linkedin banner examples

35 Astounding LinkedIn Banner Examples – And Why they Work!

With over 660 million active members and 30 million Company pages, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest professional networking platform worldwide. As such, it represents a huge opportunity for companies to establish their brand and gain more exposure through their Company page. Today, we will zoom in on the importance of banners for an effective Company page, and we will get some inspiration through various LinkedIn banner examples.

linkedin banner examples

As we already mentioned, LinkedIn banners form part of the Company page, and they appear right behind the logo. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Communicating a specific message to the audience;
  • Highlighting the company’s mission, vision or values;
  • Displaying a particular product, service or initiative;
  • Encouraging the audience with a direct Call to Action;
  • Spreading brand awareness through images and colours;
  • Or simply act as a background to make the page stand out.

As you can see, there isn’t a right way for using a banner in your Company page. However, it is highly recommended to have one as it makes your business more memorable. And, if used correctly, can help you spread a specific message that you want your audience to get.

For this reason, I have compiled a selection of LinkedIn banner examples so we can all get some inspiration. Hopefully, it will help you decide what approach you want to undertake with your own Company page cover.

So, without further ado, let’s do this!

1. Hootsuite

linkedin banner examples

First on our list of LinkedIn banner examples is this cover image from Hootsuite. In this case, they have chosen to use their banner space as a promotion for their Global Digital Event.

The design itself is rather minimalist, probably because they wanted to focus the attention on the details of the event rather than make something too visual and distractive.

Also, they even managed to include a Call to Action to encourage people to register: “Save your spot”. This way, Hootsuite can increase their event sign ups for free from people who visit their Company page.

2. Sprout Social

Next, we have this awesome and particularly visual green banner from the social media management company Sprout Social. As opposed to Hootsuite, their cover image is atemporal.

And most importantly, it focuses on the value that the organization provides for customers with its services. Furthermore, the banner goes in perfect harmony with the logo of Sprout Social, spreading brand awareness from the first moment a visitor arrives on the page.

3. Hubspot

linkedin banner examples - hubspot

Our list of LinkedIn banner examples continues with Hubspot (affiliate link), one of the leading companies in Inbound Marketing.

Hubspot’s approach to one of the most visual elements of their Company page is similar to the one of Sprout Social. It highlights the way their services are designed to adjust to the current stage of their client’s journey.

In other words, they grow as the company grows. Which is strongly portrayed through a huge and impactful font with the slogan: “Grow better“.

4. Salesforce

This Company page header by Salesforce has another objective, different from the ones that we just saw. And that is, to show their support in the current coronavirus crisis, demonstrating that they are playing their part in helping businesses during hard times.

Which is great, and will show visitors who are just discovering Salesforce that they care about their customers.

5. Amazon

linkedin banner examples - amazon

I am absolutely loving this banner from the Company page of Amazon. The adorable illustrations, which represent the main activities that the company is associated with it, make it very visual and memorable.

Additionally, the slogan “Come build the future with us” makes visitors feel a part of the organization from the very first moment. It sounds like an encouraging and promising invitation to learn more.

Also, it reminds me of the famous scene “Come play with us” from the movie The Shining…Or is it just me? Yes? Okay, excuse me, I am kind of getting distracted here. πŸ™‚

6. Apple

Compared to the other LinkedIn banner examples that we just saw, this one doesn’t have much editing. In fact, it probably has none. It is simply an image from the famous Apple Park, which opened for the employees of the company in California, in April 2017.

This building is so representative for the company that it speaks a thousand words by itself. Also, it is a subtle way to remind visitors that Apple seems like an awesome place to work at. But then of course, I have never worked at Apple, so what would I know! πŸ™‚

7. IBM

This bright blue banner from IBM immediately attracts the attention of people who are visiting their Company page. While it doesn’t say much more than the word “think”, the illustration is quiteΒ  inspirational.

It looks modern and neat in its subtle manner of promoting innovation. Just awesome!

8. Robinhood

I find this banner from Robinhood simple, yet beautiful and inspiring. The smiling employees with the painted walls behind them portray a particular startup vibe and atmosphere. Yes, the one that people tend to value so much as opposed to working in regular, not so modern organizations.

You know what I mean, right? This banners sends a message to the audience that Robinhood is a great place to work at. It seems to encourage creativity, diversity, and innovation.

9. Databricks

linkedin banner examples - databricks

Our list of LinkedIn banner examples continues with Databricks, a Unified Data Analytics platform. Instead of expressing a specific message or a mission statement, the company has chosen to use this space for brand awareness.

