5 Ways To Keep Branding Cohesive Across Your Business

Branding is an essential part of creating a successful business. After all, it’s how your customers will know that they’re interacting with your brand. Keeping consistency across all the platforms and business assets might help you to grow your audience and build a stronger brand.

The type of your branding will influence the type of clients you attract and how you do in comparison to your competitors. You should create a brand that will stand out from the crowd and appeal to potential clients more than other companies in your industry. The key is to maintain the same branding across your platforms – and we can teach you how.

Create A Brand To Remember

The first step is to create a brand identity. When people hear about branding, they think of one aspect – the logo. Coming up with a logo isn’t an easy process and requires plenty of skill. You need to have a clear idea about the values you want your company to represent and how they could project into the piece of graphic design.

It’s usually an asset that’s worth investing in. Your clients might be able to recognise a cheap logo easily and might not want to interact with you as much. Even though it’s important to create a logo that would represent your business, it’s not the only thing that matters.

Choose the right colour palette and fonts that you could use across your platforms. And when we move past the design aspect of branding, you need to define your tone of voice and maintain it throughout your communications.

Put Effort Into Your Website

Your business website can make or break the experience of your audience. When you lead your entire company online, you don’t have any physical store or location where you can welcome your customers in person. So, it’s essential that you put extra effort into the website – you can even think of it as a storefront of your business.

Think about the emotions you want your customers to feel when they visit the site and interact with your organisation. Make sure that your products are accessible and that the customers can easily navigate through the offer. It should also be clear which products are out of stock and which are still available.

The website should display your logo and maintain the tone of voice on all the pages. You should stick to your colour scheme and make it easy for your customers to learn more about the brand and get in touch with you.  

Stretch Your Brand Across Business Documents And Communication

Leading a business means that many documents and messages go through your hands every single day. And when the time comes for you to send something, you should ensure that the branding stretches across all the documents and communication that leaves the company – from business cards and brochures to emails and letters.

As a business leader, you need to deal with emails on a daily basis. To promote your brand further, you and your employees should include a signature. Find out the best ways to add a Gmail signature to Apple mail and keep your branding cohesive across the platforms. That could help your clients and business partners to identify that the email is from your company and is trustworthy. 

Make The Most Of Social Media

Social media are incredibly popular as a marketing tool – and it’s no wonder. Most customers of modern companies are exposed to the online world and are active on such platforms. If you find out that social media could be beneficial for your business, you need to make sure that you stay on brand.

Use the same colour palette, include your logo, stick to the fonts and be conscious about your tone of voice. Customers who see your posts online should immediately connect them to your brand and recognise them. Take the opportunity to connect with your audience more and engage them in a conversation.

Companies who are active on more than one platform should also ensure that they use consistent social media handles and are easy to find. In the end, you might be able to build a stronger community and encourage your customers to come back.

Maintain The Branding In All Business Assets

Businesses that want to succeed need to start by creating a strong brand. Define your values, write down the story of your brand and find out which customers you’d like to connect with. Put extra care into the visual aspects of your brand identity and make sure that it stays cohesive across all the platforms and mediums.

You should also think about your tone of voice and the emotions you’d like your clients to feel when interacting with your company. Connecting all the elements together could help you to build a strong community of loyal customers and allow them to engage with your company more. Cohesive branding could make your business recognisable at first glance and get a firm place among your competitors.

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