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101 Brilliant LinkedIn Ad Examples to Spark Your Creativity

Are you looking for some inspiration to make better and more converting ads on LinkedIn? Or maybe your segmentation is on point, but you are stuck with the creative part? No matter the case, here are my top LinkedIn Ad Examples that might help you out.

Just one more thing before we move on: you can click on any of the images to see the ad in full details. And most importantly, to actually go to the ad within the company’s profile.

Also, just a quick disclaimer before we move on. A couple of the links on this blog post are affiliate, which means that I will make a small commission if you end up purchasing after clicking.  So, without further ado, let’s go!

LinkedIn Ad Examples

1. Hubspot

saas linkedin ad example

Hubspot is a leading growth platform specialized in software products for Inbound Marketing and Sales, and the first on our list of LinkedIn ad examples.

In the Marketing world, Hubspot is also a reference for captivating ads and highly-engaging social channels. And of course, this one isn’t an exception.

It features a clear and straightforward CTA, a brief but compelling copy, and a visual creative with the look and feel of the company. You can click on the image to see the ad.

2. Oracle

Oracle is a multinational American computer technology company that offers cloud-based solutions. Of course, among a lot of other software products and database management systems. Compared to the previous example, which was Sponsored Content, this ad has a Carousel format.

The reason why I chose this creative among my top LinkedIn ad examples is because it’s highly visual. In my opinion, Oracle has done a great job making its audience feel associated with the ad, making them imagine that they are the one reading it.

The percentage in the copy is also an element that attracts a lot of attention as well. You can see the full ad by clicking on the image.

3. Salesforce

linkedin ad examples salesforce

Salesforce is a Customer Success Platform that offers Sales and Marketing cloud technologies. Additionally, it is also another powerful reference for Marketers when it comes to their creatives. Like, how awesome is this ad?

The animated part makes a perfect match with the people, and the message is very clearly conveyed both in the banner and the copy. 

4. Salesforce

Yes, yes, I know it’s the same company! However, I really wanted to share another example of how well Salesforce manages to mix a bit of animation with the real world. In my opinion, they have some of the best ads out there! Especially in the SaaS industry.

You can check all Salesforce LinkedIn ad examples here.

5. Aircall

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system that offers a variety of integrations with the most popular CRM and Helpdesk tools. The company also makes awesome LinkedIn Sponsored Content ads! As we can see, a lot of SaaS companies go for a very modern, startup look with their ads.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will have to stick to this style only. But I think that visually, they are very catchy, so maybe you could give them a try! Aircall also does a really good job portraying its unique selling proposition through the banner and the CTAs.

6. Pipefy

linkedin ad examples

Next on our list of LinkedIn ad examples is Pipefy.

Their ads are very fresh and maintain a consistent look and feel throughout all creatives. Pipefy manages to deliver their message in a very straightforward and non-intrusive way.

7. CultureIQ

linkedin ad examples

CultureIQ is a global culture management company in the area of Human Resources. They offer a cloud-based platform for collecting feedback, identifying opportunities, and share results, among others. I like this ad because it’s very creative and playful with the corporate colours.

It is also very true to the look and feel of the company. However, I think that they could have done better job with the ad headline – it’s a little bit too long.

8. GitLab

linkedin ad examples

GitLab is a DevOps platform in which Development, Security, and Ops teams can build software in collaboration within a single application. This is one of my favourite LinkedIn ad examples because it’s simple yet powerful.

Contrary to other ads that we’ve seen on the list, the creative itself doesn’t say much. However, it says enough to catch your attention and read the copy for more, or directly go to the landing. The promise of 200% faster definitely makes you click on the ad for all the details!

9. Deputy

linkedin ad examples

Deputy is a workforce management software that offers solutions for employee scheduling, timesheets, communication, and tasking. I like this ad because it directly shows a quick teaser of how the software looks like.

Compared to others, which focus more on the brand look, this one goes straight for the product. Which is a good idea to try if you are a SaaS company!

10. Deputy

Another great example from the same company is this Carousel ad that shows the management process in a highly visual way. I think it gives you a good idea of what to expect from the software, so I wanted to share it with you. You can click on the ad to see all the Carousel cards!

11. LinkedIn

linkedin ad examples premium

Of course, we can’t forget the host that makes all these LinkedIn ad examples possible: yes, LinkedIn itself. What, you didn’t think that LinkedIn would be a user of its own advertising tools? Well, it is, and its ads are actually quite good. That’s why I brought you a couple more examples.

