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Linkedin Writing Service: How to Present The Best Version of You

Are you looking for a great way to market yourself and your business? If so, LinkedIn may be the perfect platform for you, whether you need it for your writing business or a traditional office job.

However, creating a successful LinkedIn profile can be tricky. Find tips from our experts on how to build a profile that can help you effectively look for work. Let’s get started!

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#1: Say ‘Cheese!’

Your LinkedIn profile picture is one of the first things that potential employers will see when they view your profile. In the world of resume writing, LinkedIn writing service can compose you a bot-beating resume, but providing a good picture is your own responsibility so don’t let your dream job slip away .

Ideally, your picture should be a professional headshot. However, if you can’t reach out to a professional photographer, don’t worry – there are ways to make sure that your picture still looks good.

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  • Make sure that the background is neutral and not too busy;
  • Dress in business casual attire or formal wear;
  • Smile and find a good angle of your face. With a little effort, you can craft a winning resume and a LinkedIn profile picture that will help you land the job of your dreams.

#2: Work on Your Headlines

In today’s online job market, your LinkedIn profile headline is one of the first things a hiring manager or recruiting firm will see. So how do you write a headline that will grab attention and help you find a job? Check the tips from a career advice expert below:

  • Don’t let the inspiration drag you away. Your headline should be no more than a few words long;
  • Use keywords. Choose words that accurately describe your key skills and work experience. This will help companies find you more easily;
  • Be specific. Don’t just say “Software Engineer” – include information about your specific skills and experiences.

#3: Summarize Your Career

Writing a great LinkedIn summary is easier than building a resume in common sense. Just follow these simple tips.

  • Start with a brief overview of your professional background;
  • Highlight your key skills and accomplishments;
  • Be sure to use specific examples to illustrate your point. Finally, wrap up with a sentence or two about your future career goals to attract the recruiter’s attention.

#4: Avoid Using Too Many Buzzwords

Job postings often include a list of desired skills and qualifications, which can be helpful when constructing your Linkedin profile. However, it’s important to avoid using what recruiters call “buzzwords.”

These are terms considered annoying because the majority of job seekers overuse them.

For example, you’re searching for a job in customer service. Instead of saying you’re “friendly” or “outgoing,” give specific examples of times when you’ve provided excellent customer service.

Instead of describing yourself as a “team player,” describe a time when you took the lead on a project or worked effectively as part of a team. By giving examples of your skills and experiences, you’ll create a profile that will expand your career options and help you get more interviews.

#5: Start Networking to Get Noticed

If you’re looking to grow your network on LinkedIn and land an interview, there are a few things you can do to meet new people and connect with a top recruiter.

  • First, be sure to complete your profile and include all relevant information about your experience and skills. This will help you attract the right kind of connections;
  • Second, start following companies and groups that are relevant to your industry or interests. This will help you catch a recent job posting. According to Susanne Lucas, you should also stay active on LinkedIn by sharing articles and commenting on posts. Also, you can engage with other users. This will help you build a strong reputation and expand your reach.

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By following these tips, you can grow your network on LinkedIn and get employed to successfully invest in your career.

#6: List Your Relevant Skills

Your skills should be directly related to the jobs you are interested in or the industry you want to work in. Listing your work skills to win more job opportunities is like writing a deductive essay to get a good grade.

When listing your skills on your LinkedIn profile, make sure to include a mix of hard and soft skills. To define your skills, you might even take a career test or a career quiz.

Hard skills are specific, while soft skills are all about your personality, like active listening or interpersonal skills. Including a mix of both types of skills on your LinkedIn profile will make you appear well-rounded and qualified for the careers you want.

Final Thoughts

Did you answer the ‘Which job is right for me’ question? Great! Now create your profile, be sure to use a good photo and an interesting headline. In your summary, list your skills and experience. Network with other LinkedIn users by joining groups and commenting on posts.

We hope the article was helpful to you. Good luck!

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