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31 Awesome LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples to Get You Inspired

Carousel ads can be a really fun and efficient way to promote your products or services on LinkedIn. They also give you a lot of space for creativity. However, creating your first ad can be a challenge! For this reason, I have compiled some awesome LinkedIn Carousel Ad examples to help you unleash your inner creator.

Additionally, you can click on any image to see the full Carousel.

Also, you can visit my article on creating Carousel ads if you need a tutorial on how to launch them later.

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples

1. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

linkedin ad carousel examples

We start the compilation with a great Carousel example from LinkedIn Marketing solutions. The design is simple but catchy, and it is very easy to understand the idea behind it. Click on image to see its full potential!

2. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

carousel ads

The second of our LinkedIn Carousel Ad examples, again from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, causes mixed feelings for me. The idea is very original, but is the execution as good? What do you think? For me personally, the blurred images make me feel a bit dizzy.

Don’t forget to click on the image to see all of the cards!

3. Mailchimp

linkedin carousel ad examples

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Mailchimp

Between the bright yellow and pink colours, and the weird hands coming from behind the boxes, Mailchimp’s carousel is almost impossible to go unnoticed. In my opinion, it is right on the border between creative and tacky. Would you go for a design like that? Let me know in the comments below!

In any case, it will surely open your mind and inspire you to get out of the box!

4. Adobe

linkedin ad carousel

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Adobe

I don’t know about you, but I am personally living for this Carousel ad from Adobe! It is minimalist and attention-grabbing, without being tacky or going too far with the colours. Mailchimp, I am looking at you!

5. Deputy

linkedin carousel ad examples

Personally, I love LinkedIn Carousel Ad examples that stretch a single image throughout all cards. I think that itΒ΄s always much more interesting and catchy than choosing completely different images for each Carousel card. This example is from Australian-based software company Deputy.

6. Deputy

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Deputy

Another great example from Deputy, this time with different, bright blue cards that go really well together. You can go here if you want to see more of their ads. I think that they are doing a really good job with the designs, although I donΒ΄t really know their results.

7. WeWork

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: WeWork

Another ad that I find extremely appealing visually is this one by WeWork, a company that provides shared cospaces worldwide.

I love it because it’s a proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. The photographs that they’ve selected don’t have a single word written on them, but they are so well-done that there is no need for it.

8. Oracle

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Oracle

I like this ad from Oracle because it kind of makes you feel that you are the user who is holding the electronic devices. It shows the solutions from a real-life perspective instead of illustrations like the previous examples that we saw. Although both are great, of course! I am not implying that one of them is better. πŸ™‚

9. Salesforce

linkedin carousel ad examples

Out of all LinkedIn carousel ad examples that we saw so far, I think that this one is my absolute favourite. It is so adorable, attention-grabbing, and the way the illustrations are combined with actual people is really good. Also, the colours are very intense and you will definitely stop your glance at this ad!

10. Salesforce

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Salesforce

While we are still on the topic of Salesforce, I just had to share this beautiful Carousel ad with you before moving on to the next company. It also caught my attention because it seems kind of seasonal to me, which will be very catchy in summer, but maybe not as relatable in winter.

Although seeing the beach in winter will most probably grab your attention anyway!

11. Gartner

The next ad on our list is from Gartner, a global research and advisory company. I think it’s very appealing visually; however, the text at the bottom left corner is very small and difficult to read. So, I definitely think that it needs some improvement.

12. Gartner

The next example from Gartner is a little bit different, that’s why I thought it was worth sharing. This time, they decided to present the results of their brand survey into a Carousel infographic format, which is a great way to make your content stand out from the crowd. Definitely a good idea to promote your next ebook or whitepaper!

13. Amazon Web Services

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Amazon Web Services

This Carousel ad from the cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services is quite impactful. Simple and straightforward headlines, clear CTA, catchy questions and beautiful design are just a few of the things that I like about it.

14. Amazon Web Services

linkedin carousel ad examples

I am quite loving this example from AWS with the cute orange robot. Although I don’t get whether the robot covering the text is on purpose. I guess the messages are too technical for me!

15. Google Ads

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Google Ads

Next we have on our list is another adorable illustration, this time from the advertising platform Google Ads. Although in my opinion, the inconsistency in font size is a little bit confusing and unnecessary. It makes me feel dizzy going from card to card.

Another constructive criticism is the fact that the headline repeats across all cards, which is not a great practice for LinkedIn.

16. Facebook

linkedin carousel ad examples

The next on the list of our LinkedIn carousel ad examples is this ad from Facebook. I like it not because it’s very very distinctive visually but because of the message it stands behind.

Although I would remove the dark filter that’s on it, it gives it a very creepy vibe. Or is it only me?

17. Roche

linkedin ads carousel

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Roche

Here, we have another ad on job careers, this time from Roche. And with a lighter and more lively filter!

18. The Resort Group PLC

linkedin carousel ad examples

What a beautiful Carousel ad from The Resport Group PLC! I love the aesthetics, the colours and all the details seem to live in such a perfect harmony. However, I would not put all of the words in the headlines in capital letters, I think it’s not very user-friendly nor easy to read.