12. LinkedIn

I have to admit that I am actually loving these LinkedIn ad examples about the platform’s flagship product: LinkedIn Premium. They get to the core of the product in a very powerful way.

On LinkedIn Premium, you can actually see whether you are within the first top 10% of all applicants. That’s why I think that using this simple statistic can be very encouraging for candidates.

12. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

linkedin ad examples

Don’t worry! Just two more LinkedIn ad examples, and we will move on to the next company! This time, the example comes from its B2B brand: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

These services are designed to help companies with their successful Marketing and Sales strategy on the platform. As we can see, LinkedIn uses a lot of numeric data and statistics to draw attention to their creatives.

And it’s probably working quite well. After all, they are the ones who know the best how their own platform works.

13. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

The last example from LinkedIn is this fresh Carousel ad about their Lead Gen forms. I think that it’s a really good example of presenting their product in a visual way, gradually zooming into the details.

Furthermore, the card headlines go straight into the benefits of using Lead Gen, which is always a good idea. You can click on the image to see all of the Carousel cards.

14. Facebook

linkedin ad examples - facebook

Our list of LinkedIn ad examples continues with Facebook.

To be honest, this example kind of surprised me, although there is no reason why. Well, it turns out that Facebook uses LinkedIn to look for talent and share their open job positions across the world. I like this ad because it breaks out of the ordinary with the visuals.

However, I think that Facebook could have provided a little bit more context both in the banner and the copy to kind of scream out their purpose. This way, you will have to read everything carefully to understand what the ad is about. It is not that obvious from the beginning.

15. TUNE

linkedin ad examples tune

TUNE is a Partner Marketing Platform that focuses on helping, managing, and growing partner programs and networks across the globe. The ad is very catchy, the CTA clear, and quickly draws the attention to the content.

I like that the CTA “Get the ebook” is so straightforward. This way, even if the person doesn’t read the banner or the copy, he already knows that there is quality content behind it. 

16. Amazon Web Services

linkedin ad examples

Another important company that we have to mention is Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon and the biggest cloud-computing provider across the globe. Compared to other ads we saw, this one is quite abstract.

However, I think that it is beautifully done, and the message in the banner is very clear even if the user doesn’t read the copy. Personally, I think that every creative should be able to communicate a clear and independent message. Without relying on the accompanying text to do the job.

17. Amazon Web Services

linkedin ad examples

I also really liked this AWS example. Even though this time, it’s not abstract compared to the previous one. The reason why I liked it is because, as I keep on repeating, the banner is very independent. It can portray the message on its own without depending on the copy.

The ad itself is also beautifully done as well. Although I would have highlighted the CTA a bit more.

18. Slack

Slack is a cloud-based, collaboration software tool that facilitates communication between team members. Furthermore, it helps to improve workflows with various integrations. I find this ad awesome because of the image that they have selected for Randall Munroe.

It is hilarious and definitely draws the attention to the ad, making it distinguish from the rest.

19. Slack

slack example

This is another Slack example, but this time, it’s completely different from the previous one. Although the colours don’t seem to fit with the corporate identity, they make a very good combination. And will definitely manage to draw attention to the ad!

Again, in my opinion, I think that the CTA could have been a little bit more highlighted. 

20. Google Ads

linkedin ad examples

Google Ads is one of the biggest advertising channels on the Internet, helping companies reach their target audience across multiple networks. Among all LinkedIn Ad examples, this creative is one of my favourites.

I think that it does a great job to portray brand identity while still displaying the product in a subtle way. Needless to say, the CTA is quite powerful as well. Who wouldn’t love a coupon worth of 75 pounds for their Google Ads?

21. Google Ads

As you can see, this is another quite catchy example from Google on LinkedIn. The subtle connection with the sunglasses and the sun burning the girl’s face is very powerful. And of course, describe the very essence of Google Ads: to show relevant ads to the user. At the right time. 

22. Asana

linkedin ad examples

Some of my favourite LinkedIn ad examples are definitely coming from Asana. Asana is a work management platform that helps companies organize and manage their work. In fact, I wrote an article on them a while ago, so you can click here to learn more.

As we are already seeing so far, technological companies focus a lot on graphics to portray their product and unique selling proposition.

