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Marketing Toolbox is a team of highly-motivated, experienced and passionate freelancers who are always excited to work on new projects. We love to help companies skyrocket their digital presence! Just tell us a little bit about you and your needs, and we will build a strategy that fits your goals.

And budget, of course. 🙂 From 360° Marketing strategies to Content Marketing, PPC, Social Ads, SEO and much more, we can create the perfect roadmap that works for you and your business.

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Hello! My name is Stilyan Grigorov, and I am a professional in Digital Marketing with over 5 years of experience across different fields, including Social Media ads, PPC advertising, website development, and more.

My passion to Marketing is equal to the one I have for Formula 1 – in other words, over 100%! And I truly believe that if you are passionate about something, you do it beyond your abilities.


Hello! My name is Ani Miteva, and I am a trilingual Digital Marketing & Analytics Specialist with 6 years of experience across multiple sectors including Cloud-based services, SaaS, Digital payments, Mobile apps, and Executive Education, among others.

I love to work on new and exciting projects, and you will often find me disconnecting from work by doing some more of that other work…because Marketing is both my profession and biggest hobby!

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Social Media​​

Boost your social media presence organically. Increase your organic social media following on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Position your website and blog content on the first pages of Google and other search engines. Generate content that brings consistent traffic to your web.

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Lower the Cost per Lead for your Google Ads while increasing your conversions. Advertise on Search, Gmail, Display & YouTube - we've got you covered!

Marketing Strategy

We can skyrocket your Marketing strategy and brand presence by creating a 360° plan across all areas. Maximize your Return on Investment.

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Content Marketing

Create a solid Content Marketing strategy to nurture potential customers on top of the funnel. We've got the recipe for SEO-optimized content!

Social Ads

Advertise on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram with the most efficient strategies. Retarget your prospective buyers & create lookalike audiences.

Website Creation

Do you want to create a new website, or simply improve your existing one? We are here to help! You can also combine it with our SEO services to boost your traffic from search engines.

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LinkedIn Optimization

If your goal is to be found on LinkedIn by leads, prospects, or simply people in your industry you want to connect with, we can optimize your profile for LinkedIn´s native search engines.

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Don´t want to initiate a Marketing project, but still need some advice and recommendations? We can become your Marketing consultants to guide you along the way!

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