Despite having the logo and the name of the company already in the Company page, they also decided to include it in the banner. This way, they ensure that people will easily remember their brand when they leave the page.

10. WeWork

I think that WeWork is doing a great job from a Marketing perspective, using gorgeous and impactful images without barely including any text. In fact, in this banner we can clearly see that they are undertaking the same approach as they do with their LinkedIn ads.

Just selecting beautiful, high-quality images that show their amazing, ultra modern shared workspaces. When you see how they look, you will not need any words to be convinced! Personally, I would love to write on my blog from there. πŸ™‚

11. Airbnb

linkedin banner examples

In a similar manner as Robinhood, Airbnb is drawing the attention to their work environment. For their LinkedIn banner, they have chosen an image of their employees in a cozy and creative working atmosphere.

Even the clothes of the employees are rather casual, portraying the company as a place in which everyone can unleash the uniqueness of their inner self. πŸ™‚

12. The Walt Disney Company

linkedin banner examples

I absolutely love this banner from The Walt Disney Company. It represents a neat collage of some of their most iconic and memorable movies, which will surely get their page visitors excited.

Additionally, the slogan “Be part of the story” adds an element of storytelling to the banner. And it makes you feel an emotional attachment towards the company and the content it produces.

13. Warner Bros Entertainment

linkedin banner examples

Next on our list of LinkedIn banner examples is this header from Warner Bros Entertainment. The reason why it works so well is because the image gives visitors a nostalgic sentiment.

I don’t know about you, but it makes me think of all their incredible content that I watched in my childhood. And it makes me want to watch it again! Additionally, the image implies the company’s new brand position.We believe in the power of story.”

14. Asana

linkedin banner examples - asana

Probably one of my favourite LinkedIn banner examples comes from Asana. Asana is a web and mobile application that aims to help teams organize their work better. And personally, I love the creativity behind their Company page cover image.

The reason why I think it works so well are various:

  • The colourful text boxes contrast brilliantly with the black and white image;
  • It portrays a diverse and unified team of motivated employees;
  • And it subtly shows how their platform works by mentioning its different features;

In other words, Asana manages to present their tool in a way that doesn’t look annoying and promotional. On the contrary, it shows its whole potential in quite a motivating way!

15. Trello

Another company that uses their LinkedIn banner to spread brand awareness is Trello. I not only love the gorgeous illustration, but also the fact that they painted cats’ paws instead of human hands to display the product. Fun, lighthearted, and creative!

Additionally, because I have seen various ads from Trello across the Internet, the cover image of their Company page goes in perfect harmony with the rest of their visuals. Which further boosts their brand awareness as they become easily recognizable everywhere.

16. Canva

linkedin banner examples - canva

I find this LinkedIn banner from my favourite design tool Canva (affiliate link) to be quite powerful. The image of the happy and unified team, along with their rainbow logo, puts the company in a very positive light. Again, it makes you want to be a part of their team!

17. Oracle

To be honest, I am not particularly sure what this cover image from Oracle is supposed to represent. I think it makes a subtle reference to their tools and how they easily connect with each other, and/or other third-party tools.

After all, Oracle is a company that offers Integrated Cloud applications and platform services. However, no matter if I am right or wrong in this assumption, I found the illustration quite creative. And it definitely managed to draw my attention!

18. Mangools


Another company that stays consistent with its visuals throughout all social and advertising channels is Mangools. Their brand colours and illustrations are unique and very easily distinguishable from the rest.

And they prove this once again, this time in the cover image of their Company page. Which not only makes them stand out from the crowd, but also makes people remember them more easily. In this case, Mangools makes a good promotional use of their banner by listing all of their tools.

19. Search Engine Journal

linkedin banner examples - search engine journal

Next on our list of LinkedIn banner examples is this one from the Search Engine Journal. I love the contrast that this image makes, putting emphasis on the bright green brand colour of the company. Thus, boosting their brand visibility.

Furthermore, the slogan “For SEOs by SEOs” is great for attracting a specific niche of visitors. In this case, professionals in the Search Engine Optimization industry.

20. Thermo Fisher Scientific

This image from Thermo Fisher Scientific is quite impactful with its bright red colours. It will easily make you associate these colours with this particular organization.

This way, the next time you hear about Thermo Fisher Scientific, you will be able to immediately call out their brand colours and identity in your head!

21. Roche

With this banner, Roche shows its grattitude and emotional support to all the doctors and medical staff that fight against the current global crisis with the coronavirus. I think that they are sending a lovely message with this banner!