Personally, I am all for this style! Especially in this example – Asana has done a great job showing how colleagues can communicate with each other using the service. It is very attention-grabbing! Using real people or abstract images can sometimes become boring or repetitive.

23. Asana

As you may have noticed so far, I am absolutely obsessed with Asana’s creative graphics, so I really wanted to show you a couple more examples before we move on. Hope you don’t mind!

24. Asana

Just one more, because why not? I just can’t get over how cute these graphics and the tiny people in them are. Now, that’s a great way to portray the personality of your company!

25. WeWork

linkedin ad examples

WeWork is a company that provides shared workspaces and other collaboration services for enterprises. Compared to the rest of the ads that we just saw, I find these ones to be quite different.

They don´t include the regular Marketing elements that companies use such as a CTA or a brief description. However, the images they use are just powerful enough on their own to grab your attention without any unnecessary details.

Which, in their case, seems to work well because they provide shared workspaces to other companies. What better way to promote your office spaces than sharing a gorgeous photo of them?

26. WeWork

carousel ad wework

Likewise, this Carousel ad also does a great job showcasing the main product of the company, with their beautiful coworking spaces. Honestly, it makes me want to write my blog posts from there! (No, this article is not sponsored by WeWork 🙂 ) Click on the image to see all Carousel cards!

27. WeWork

wework video linkedin example

The last example from WeWork is a short and beautifully done video.  As you can see, it doesn´t say much because their images speak a thousand words by themselves. Click on the image to watch the video!

28. Toptotal

Toptotal is a network of the world’s top talent in business, design, and technology. They are also the largest fully-distributed workforce in the world. At first sight, this ad seems quite simple compared to the rest of the ads that we saw.

However, I think that its efficiency lies precisely in the simplicity of it. The CTA is very clear and straightforward, and it will easily grab the attention of any technology company looking for developers.

The subtle banner branding with the company´s logo on the girl´s T-shirt is also a very good idea to establish corporate identity.

29. Toptotal

This banner from the same company is on the exact opposite spectrum. There are no people or real-life elements, just graphics . Despite of all that, it is still really well done! Which only shows that you should always be A/B testing your creatives to see what style works best for each different occasion.

30. Microsoft

linkedin ad examples

Should I really explain what does Microsoft do? I think that we’ve all heard of it at least once :). Well, not only heard of it… Without further ado to this technology giant, let’s move on to the ads. This one of our LinkedIn ad examples is about their cloud computing service Microsoft Azure.

As you can see, it follows a quite similar style to its main competitor that we saw earlier: Amazon Web Services. Simple yet sophisticated, techy, and with strong brand identity keeping the look and feel of the company. Nice!

31. Microsoft

Another creative example that I am loving from Microsoft is this ad about their Work x Life campaign.  Visually, I am living for it. On another hand, is it easy to understand what the campaign is about? Not really! Both the banner and the campaign are a little bit too vague, in my opinion.

32. Adobe

linkedin ad examples

Undoubtedly, one of my favourite LinkedIn ad examples are from Adobe. Just how cute it is this collision between the illustration of the little girl, and the real-life photo? If you ask me, I would say a lot! I think that the design of the banner is in great harmony with the content behind it. Good job, Adobe!

33. Adobe

Because I really wanted to share this ad with you, I was trying very hard to find it in English. However, I couldn’t; it was only in Spanish and Portuguese. Nonetheless, the message is clear: how technology has evolved over the years for Adobe and all companies across the globe.

The ad is aimed at professors who would like to specialize in Adobe programs for free. In my opinion, the point is delivered in an excellent way! As always, click on the Carousel image to see all of its cards!

34. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

linkedin ad examples

We already covered LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, but I just saw this example and I had to slip it in. Waking up a technology from the past to show up on your audience’s feed will definitely grab the attention of anyone! As we saw in the previous example, Adobe did something like this as well.

LMS are really giving us some of the best LinkedIn ad examples, but it also makes a lot of sense. After all, they are a brand behind LinkedIn itself! So they must have plenty of data to know what works for them.

35. Ironhack

Ironhack is an international tech school specialized in immersive programming, UX/UI design and Data Analytics, among others. They advertise their programs on LinkedIn in a personalized and relatable way, including their own students within the banners.

You can check the full list of Ironhack’s LinkedIn ad examples here.

