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25 LinkedIn Text Ads Examples that are Crushing it

If you are regularly browsing through your LinkedIn feed, you have probably already seen those tiny ads that appear at the top of your feed. Or at the right side panel. These are the so-called text ads, and they are typically the cheapest LinkedIn ad format. Today, I have compiled some LinkedIn Text ads examples to give you some inspiration and guidance on how to do them

What exactly are Text ads?

Text ads on LinkedIn are an ad format that includes a headline, a very brief text, and an image. Compared to other formats, they are significantly more limited in space.

Now, I am not going to enter into too much detail in this article, so we can focus on our examples. For more information on text ads, you can read my previous article.

However, for now, what we need to know is the following:

  • They can only appear on desktop, as they are unavailable for mobile users;
  • They can appear in two different formats. At the top of your feed as a single phrase:

linkedin text ads examples

Or, at the right side panel, in the section Promoted:

linkedin text ad examples 2

If only two ads appear in this section, they might show with a slightly different structure. And that is, including a Call to Action button below. We will see it in a second with our examples.

And one last thing that you need to know, you can’t decide in which format your ad will show up. This is decided automatically based on LinkedIn’s algorithms, and how your bid compares to the competition.

So now, without more talking, let’s go directly into our LinkedIn text ads examples! You will find that some of them have their respective text-only format, for those cases in which they appear on top of the feed. Although I couldn’t find the equivalent for all of them.

LinkedIn Text Ads Examples

1. Cloud NetApp

I like our next example as it gives a direct statement on how the company’s product can solve a common business problem. “Reduce your cloud storage footprint and cost“. They are not wasting time on phrases with no consistency as it often happens. Additionally, including a number within your text ad always draws the attention – in this case, “70%”.

By the way, this is how the ad looks like in an only text format:

2. LinkedIn Webinar

Second on our list of LinkedIn ads examples is this one by LinkedIn. Here, we can see that they used the headline not only for their brand name, but also for the advertised product (Webinar). Usually, companies either focus on the product or on the name, but not both at the same time as there isn’t always enough space. Good move!

Here, we can also see the Call to Action button “Learn more” that we just talked about.

3. Active Campaign

Our next example is from the company Active Campaign. As you can see, they have chosen to use the headline exclusively for their product. Although CX (Customer Experience) is not an abbreviation that everyone could easily understand! Personally, I would have written the headline as “Customer Experience” directly – the ad text already explains we are talking about automation.

Anyways, I like this example because it has a strong CTA with a promising message – “Grow your business”.

4. GetResponse

linkedin text ads examples

Next, we have this ad from GetResponse. I really like it because it uses the limited space to enumerate some of their key services, followed by a Call to Action “try now!” This, combined with the “free trial” in their headline makes the company’s message very clear and straightforward.

5. Outbrain

linkedin text ads examples

This text ad from the web advertising platform Outbrain is great because it uses the headline to reinforce their message. Instead of wasting the space on the company’s name, which is easily readable from the logo, they actually spend it on an effective Call to Action.

6. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The next ad on our list of LinkedIn text ads examples is this one from LinkedIn, featuring their video instruction guide for advertising “Watch me”. I find this one curious because neither the brand’s name nor logo are somewhere to be seen. Also, it is not exactly clear what the product is. However, the mystery behind it will definitely make you click on it to learn more.

Additionally, I love the message “Generate more of the right leads”, which puts emphasis on quality instead of quantity.

And this is how this example looks like as a text-based ad only:

7. Stellar Info

This ad from Stellar info is great because again, it makes a really good use of the limited space of text ads. Additionally, the keyword “award winning tool” increases the company’s trustworthiness and the product’s quality guarantee. And last but not least, ad copies with the word “free” in them will always draw the attention.

8. Informa Connect

This ad, designed to promote an international agricultural event celebrated in Africa, has a lot of great elements to it. First, it includes a lot of numbers, which is always a way to grab the attention. Second, it manages to include a lot of relevant information within a very limited space, including the exact date and place of the event.

And third, the CTA “Save 200 EUR” if you register before 6th of March gives a sense of urgency that makes users take action fast.

9. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Here, we can see another awesome ad from our list of LinkedIn text ads examples, again by LinkedIn. Instead of the company’s logo, they use the mysterious Call to Action “read me”. However, this time we have a lot more information about what we can expect to find when clicking on the ad.

