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25 Ways to Increase LinkedIn followers on Your Company Page

With over 550 million active members, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the most important professional social channel worldwide. In fact, an organization that doesn’t have a Company Page on LinkedIn will probably not be taken seriously by people who are looking for more information about it.

For this reason, it is not a surprise that many businesses are looking for ways to increase LinkedIn followers. And today, we will see 25 of them!

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The first step to increase LinkedIn followers on your Company Page is also one of the most important ones. In fact, it is a must before you do anything else:

1. Have a complete Company Page

Your Company Page is the digital business card of your organization. Any time someone wants to learn more about you, chances are that they will go to LinkedIn first.

According to LinkedIn itself, Company Pages that are complete get 30% more weekly views than those who aren’t. And of course, if your content provides valuable information that resonates with page visitors, they are probably going to click on the Follow button, which is a great way to increase LinkedIn followers.

For this reason, make sure that your Page has:

  • A good and complete overview of your business and the main solutions that it provides;
  • Your industry and specialties;
  • A unique and catchy tagline (it can be a slogan or a mission statement);
  • And other relevant details such as company size, industry, company type, etc.
  • Add hashtags that you want to build a community around;

Also, it is highly recommended that you add a personalized LinkedIn banner to your header. This will not only help you reinforce your brand values, but also to stand out from the crowd and make your brand more memorable with its corporate colors. Here is one great examples from Hubspot:

increase linkedin followers on your company page

In addition, a complete Company Page is also favored by algorithms, which means that it will get an increased visibility. This way, you will reach more people who could be interested in your company, and it will help you increase LinkedIn followers.

2. Focus on content

Next on our list of awesome ways to increase LinkedIn followers is content. 24 years ago, Bill Gates said one of the most popular Marketing phrases of our time: Content is king. This phrase not only holds true up to this day, but it is also more relevant than ever.

In this sense, LinkedIn is no different than any blog or social media channel. And that is, if you don’t keep a steady flow of fresh content, your traffic (and following) is never really going to grow organically.

Increase LinkedIn followers with content

If your answer is “Because I want to sell my products”, then LinkedIn isn’t really the channel for you. And nor any Inbound Marketing strategy at all.

I can’t stress enough on the importance of publishing regularly, consistently, and bringing value to your audience. This one, single tip will have the biggest impact on your following. According to Hootsuite, it is recommended to post at least once a day.

Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that this is a long-term strategy. I know that many people are looking for quick fixes and tricks to increase LinkedIn followers, but the truth is, this process is not fast. And if there is a way to make it fast, it’s probably illegal.

Especially considering that LinkedIn is extremely careful with spamming practices.

3. Optimize your page for SEO

When we think about Search Engine Optimization, we usually think about Google. However, Google is not the only place where you can optimize for better search.

An SEO-friendly Company Page will not only get more traffic, but will also help you increase LinkedIn followers and bring more traffic to your website.

You can start optimizing your LinkedIn Page by identifying the keywords that are most relevant for your business, and have the highest search volume. If you are not familiar with the term, a keyword is a word or a phrase that people use to make their searches online.

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Once you have identified these keywords, you can include them within key places such as the page tagline and your company´s overview.

You can also check the following resources for more information on this topic:

4. Add a LinkedIn follow button on your website

Social buttons are a must for any website that wants to build a community on the Internet, and they are quick and easy to implement if you want to increase LinkedIn followers on your Company Page.

increase linkedin followers - social buttons

You can include them in different key places, for example:

  • At the bottom of your home page;
  • Your Contact or About page;
  • The Team page;
  • Even your Career page – LinkedIn is a great way for people to check your open job positions;

And definitely at some place around your blog. People who like your blog content might want to receive regular updates through LinkedIn as well. Especially if you are publishing your blog content there! (Which you should do).

5. Add a Follow button on your Thank you page

Whether you are launching campaigns on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, or any other channel, the chances are that you use a Thank you page to measure your conversions.

A conversion is usually a person who has filled out a form on your website with their personal data in order to request a demo, download an eBook, or sign up for a webinar.

Once the person has submitted their data, this action triggers the loading of a Thank you page that informs the user about the next actions that he can expect from the company.

A Thank you page is a great moment to invite your audience to follow you on LinkedIn (and other social channels, for that matter). Think about it:

  • A person has already shown interest in your business, so they might have a further interest in your content on LinkedIn;
  • Because they already have interest in you, they might want to learn more about you. Or just stay in touch.

So, if you are using a Thank you page for your campaigns, definitely use the opportunity to include a LinkedIn follow button!