36. HelloFresh

hellofresh linkedin ad examples

Another company that uses fresh (you see what I did there?) and illustrative graphics is HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a meal kit provider to customers in over 11 countries. The ad is beautifully done, and getting a discount of 50 dollars off sounds like a deal!

Although, considering that they are delivering food, I think that using images of real food could actually be a much better option for captivating customers.

37. Dell

Next on our list of LinkedIn ad examples comes from Dell, a US international computer technology company that we probably all know for their computers. Well, they also seem to be doing really good in the advertising department.

Quite catchy, straightforward, and although the banner itself doesn’t include much text, I think that their subtle symbol with the bird speaks a thousand words.

38. Dell

linkedin ad examples dell

I wanted to show you another example from the same creative line. Their visual elements are really powerful, and in this line, I actually think that any other text rather than the CTA would have been unnecessary. So, the banner is in a way standalone although it doesn’t say much…with words.

39. Dell

linkedin ad examples dell

We are wrapping up this mini series of LinkedIn ad examples with Dell with this short, but excellent video. Actually, it only lasts 6 seconds! However, it manages to relate to Dell’s target audience for this computer in a quick and impactful way. Click on the image to see the whole video!

40. ABB

ABB is a multinational company that operates mainly in the field of robotics, heavy electrical equipment, power, and automation technology. On LinkedIn, they have the challenge of selling their products mainly to a B2B audience.

And probably not also on LinkedIn, of course. However, compared to other creatives that we already saw, the LinkedIn ad examples of ABB have a very different style. They aren’t neither colourful nor full of fun illustrations as B2C technology companies.

In fact, I would call their creatives rather “industrial“. Which is not a bad thing! It seems very well adapted to their target audience.

41. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the biggest marketing automation and email service platforms globally. Their LinkedIn ad examples differ a lot from other creatives because of their iconic bright yellow colour.

Or is it green? (Let the discussions begin!) This really bright colour can sometimes be an eye-killer, but it’s definitely something that you won’t ignore on your LinkedIn feed! So, 10 points for Mailchimp for managing to grab our attention with their unique brand colours.

42. Canva

linkedin ad examples canva

Next on my list is one of my favourite tools of all time: Canva. Canva is an awesome graphic-design website (affiliate link) that allows you to create beautiful visuals with templates.

You don’t need to have any design skills to be able to use it! In my opinion, this ad demonstrates very well the power of the tool.

The banner adapts perfectly to the target audience of the company for this specific creative: companies looking for hires. It makes you imagine how your job hire ad would look like!

43. Canva

This is another great example from Canva, this time targeting real estate agencies and professionals. And most importantly, putting emphasis on the fact that you don’t need to have any design skills.

44. Canva

And last from Canva, we have this beautiful creative that puts into perspective what you can do with the tool. You know, there is a reason why the last thee LinkedIn ad examples were exclusively from Canva! They are doing an excellent job within their field.

45. BBVA

This creative from BBVA, a Spanish bank and one of the largest financial institutions in the world, is very well done. It puts a strong focus on branding, and the banner itself captures in a great way the look and feel of the company.

The contrasting colour of the guy’s shirt is also quite attention-grabbing. In fact, the only think that I am missing in the banner is a nice CTA button!

46. BBVA

linkedin ad examples bbva

Another example that I wanted to share from BBVA is this super minimalist banner on a promoted content about their corporate identity. Beautiful, isn’t it?

47. Inditex

One simple, yet surprisingly creative banner from our collection of LinkedIn ad examples comes from Inditex, the biggest fashion group in the world. To sum up the Spanish copy, Inditex is inviting their target audience to join a software engineering challenge.

And I love the creativity with the banner by writing a simple piece of code! Although, one thing I don’t personally like is the background colour that they chose.

48. Santander

Who needs to put text on a banner if the image itself speaks that much? A great addition to my LinkedIn ad examples list is this creative from Santander, one of the largest retail and commercial banks in the world. Well, seems like Santander definitely knows how to grow talent!

49. Citi

Citibank is a global bank, and the consumer division of the financial services company Citigroup. I hesitated to put this creative on my LinkedIn ad examples list because I don’t find it visually attractive, to say so.

However, I loved the creativity behind the messages, and I think that it’s definitely more original than any others. As always, click on the image to see all cards of the Carousel ad. And of course, to get their full message!

50. Citi

Visually, this creative is significantly better and more professional-looking. Although, not as original as the previous one!