19. Hilton Hotels & Resorts

hilton resorts and hotels

I am loving this creative and attention-grabbing ad from Hilton Hotels & Resorts. The texts are simple, but effective, and will definitely make you want to click on the ad to learn more.

20. Hyatt Hotels Corporation

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Another lovely ad from the hotel industry, this time from Hyatt Hotels Corporation who are able to create experiences even in their ads. Beautiful images that give you a cozy feeling and make you want to learn more.

21. LG Business Solutions Spain

Please, excuse me for sneaking an ad in Spanish, but I really thought that the photos that LG has selected were beautiful and very neat. You know what they say, an image speaks a thousand words! On top of that, the copy itself is very well-written and the messages are short and straightforward.

22. Samsung Electronics

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Samsung Electronics

Carousel ads seem to be quite popular for announcing job positions, and Samsung Electronics is giving it a try as well. I like the selection of images displaying the company’s installations, and the benefits are directly expressed in the headlines. The Call to Action couldn’t be more clear!

23. Apple

LinkedIn Carousel Ad Examples: Apple

The next on our list of LinkedIn Carousel ad examples is this job position ad from Apple. I like it, although I find Samsung’s one a little bit better in terms of image selection. It has less of the “shutterstock” style and it’s easier to imagine working there.

24. Christian Dior Couture

Our list of LinkedIn Carousel ad examples continues with this gorgeous creative from Christian Dior Couture. I love the stunning images of their watches and jewelry collection – it simply screams premium! These bright and contrasting colours speak a thousand words.

25. Christian Dior Couture

Next, we have another carousel from Dior, and it is just as stunning as the first one. The photos are just beautiful and you can really feel the premium, luxury label behind it. There is no need for any additional words on the slides!

26. Chanel

linkedin ad examples - chanel

LinkedIn Carousel ad examples: Chanel

Next, we have another stunning carousel, this time from Chanel. It is simple, elegant, and it perfectly portrays the beauty and craftmanship behind their jewelry.

I love that the slides show you different points of view of the same ring so you can really imagine how it looks like in real life.

27. Danone

Our list of awesome LinkedIn Carousel ad examples continues with Danone. I love it because it each slide is unique and distinctive from one another, and yet they combine really well.

The message is clear and straightforward, and shows the importance of having a great digital team in the 21st century.

28. Visa

linkedin ad examples - visa

LinkedIn Carousel ad examples: Visa

Another company that’s doing an excellent job with their carousel ads is Visa. They’ve used their slides to show how their product is capable of delivering value for their customers, including fast fraud detection and improvement, as well as enhanced control of their risk strategies.

29. Apple

LinkedIn carousel ad examples: Apple

Our list of carousel examples continues with Apple and this awesome collection of illustrated slides. I love the fact that they’ve converted the photos of the people who gave the testimonials into illustrations, instead of maintaining them as regular images.

It is modern, fresh, and gives out a really positive vibe. It is bound to draw the attention on the spot! Especially with these bright and catchy colours.

30. Microsoft

linkedin carousel ad examples - microsoft

I absolutely love this carousel ad from Microsoft. The way they are combining the slides is quite unique and draws the attention. It looks like a collage of photos, but it definitely wants you to scroll for more!

Another thing I enjoy about this ad is that it is showing how people are using Microsoft’s products in real-life situations, which is why the carousel works so well.

31. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

linkedin carousel ad examples - hp

Our list of LinkedIn carousel ad examples continues with this awesome campaign created by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. I like it because the letters are huge and it’s really easy to spot the ad and attract the attention to stop and read it.

On top of that, the message is clear and straightforward, and provides enough information to entice you to click on a slide.

Technical Specs

Now that we’ve covered the creative side of Carousel ads, it is also important to mention that they have some particular technical requirements. Without complying with them, you will not be able to launch the ad:

  • Number of cards – you will need to upload a minimum of 2, and a maximum of 10 cards;
  • Card format – currently, the only card formats available are .jpg, .png, and non-animated .gif;
  • Card size – the recommended size for each card is 1080 x 1080 pixels, with a 1 to 1 ratio;
  • Ad copy – the entire text for the ad is limited to 255 characters;
  • Mobile-friendly – however, if you want to make it mobile-friendly, try to keep it under 150 characters;
  • Headlines – the headline for each image should be up to 45 characters for ads taking to a landing page, and up to 30 for ads using a lead gen form.

It is also very important to mention that once you’ve saved the creative, you cannot change any detail about the cards. You can only change the ad copy. It is very frustrating, so make sure that you’ve got it all right before publishing! Otherwise, you will have to create it again.

Wrapping it up

I really hope you enjoyed my selection of Carousel ads! It was a little bit difficult to gather the examples because not many companies are giving a chance to this format yet. However, it was fun for me and I hope that it gave you some inspiration. πŸ™‚

Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about LinkedIn advertising, you can read more about LinkedIn ad formats here. Or you can check these articles for more marketing ad examples for other formats:

If you have any questions or doubts, just let me know in the comments below! And thanks for passing by πŸ™‚ Also, if you need help with your LinkedIn advertising, you can send me an email to the address in the banner below:

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