

Hiring and engaging top economists, strategic planners, and marketing experts are vital to predict market trends, forecast demand & supply patterns, monitoring competitor moves, and developing competitive growth strategies.

Today’s customer demands value for money and is constantly searching for products offering good quality at a competitive price.

So, despite being a much-loved brand, you’ve got to remain a step ahead and introduce new offerings at market-competitive prices without compromising the quality.

If your competitor next door offers a free up-size on fries and drinks for every large burger purchased, and your new promotion is still awaiting approval, well then, you’ve just let go of a huge market share!

Remember, your success lies in timing and always remaining one step ahead.

3. Treat those tastebuds – everyone wants good food

McDonald’s Mission Statement tactfully commits to offering great-tasting meals for the whole family. Since its founding in 1940, the Company has served its customers quality food, which has pleased countless tastebuds over the decades.

Their strategy has been maintaining the same quality and taste of food that caters to every age group.

The ‘Delicious’ in McDonald’s Mission Statement continues to guarantee customers of great tasting meals and value for money at every visit. A survey on the importance of taste, nutrition, cost, and convenience in diet quality, shows that 77% of US adults rated “taste” as very important!

A successful strategy adopted by McDonald’s is the introduction of local flavors as per their geographical location. South Asian customers prefer more spicy and tangy flavors, so adding spicy burgers to the menu has benefited the company.

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Similarly, the brand’s introduction of McArabia for its Middle Eastern customers has proved to be an extremely positive move.

It is interesting to note here that with the introduction of adding such items to their menu, the company is successfully incorporating diversity by respecting local cuisines and catering to customer needs per local preferences.

4. A good experience – always guaranteed

The ‘Feel Good Moments’ mentioned in McDonald’s Mission Statement reveal that we, as customers, will always have a great time visiting McDonald’s in any part of the world. It feels welcoming and homely.

A place where we know our kids will enjoy their meals, feel comfortable and take back moments of comfort and joy.

It’s true and probably very relatable. Spotting a McDonald’s outlet in a new location or a foreign land brings relief! You’re sure the kids will find their comfort meals, and you’ll suddenly feel at home.

True genius! Incorporating this term into McDonald’s Mission Statement speaks volumes of how the Company values customer experience.

They’ve studied well what brings their customers at ease and have this as a form of commitment that they will continue to provide to people across the globe.

5. Easy reach – convenient and accessible

Try focusing on the term ‘Easy’ in McDonald’s Mission Statement. You’ll realize this term’s tactful use and significance and how it can impact the customers’ minds. As students, workers, parents, and caregivers, we are constantly on the run and time-bound.

What we need is someplace easy to reach and be able to pick a meal in the shortest time possible.

Imagine having a tightly packed day or a rough day at work and coming home to a family who has been eager to eat out all day. Your energy levels are low, but your mind thinks fast, and you decide what is easy and convenient.

McDonald’s mission statement

The nearest, quickest, and easiest option is to drive through the McDonald’s branch and pick up everyone’s favorites.

The Drive Thru concept by McDonald’s offers just this! Easy to locate, convenient to order, and perfect to take away – brilliant!

Notice here that the Company aims to attract customers who are constantly on the go – possibly traveling, regularly commuting, or simply wanting quality food at the quickest time possible.

This has been one of the best strategic moves by McDonald’s, aiming to cater to its customers in a manner that provides ease and comfort.

6. Connecting people – around the globe

Did you know that there are over 40,000 McDonald’s restaurants in more than 100 countries across the globe? Marvelous! The Company has around 200,000 employees working in different countries around the world.

As McDonald’s Mission Statement states, the Company aims to provide delicious meals and a great experience. From a broader perspective, the presence of McDonald’s in over 100 countries provides a feeling of global connection, oneness, and relatability.

We’ve all experienced situations where the kids tend to be reluctant to try local cuisines while traveling, and at times like these, the sight of a McDonald’s outlet provides instant relief. A comfort provider, a lifesaver!

Another brilliant strategy the Company adopted has been incorporating local flavors into their existing menu. This move has been received exceptionally well by local consumers as they take this as a move towards respecting local culture and allowing diversity.

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We’re lovin’ it

A company’s mission statement lays down the foundation on which it operates and successfully sustains business. McDonald’s Mission Statement is the perfect example of simple, short, and successful!

The Company, through its statement, provides a crisp and clear insight into how it aims to develop its strategies, focus on quality, provide accessibility, and achieve customer satisfaction. We see that McDonald’s has successfully identified its strengths and valued its customer preferences.

Despite being surrounded by numerous competitors fiercely battling the profit-scoring game, McDonald’s remains firm and successfully grounded, with customers proving their loyalty to the brand.

With McDonald’s Mission Statement striking the perfect balance by maintaining consistent quality standards, expanding global reach, and respecting customer values, the Company remains our favorite!

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