51. J. P. Morgan

Our list of LinkedIn ad examples continues with J P Morgan. J P Morgan is a multinational investment bank, and a financial services holding company. This illustrated ad example is definitely different than what you would expect from a bank.

However, I think that it does a great job catering to its main audience for this banner: startups. 

As we already saw in a lot of previous examples, startups and SaaS companies are focusing their banners a lot on graphics instead of actual images. Which J P Morgan understands and implements perfectly into this ad.

52. Hilton Honors

linkedin ad examples

“We’ll take you further”. What a powerful message from Hilton Honors, the Hotel Rewards Program of the famous hotel chain Hilton. The whole ad from our list of LinkedIn ad examples is quite powerful with its beautifully harmonized cards and impactful messages.

Do not hesitate to click on the image to see it in its full glory!

53. Hilton Honors

I couldn’t help but share this video ad from Hilton and Lyft that portrays the same powerful message from the previous example. However, this time in video – and they do an equally great job. Click on the screenshot of the video to watch it!

54. Unilever

linkedin ad examples

Just how cute is this ad from Dutch consumer goods company Unilever? Again, sorry about the copy in Spanish 🙂 it simply presents one of the company’s new employees.

I think that the colours are very catchy, especially in a professional place like LinkedIn where companies are sometimes afraid to go out of the box. And we are not even talking about the ice cream!

55. Periscope Data

Next on our list of LinkedIn ad examples is this banner ad from Periscope Data. I like it because it goes straight to the point with a huge text and a big, colourful CTA button. There’s no way to miss the fact that they are offering a free trial. 🙂

The look and feel of the banner is very true to the company’s corporate identity. Periscope Data is a SaaS company that offers analytics and data visualization software for enterprises.

56. Hult International Business School

Hult International Business School is an American private business school with 7 campuses across 6 different countries. The reason why I chose this ad is because we see yet another example of how companies use key statistics and percentages within their banner to grab the attention of their audience.

So, it is a good point to try in your next A/B testing! Also, I generally like Hult’s ads because they have a very elegant and professional design.

57. The Walt Disney Company

Honestly, when you are The Walt Disney Company, just a simple photo of your headquarters is enough to immediately draw all the attention! Especially if it has a giant drawing of your favourite animation on the wall behind it. And especially if they are looking for hires…

58. AppLovin

linkedin ad examples

Next on our list of LinkedIn ad examples is this creative piece from AppLovin. The illustrative style of the banner immediately draws the attention and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Combined with the headline “your secret weapon for growth”, it works really well in making you want to learn more about the product.

59. Contentful

linkedin ad examples

Our list of LinkedIn ad examples continues with Contentful, an API-first content platform designed to build digital experiences for their customers. The colourful illustrations, matched with the powerful claim “build a modern website in half the time“, is definitely a winner combination.

60. Freshworks

linkedin ad examples

This minimalistic, but powerful banner by Freshdesk is another contribution to our collection of LinkedIn ad examples. The message is very simple – keeping your customers and agencies happy means that you will be happier too, and your business will flourish as a result.

61. Chargebee

I find this banner particularly interesting. It’s not your typical banner that follows the usual Marketing norms; it’s creative and out of the box – even literally, which is shown with the hand sticking out of the box.

It’s always very simple, but the message “stop playing spreadsheet sudoku” just combines so perfectly with the playful illustration of the person being upside down.

62. Kissflow

This banner from our list of LinkedIn ad examples is very aesthetically pleasing. I absolute love the contrasting colours on a simple white font – it is definitely an attention-grabber on the busy LinkedIn feed.

63. Insider

linkedin ad examples

To me, this banner is quite unique with its simplicity. It has a message that you won’t even understand until you read the ad copy – that the company is finally having presence in the United States.

However, the simple message “USA, we’re home” sounds so powerful that it makes you want to learn more about what’s going on behind it.

64. Celonis

Our collection of LinkedIn ad examples continues with Celonis, the global leader in management execution systems. While other companies are striving for banners with light fonts and plenty of fresh colours, Celonis decided to go with a darker font.

And I really like it because it definitely stand out on the feed compared to so many banners that look the same. The blue and green elements on a black font look even more contrasting and powerful.

65. Mural

Another interesting and highly contrasting banner is this one from Mural. It maintains a startup-like style, and this particular combination of colours is definitely something that your attention will be drawn to.