6. Leverage your Email Marketing

The next time you send an email to your database, use the opportunity to increase LinkedIn followers by inviting your contacts to follow your Company Page.

Let’s say that you have 1000, 2000, or even 10 000 contacts. This means that you can increase your following by reaching hundreds or thousands of people at the same time. And we are not talking about just any people here. On the contrary, this is an audience that has already shown interest in your business.

You can do this in two ways:

The subtle way

By including social buttons at the end of your email:

increase linkedin followers on your company page

This way, people who are already interacting with your organization can easily go to your social channels and subscribe for more updates for you.

The direct way

By sending them an email with a direct invitation to follow you on LinkedIn. Of course, you should be careful with spamming when it comes to this method, so use it wisely.

For example, if you’ve just created your LinkedIn Company Page, you can send an email saying “We just created our LinkedIn account! You can follow us there for more relevant content and insights”. Avoid being too aggressive with the message, as you might achieve the opposite.

7. Add a Company Page link to your email signature

Another quick way to promote your Company Page and increase LinkedIn followers is to add a link to it in your email signature. This way, everyone that you are communicating with will have an easy access in case they want to follow you.

You can also invite other colleagues or employees to do the same.

8. Invite other LinkedIn members to follow your page

Not long ago, LinkedIn implemented a new feature that allows you to invite your personal connections to follow your page. However, before you do that, there are two things to keep in mind:

  • The invitations are sent to your personal connections, and you can only invite them once.
  • It’s better to send invitations to people who already know you and have interacted with you. 

As I mentioned, LinkedIn is extremely careful with all practices that might resemble spamming. So, use this feature carefully, and make sure that you are only sending the invitation to people that you think might have an actual interest. Or close connections that know that you are working at this company.

To send the invitations, go to the admin center of your Company page. Then, click on Admin tools at the upper right corner, and select Invite connections (I have censored mine in this examples for privacy reasons).

increase linkedin followers - invite connections

And remember, this might look like a quick way to increase LinkedIn followers, but avoid being spammy at all costs! This is not the point of this feature.

9. Use your personal profile

Another subtle way to increase LinkedIn followers is to add an URL of your Company Page to your personal profile.

You can do that by clicking on your profile’s editing icon. At the bottom of the intro section, click on Edit Contact info and you will be able to add more information, such as your website URL (in which you can use the URL of your LinkedIn page), as well as some additional contacts.

You can also add a link to your personal introduction / summary. And of course, don’t forget to associate your profile with your organization’s Company page! You can also invite your colleagues or employees to do the same.

10. Use hashtags to join or create conversations

Include up to five relevant hashtags in your posts to reach and engage with different communities across the platform.

The more active you are, and the more you interact with other LinkedIn members, the more they will want to connect with you and your brand. Additionally, you can also include hashtags in your paid posts – which is an extra opportunity to increase LinkedIn followers effortlessly.

11. Use LinkedIn Analytics to adapt your content

LinkedIn Analytics provides you with really helpful metrics and insights about the type of content that your audience engages mostly with.

You can analyze different metrics, such as Impressions, Click Through Rate, comments, shares, likes and reactions, to see what posts resonate the most with your audience. And adjust it accordingly.

You can also compare time periods to find out when is the best time to publish to get the most impressions and engagement.

This will allow you to reach more people, improving your visibility – and your potential to increase LinkedIn followers.

Additionally, if you are running LinkedIn ads, you can also compare or aggregate these metrics!

12. Mention other companies and/or influencers

Using mentions within your posts is a great way to increase LinkedIn followers by reaching the audiences of other communities. For example, if you mention an influencer or a person that’s relevant to your business, you increase the chances of getting your content in front of their connections as well.

The same happens with Company Pages. Every time you mention another company page, the mention will show up in their Admin center, and they can give it even more visibility. Also, you again increase the chances of getting in front of their network.

To mention someone, just use the @ symbol followed by the name of the person / company page. And of course, use it carefully! Don’t abuse this technique as we don’t want to spam anyone. If possible, ask their permission to tag them beforehand.

13. Share visual and engaging content

Sharing great content is key to getting shared and recommended by your current followers. Which, consequently, will make you gain more visibility in front of their connections as well, helping you to increase LinkedIn followers.

Make sure to include a mix of eye-catching visuals such as videos, infographics, testimonies, quotes, and beautiful images. Videos tend to stand out more in feeds, while infographics typically get shared the most.

increase linkedin followers with visual content

14. Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are communities of people who involve in highly engaging conversations about niche topics that they are passionate about. When your company’s employees and subject expert matters engage actively in these conversations, it creates more awareness for your brand.