10. GetResponse
linkedin text ads examples

This is another example from GetResponse, but this time more “under cover”. Instead of the company’s logo, we see a very catchy image, although I am not sure what it’s supposed to represent. Looks like a monster to me! The ad headline gets straight to the point, and the word “free” has been repeated 3 times across the copy. Maybe a bit overboard, but it seems to be working!

11. Digital Workplace Experience

This company has a different approach to their ad copy. Instead of making a statement, they are asking a question that will make the users reflect on their goals and current situation. Which, consequently, will entice them to click on the ad to learn more.

12. Affise

linkedin text ads examples

The performance Marketing company Affise is doing a great job with this ad because it leaves no doubt about what their product is. I liked the fact that they have reversed the place of their CTA “Try Affise”. It is more common to include it at the end of the copy, but not at the beginning.

And this is how the ad looks as a text ad only:

linkedin text ads examples

13. Asiance

This ad from Korean digital agency Asiance is an example of a very classic ad copy. Instead of focusing on offering solutions or enumerating their products, they have taken the approach to briefly describe what the company is about.

And here is an example of what the ad looks like in text format only:

14. Omnetric

linkedin text ads examples

This company has used their ad space for the promotion of their webinar on Digital Transformation. Keywords like “now” or “today” are always a great addition to your copy because they encourage the customer to hurry up, and take action quickly.

15. Indiana University

I like this text ad from Indiana University because it feels very relatable to its target market. Phrases such as “designed to fit your life” (nowadays, many young people study and work at the same time) and “save you tuition” (who wouldn’t like to pay less?) are great for enticing you to click on it.

16. Codacy

Next on our list of LinkedIn text ads examples is this one from Codacy. I like it because it includes a lot of valuable information within the limited space available, including benefits for the user and features of the product.

17. LinkedIn

linkedin text ads examples

Our next ad is again from LinkedIn – yes, they are doing a lot of advertising through this format. I just found it interesting because of their headline “Claim your 50 EUR ad credit”. Definitely an effective way to get people to click on your ad!

18. New York Institute of Finance

Our next example is coming from the New York Institute of Finance. The ad headline “Study Finance at Home” is clear and straightforward, and the ad description aligns perfectly with it by highlighting the opportunity of learning on your own time and pace. The fact that they have included the starting price in the description grabs the attention immediately.

19. Cloudbees Rollout

Our next ad from the collection of LinkedIn text ads examples is this one from the company Cloudbees. I love it because it´s catchy from beginning to end. Starting from an illustrated image used instead of  their actual logo, to implementing questions instead of statements, it definitely makes you want to learn more. Besides, the fact the ad promotes a free resource is always a guarantee for more conversions.

20. Celonis Snap

linkedin text ads examples

The reason why this ad from Celonis Snap works is because they have used their space to directly highlight their Unique Selling Proposition. And that is, being the world´s first free cloud Process Mining platform. The headline “Process mining for all” complements the description very well, and makes it feel accessible for everyone.


Next, we have this ad example from I think the logo on itself is very catchy, and the way they highlight their cookieless ad tracking very well done. It definitely makes you want to learn more on how exactly they do that.

22. Business Graduates Association

This ad from Business Graduates Association makes their target market very clear – “built for business schools”. Considering that I am currently working in one, they seem to have done a great job with the campaign segmentation as well.

23. CircleCi

This company is not wasting time convincing you why you need a product like theirs. They directly state “Your project needs CI/CD”, which is a powerful headline. I also like their CTA “Start building for free”.

24. SleekNote

The headline of this ad by SleekNote includes both an attention-grabbing number and a Call to Action. In fact, their headline is so clear that it wouldn’t even need the body in order to get what the product is. Although the body description is quite good as well!

25. ISOC

Next on our list of LinkedIn text ads examples is this one from ISOC, who is offering formation for Public Relations and Communication professionals. The ad copy focuses on the solution that the company offers, and keywords such as “accredited coaches” and “fresh best practice” are great because they make the product more trustworthy.

You can also check more ad examples here:

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my article on LinkedIn text ads, and I hope to see you in the next one! Also, if you need help with your advertising on LinkedIn, you can send me an email using the address in the banner below:

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