66. Chanel

Our LinkedIn ad examples gallery continues with Chanel and their nostalgic vintage vibes, which I am living for. However, in order to truly appreciate the ad, I advise you to click on it because it’s a video.

67. PartnerStack

linkedin ad examples

One of the best LinkedIn ad examples that I’ve ever seen is this one from Partner Stack. It’s awesome because they have somehow managed to add moving confetti to their banner in order to celebrate the winning of their award.

And it looks awesome! Again, in order to appreciate it, better click on the ad to watch it.

68. Boehringer Ingelheim

The next interesting banner on our list is this one from Boehringer Ingelheim. I find it unique because I’ve never seen someone promote an event like that – with an illustration on what is going to be discussed in the event. Definitely awesome!


linkedin ad examples

There are two reasons why I like this banner so much. First, I love the rose-coloured background, it’s very beautiful. And second, the claim is very tangible and strong – “how does 10x sound to you?” It’s definitely attention-grabbing!

70. Clyde & Co

linkedin ad examples

Next on our list of LinkedIn ad examples is this one from Clyde & Co, and I really like it because the message is clear and straightforward. However, one thing that I would improve is making the CTA a little bit more contrasting and visual.

71. Piwik Pro

linkedin ad examples

Another interesting and visual banner is this one from Piwik Co. I love the contrasting bright colours on a black background, it draws the attention a lot. However, I would personally work a little bit more on the Marketing claim and the CTA (which is missing from the banner).

72. Salesforce

linkedin ad examples - salesforce

Going back to Salesforce for a moment, next on our list of LinkedIn ad examples is this adorable banner that invites us to a video session so we can hear more about PepsiCo’s commercial vision. I love the combination of colours and illustrations, which makes the brand stand out.

73. Hotjar

linkedin ad examples - hotjar

Next, we have this awesome banner from Hotjar. This unique ad is guaranteed to draw your attention with the adorable illustrative elements that “hug” their employees.

74. Hotjar

This ad is probably one of the most creative LinkedIn ad examples that I’ve seen so far. I love the way they’ve portrayed what websites plan their user experience to be vs what it ends up being.

75. Medallia

linkedin ad examples - medallia

Our list of LinkedIn ad examples continues with this beautiful banner from Medallia. I think it looks very professionally made, although I would make the details of the event itself a little bit more obvious.

76. Pantone

Pantone does a great job in “driving consumer engagement through colour” – now this is an ad that sells its topic very well! The colours are nice, soft, and draw the attention immediately.

77. Google

linkedin ad examples - google

LinkedIn ad examples: Google

Google absolutely strikes you with these contrasting colours and bright light. Although in my opinion, the banner is not very standalone – and you won’t understand much from it unless you look at the copy or ad headline.

78. Dribbble

LinkedIn ad examples: Dribbble

Next, we have this cute ad from Dribbble. I think they have done a great job in portraying what their product is about, and you have enough information in the banner itself as opposed to Google.

79. PepsiCo

LinkedIn ad examples: PepsiCo

Our list of LinkedIn ad examples continue with this video ad from PepsiCo. I love it because it’s different, catchy, and sends a great message for the environment (although I can’t confirm it’s true, of course).

Don’t forget to click on the banner to watch the entire video!

80. Danone

LinkedIn ad examples: Danone

I really like this carousel ad from Danone. Each slide is different and unique, yet they combine very well, and it stands out from the regular carousels that we tend to see on LinkedIn.

81. Apple

LinkedIn ad examples: Apple

Next, we have another awesome carousel example, this time from Apple. I like the fact that they’ve converted the people who gave the testimonials into illustrations – this way, it really stands out!

82. Qualtrics

linkedin ad examples - qualtrics

LinkedIn ad examples: Qualtrics

Next on our list of LinkedIn ad examples is this gorgeous banner from Qualtrics. I love the contrasting colours and the professional design, they really make the ad stand out.

83. Zapier

LinkedIn ad examples: Zapier

While this one of our banner ads is rather minimalistic, I think it’s impossible to miss these huge letters and the point of the ad. Which is why it works so well!

84. Smartlook

linkedin ad examples - smartlook

LinkedIn ad examples: Smartlook

Our list of LinkedIn ad examples continues with Smartlook. I like it because although it’s simple and doesn’t have much information on it, the image that they’ve selected is really good and illustrative.