22. Pfizer

pfizer - linkedin banner examples

Next on our collection of LinkedIn banner examples is this one from Pfizer. I like the way they are promoting diversity through this collage, highlighting their strong values and corporate culture.

Furthermore, the powerful slogan “Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives”, followed by a trademark sign, shows their key role in global medical innovation.

23. Unilever

This banner from Unilever, a consumer goods company headquartered in London, presents the organization as a place that creates experiences for both customers and its employees.

It takes on the approach of storytelling through carefully selected images that spotlight some of the products that they offer, mixed with close up of the team and their achievements together. A great collage that puts the company in a very positive and friendly light to its visitors.

24. Mercedes Benz USA

linkedin banner examples - mercedes

We are changing the industry with our next piece from the list of LinkedIn banner examples. This time, we have a gorgeous image of what I assume is the company’s newest model.

From the green colour of the car to the context of being among nature, Mercedes intends to position its car model as one designed for romantic escapes out of town. In a way, they are using their LinkedIn banner to gain certain brand reputation and positioning in the automotive industry.

25. BMW Group

BMW Group gives us another example of how your Company page can work for you towards your brand positioning. However, as opposed to Mercedes, they are aiming for a different goal with their LinkedIn banner.

And that is, being the most innovative company within the automotive industry, displaying various high-tech, ultra modern car models on their page. This beautiful and futuristic image will definitely draw your attention!

26. Audi

linkedin ad examples - audi

To finish with our examples from this particular industry, let’s see a different example from Audi. I like the way the company plays with its logo, separating the rings to promote social distancing, a best practice recommended during the coronavirus crisis.

In the next image, it unites them again, this time to provide emotional support with the slogan “Stay together”. I also love the way also played with the black and white colours to provide the same effect, and communicate the right message.

27. Postclick

I am not sure what is the specific purpose of this LinkedIn banner, but I liked its creativity and uniqueness. Instead of a regular image, Postclick has designed a cover that makes the people look like they are moving.

It creates something like a 3D effect, and I love the way it looks on their Company page. Furthermore, it has a very nice contrast with their logo, and generally makes the Company page quite memorable.

28. Facebook

linkedin banner examples - facebook

Next on our list of LinkedIn banner examples is this one from Facebook. I found this collage particularly interesting because it transmits a variety of positive messages and values, aligned with the company’s own values and corporate culture.

Facebook is definitely taking a different, non-promotional approach to their Company page. And honestly, this is very refereshing!

29. BioIQ

bioiq - linkedin banner examples

Our list of LinkedIn banner examples continues with this interesting image from BioIQ, a company dedicated to health testing and immunizations. Compared to many other businesses, BioIQ has taken a different approach with their Company page.

Instead of promoting a product or initiative, they have chosen to display a particular achievement. Their impressive achievement, paired with the way they have presented it in their header, is definitely a great way to make your company spand out.

30. Fullstory

There isn’t much to say about this banner, except that it was designed with the purpose of boosting brand awareness. However, Fullstory is doing it in a very elegant and minimalist manner, which makes it different from many others.

Personally, I find it very appealing visually.

31. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the companies that always stays consistent with its brand visuals. The Email Marketing leader has very unique corporate colours and illustrations, and exactly this consistency is what makes them so memorable.

In this case, the image subtly shows a part of the company’s product. However, without going too far with heavy promotion like other companies do.

32. Nextail Labs

Compared with Mailchimp, we can clearly see that Nextail Labs is doing the opposite. They are using their LinkedIn banner as a place for additional promotion of their retail merchandising platform.

Of course, I am not saying that this is right or wrong. After all, every company should try different styles and approaches to find out what works for them the best.

However, I just wanted to show two very opposite examples so you can decide for yourself what would be more appropriate in your case.

33. The Economist

linkedin banner examples - the economist

I am totally loving the next cover from our collection of LinkedIn banner examples! More specifically, this one taken from the Company page of The Economist.

And although I don’t know what the 90% stands for, I love the visual representation of it with the torn out piece of newspaper.

34. N26

linkedin banner examples - n26

Beautiful, interesting and minimalist is what I think of when I look at this banner from N26. The mobile German bank puts their debit card in the spotlight, but in a subtle and non-intrusive way. However, it is very difficult not to see it!

35. Chime

And last, we have another example from the banking industry, this time from Chime, a US-based neobank. Compared to N26, this banner is much more visual and representative of what their product looks like.

Honestly, I think that both banners can give us really good ideas!

That was all from me, folks! As always, thank you for taking the time to read my article. I hope you liked it, and I hope to see you in the next one! In the meantime, if you have any questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

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