Additionally, it helps you demonstrate authority on these key topics.

Get your colleagues or employees to become more active on relevant groups. But ensure that you are actually engaging in a conversation, not just posting too much content that nobody interacts with. I see a lot of spamming happening on Facebook – make sure this doesn’t happen here!

Using groups is a great way to increase LinkedIn followers on your Company Page in a natural and sustainable way.

15. Cross-promote on other social media pages

Another way to increase your LinkedIn following is to make a cross-promotion campaign across your social media pages. For example, when we created an Instagram account for our company, we published a post on LinkedIn saying “Follow us on Instagram!”.

After all, people who already follow your social media channel are more likely to follow you on other networks as well, so you might as well try this technique out.

16. Brand your images

When you publish your posts on LinkedIn, make sure that all of your images are branded. This means that just by looking at a single image, the audience will be able to identify the company immediately.

A branded image should include your corporate colors, in some cases logo, or other details that make your brand image unique. This action generates brand awareness and makes you easily identifiable on LinkedIn. Here is a great example from Salesforce:

This way, you build your reputation towards people who see you often on their feed, but aren’t following you yet. As a result, this will help you increase LinkedIn followers over the long run.

17. Engage with your current followers

Quality is almost always better than quantity. And this is especially true for LinkedIn, as the company cares a lot about creating an actual community of professionals.

There is no point in growing your following if you aren’t engaging with your already existing followers. Especially if they are interacting with your content. Try to regularly like, react and comment on their own publications as well. This way, you will not only create a mutual connection, but you will be able to get in front of their network as well.

Which, consequently, will help you increase LinkedIn followers.

18. Use your full Company name for your LinkedIn Page

This way, people who are looking for you on Google and other search engines will be able to find you on LinkedIn more easily.

19. Increase your content frequency

We already talked about consistent content and its importance for building your audience over time. However, if you want results faster, you might also want to increase your content frequency.

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Of course, you should keep in mind that LinkedIn is not like Instagram or Twitter, which are more suitable for multiple posts a day. Posting on LinkedIn, especially if it’s not from your personal profile, shouldn’t exceed over 1 publication a day.

However, if you have been publishing 2 or 3 times a week, you might want to increase them to 4-5.

20. Add links to your page posts

Whenever possible, try to add links to LinkedIn posts. Posts with links tend to generate more traffic to your website, but they also gain more traction and engagement. Which, as we already saw, improves the chances for getting your content in front of the right audience.

And of course, helps you increase LinkedIn followers.

21. Share company content from your personal profile

Posts from personal profiles tend to receive more organic impressions, and higher engagement rate compared to company posts. Algorithms give them more value because people tend to interact more with posts from their colleagues, friends, or favourite influencers.

Every once in a while, share company content from your personal profile as well, and get your colleagues or employees to do the same. This way, you will reach their connections, and increase your following as a result.

22. Launch a Follower campaign

When it comes to campaign objectives, increasing page growth is a quite popular one among advertisers. You can tap into LinkedIn’s targeting capabilities by launching Dynamic ads (also called Spotlight ads) using the Ad Follower format as an objective.

increase linkedin followers with dynamic ads

23. Start your own LinkedIn group

A well-run LinkedIn group can be a powerful engine for reaching professionals and having them engaged with your business. It is a long-term strategy and might take some time to start bringing you results, but it’s definitely something to give a try.

Just keep in mind that it is better to start with moderated posts. This way, you can have more control over who can actually publish and interact with your business.

24. Use the benefits of Premium tools

If you have a license for one or more of LinkedIn’s premium tools such as Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium, use them to the fullest to get valuable information and industry insights that can help you improve your content.

Some of these premium tools also allow you to send InMails straight to members’ inboxes. 

InMails are a great way to build new connections and grow your audience. So, if you are looking to increase LinkedIn followers, definitely give it a try – although it’s important to keep in mind that it takes some time to show results.

25. Create unique infographics

And last but not least on our strategies to increase LinkedIn followers, we have infographics.

Whenever possible, display your content in a creative and visual way by posting original infographics. According to Hubspot’s research, people tend to share infographics 3x times more than any other visual content on social channels.

Increase LinkedIn followers with infographics and visual elements

And the best part is – you can easily create them with Canva (affiliate link) by using some of their awesome templates.

Did you like my tips on how to increase LinkedIn followers? Which ones are your favourite?

Let me know in the comments below!

As always, thanks for reading my article, and I hope to see you in the next one!

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