85. Passionned Group

This is an awesome banner ad that really makes the product stand out. Even if you didn’t look at the title nor the copy, you would still get the message in a clear and straightforward way.

86. Payoneer

linkedin ad examples - payoneer

LinkedIn ad examples: Payoneer

We are moving on to another one of our beautiful LinkedIn ad examples – this event banner from Payoneer. I think it’s a great event ad because it’s very detailed, and have a very attractive visual.

87. Fiverr

linkedin ad examples

LinkedIn ad examples: Fiverr

Fiverr has a great banner ad for us. I love how smartly they get their message across – “Don’t social distance from your goals. Stay inside. Oursource your e-commerce website”.


linkedin ad examples

LinkedIn ad examples:

This one of our LinkedIn ad examples is particularly visual. The strong colours, combined with the fun image of the paper food box is doing a great job in attracting the attention. Good job, Wix!

89. PayPal

linkedin ad examples

LinkedIn ad examples: PayPal

This message from PayPal is simple, yet powerful and straightforward – provide an excellent payment experience for your customers.

90. PayPal

We have another example from PayPal, and the reason why I think it works so well is because it shows you the potential of the cross-border market that you can reach with PayPal. 412 billion dollars is a lot of money!

91. Visa

linkedin ad examples - visa

LinkedIn ad examples: Visa

I really love this webinar example from Visa. It is creative and extremely detailed, something which a lot of webinar banners on LinkedIn aren’t.

92. Visa

linkedin ad examples - visa

LinkedIn ad examples: Visa

We have another beautiful ad from Visa – this time a carousel. I think it portrays the company’s product in a great manner, showing the value that it ads for customers. Click on the image to see the full carousel!

93. Square

LinkedIn ad examples: Square

I really love this unique banner ad from Square. It has a really nice aesthetic, and the message is very clear just from the banner itself, without having the need to look at the copy or ad headline.

94. Frontify

Our list of LinkedIn ad examples continues with this banner from Frontify. I like it because it’s simple, aesthetic, and subtly invites the audience to discover more about their product.

95. Louis Vuitton

linkedin ad examples - louis vuitton

LinkedIn ad examples: Louis Vuitton

What an angelic and elegant ad from Louis Vuitton…I just get lost in the magical colours of the image. The photo speaks for itself – it doesn’t need any text on it!

96. Louis Vuitton

linkedin ad examples - louis vuitton

And of course, I just had to share the same version of the ad but in Carousel – it is just lovely and super elegant! Louis Vuitton is doing a great job in making their banners speak a thousand words. It is probably one of my most favourite LinkedIn ad examples.

97. LMVH

linkedin ad examples - LVMH

LinkedIn ad examples: LMVH

What an absolutely adorable video ad! It only lasts 5 seconds, which is even below LinkedIn’s recommended duration of 15 seconds, but it is more than enough! Don’t forget to click on the banner to watch the full video.

98. Chanel

linkedin ad examples - chanel

LinkedIn ad examples: Chanel

We have another lovely video ad, this time from Chanel, and I think it’s precious. They’ve done a great job with the storytelling behind their iconic perfume.

99. Chanel

linkedin ad examples - chanel

To finish with Chanel, I really wanted to share this carousel ad as well – it is absolutely beautiful! Simple and very, very elegant. Another one of my favourite LinkedIn ad examples.

100. Christian Dior Couture

LinkedIn ad examples: Dior

This carousel ad from Dior is absolutely stunning – one of the most beautiful LinkedIn ad examples I’ve seen. The photos are amazing!

101. Christian Dior Couture

And another carousel from Dior that I just can’t go over! What a beautiful design, I really don’t have much to comment on it.


Well, this was all from me for today! I hope you liked the selection of LinkedIn ad examples that I carefully made for you. No matter which ones you liked the most, the key takeaway from this article is that you shouldn’t discard any design before trying it.

What works for one company might not work for another! After all, every business is unique and it will take some time to figure out what style fits you best. Having said this, I hope you had fun with this collection of LinkedIn ad examples!

I definitely had a lot of fun looking for good examples, and discarding the bad ones. Which style are you excited to try first? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear it! And of course, if you are interested in learning more about LinkedIn advertising, you might also like these articles:

Thank you for taking the time to read my article! See you in the next one! Also, if you need help with your LinkedIn advertising, you can send me an email to the address in the banner below:

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