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13 Inspiring LinkedIn Dynamic Ads Examples

If you’ve ever been for more than a few seconds on LinkedIn, you have probably seen those personalized ads that appear at the right side of your screen with you profile image in them. These ads are called Dynamic ads, and they are a great way to grab the attention of your audience instantly. Today, I have compiled some LinkedIn Dynamic ads examples to serve you as an inspiration for your next campaign.

Also, just a quick disclaimer before we move on. A couple of the links on this blog post are affiliate, which means that I will make a small commission if you end up purchasing after clicking. 

1. LinkedIn

linkedin dynamic ads examples

The first ad on our list of LinkedIn Dynamic ads examples is this one from LinkedIn itself. It uses very well the limited text space to give us as much information as possible.

It mentions the nature of the ad – a webcast, its full name, and its main purpose. “Save your seat” is a great Call to Action to get your audience registering for the event right away.

2. Nippon Express Group

Our next example is coming from Nippon Express Group, a company that offers logistical solutions for businesses. If LinkedIn took a good advantage of the limited text space in the previous ad, Nippon is taking this even further! It is difficult to ignore this ad.

Their Call to Action is very, very clear: follow us and get the latest news.

3. Amazon Advertising

linkedin dynamic ads examples amazon

Next, we have this Follower ad from Amazon Advertising. Follower ads are one of the 3 subtypes of Dynamic ads, and you can read more about them here. I love the phrase “brand building insights”, it ads a unique value to their offering.

4. Japan Tobacco International

Next on our list of LinkedIn Dynamic ads example is this Follower ad from Japan Tobacco International. And while the headline above the Follow button is rather generic, I absolutely love the description. “You´ve got the skills, JTI has the opportunities.”

This is a great way to make the customer feel a part of the ad, and encourage him to click on it for more information.

5. Volkswagen

linkedin dynamic ads examples

Next, we have this Dynamic ad from Volkswagen. Again, the message in the headline is rather generic as it comes from the pre-determined options that LinkedIn offers when creating the ad. However, I think the awesome description completely compensates for it: “Imagine your next career move”.

Quite a powerful message delivered in only a few words!


Our next ad example is coming from ISKO, a fashion company dedicated to quality denim manufacturing. From what I see, both their headline and description are custom instead of selected from the pre-determined options. Which definitely makes them stand out from other, generic copies.

They are also putting a lot of effort into spreading brand awareness. Their company name appears not only in the logo but also in the ad headline and description.

And last but not least, I also love their slogan within the description. “ISKO´s vision is as international as the love for denim.” It definitely gives a personality to the brand!

7. LinkedIn

We have another example from LinkedIn, this time for their iniciative “Remix this campaign“. Which, by the way, is very interesting because it teaches you how to retouch your existing ad copies in new ways.

But going back to the ad, I think it´s a very good one, and here is why. Their ad headline is creative, straightforward, and using a number is always a good strategy to attract the attention.

Additionally, topics such as saving time and money will definitely get more people to click on your ad. Because we all want that, right?

Especially if we are already investing a lot of money on LinkedIn ads.

8. Levi Strauss & Co.

linkedin dynamic ads examples

The reason why I selected our next ad to put on the list of LinkedIn Dynamic ads examples is not precisely because of the copies. Both the headline and the description are generic, and you will see them on hundreds of other ads.

However, an element that you can definitely use to stand out is your logo, or the image that you upload instead of it. In this case, Levi´s logo is bright red and very attention-grabbing. Nonetheless, if you consider that your logo is not that powerful in terms of colours, you can always upload another image instead.

Of course, making sure that it is not only catchy but also relevant.

9. Sales Navigator

Next, we have this awesome ad from Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator is a tool offered by LinkedIn that allows you to reach out to potential customers and build business relationships with them.

There are multiple reasons why I think this ad is great:

  • The headline is kind of provocative, starting with a question that gets you slightly alarmed, and gets you curious;
  • The description answers why Sales Navigator is the solution to this question;
  • Their logo is very catchy with its bright blue colours, and is beautifully designed;
  • And last but not least, the Call to Action “watch a demo now” is clear and straightforward.

10. Lombard Odier Group

linkedin dynamic ads examples

Next on our list of LinkedIn Dynamic ads examples is this one from Swiss bank Lombard Odier Group. I love their headline “Follow us to rethink everything”. I am not exactly sure what they mean, but I definitely want to find out!

11. Hubspot

Our next ad example is from Hubspot (affiliate link), a leading company in the field of Inbound Marketing. Besides from the logo which immediately grabs the attention with its bright colours, the ad itself awakes my curiosity because of its personalization.

The phrase “explore jobs that match your skills” gives me the sense that they are offering me a service exclusively customized to my profile.

12. LinkedIn Jobs

linkedin dynamic ads examples

Next on our list of LinkedIn Dynamic ads examples is this one from LinkedIn, this time from their branch for Talent Solutions. I like it because first, the  headline “Post a job in minutes” encourages you to start with this task immediately as it promises to not take you much time.

And second, “let LinkedIn find great candidates for you” makes you gain trust with the brand and their service.

13. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

At this point, you are probably tired of seeing examples from LinkedIn (me too, I wanted more variety), but they really are giving me the best ones so far. So I have no other choice! The reason why this ad works so well is because it gives you a good amount of ad credits for absolutely free.

Which is always very exciting, and a great way to encourage more people to try out your product.

Such a promotion is difficult to ignore!

You can also check my examples for other LinkedIn ad formats:

And this is all from me for now! I will try to regularly update the article with more examples as I find them. If you also want to share an example that you liked, feel free to send it to me to 

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