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Holiday Digital Marketing Tips Across Boundaries to Celebrate a Sure Win

Marketing is never easy. Businesses can spend thousands and even millions of dollars in their marketing efforts and still fail. To succeed at marketing, you need to consider all opportunities.

If you have never considered taking advantage of the holidays to give your marketing a boost, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

 Why Market for the Holidays?

American consumers spent over $8.9 billion during the 2021 Black Friday season. That shows how much money people are willing to spend during the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s also an opportunity that all businesses should take advantage of. 

People spend more during the holidays. If they’re willing to part with their money during that time then you should be there to help them with that. 

Consumers shop more during the holiday season compared to any other period throughout the year. During Christmas time for example, there is a large demand for things that can be given as presents.

Everything from clothes to appliances are flying off the shelves  at this time. It’s the perfect time for you to sell products.

Of course not all holidays are ideal for all businesses. Christmas and Thanksgiving are perfect for those that sell products, but it might not be the best time for businesses that offer services. Valentines is perfect for businesses that sell some products and offer certain services.

So, it depends on the holidays, whether you can ramp up your marketing or not.

Another good reason why you should take advantage of holiday marketing is because of the added sense of urgency. Your holiday offers will be available during a limited time only and you can use that to convince your customers to take advantage of it now.

Finally, holiday periods are also positive times for the most part. These are the times when people are willing to spend money to feel good. As a business, you should not miss the chance to get more sales.

Which Holidays in Which Countries?

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There are different holidays for different countries. Some of those holidays are more ideal to be targeted for marketing. For example, in Western countries including the United States, the Christmas season is the perfect period for marketing products.

It’s such a crucial time that toy companies usually hinge their entire marketing plan during that time. They plan toy lines during the entire year that will be sold and marketed during Christmas time when kids will be getting toys as presents.

Other countries would have holidays as well that are optimal for marketing products and services. You need to identify the holidays that encourage gift-giving.

In the next section, we will take a look at some of the holiday digital marketing tips that you can follow.

Holiday Digital Marketing Tips Across Boundaries

Here are some holiday digital marketing tips that you can follow.

Start Your Plan Early

Create your holiday marketing plans as early as possible. Ideally, you need to have a holiday calendar when the new year starts. Take the Jewish holiday of Passover for example, which celebrates the flight of the Jewish people from Egypt away from slavery.

It is celebrated during the Jewish month of Nisan which is in March or April.  

It’s a major holiday for Jewish people and is celebrated in Israel. If Israel is one of your markets, you need to prepare for Passover early.

You can send your content to a Hebrew translation services provider that runs a hub of experienced language specialists and have a series of posts ready for the holiday. You can have those social media posts prepared at the start of the year so you can have a head start.

For other holidays however, you may have to plan a lot earlier. Especially when that holiday has a potential major impact on your sales.

Run a Contest

Holidays are also great periods to run a contest. The contest is an excellent way for you to increase brand awareness and build up your social following. You can also use the contest as a lead magnet by asking participants for their email address or phone number.

Contests are easy to set up and very cheap to organize. You don’t have to give out an expensive prize for the contest to work. In fact, you should use your own product or service as a prize.

An easy way to run a contest is to ask users to share your post and tag your page on Facebook. You can then pick the winner from the sharers. Other social media contests are just as easy to start and run. 

You can run a contest for St. Patrick’s Day for example. This holiday is celebrated, not just in Ireland but in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia, and other countries. You can ask participants to post pictures that have something to do with the holiday.

Use Paid Campaigns

No holiday digital marketing tip list will be complete without the use of paid ad campaigns.

Because ads can cost you a great deal of money, you will need to use it for holidays that will have the potential for substantial returns. In the United States, it would be a great idea to run ads during the run up to the Thanksgiving-Balck Friday period.

Just be careful about your budget especially because you want the ads to run through the entire holiday period. You could be tempted to run your ads as early as possible and you could run out of money early on.

Create Promotions

Promotions and discounts are very similar to contests. They are easy to start but promotions can be a bit more complicated. While discounts and promotions are very popular they can also cause your brand to be devalued. So, you have to choose the right holiday when you will offer a discount.

If you are marketing for travel and hotel services in the Philippines it would be ideal to offer discounts there during the Lenten season when most people will be on vacation. 

Run Email Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing methods. You can generate $36 with email marketing for every $1 that you spend. However, running a successful email marketing campaign is not an easy task.

The problem is that everyone is running an email marketing campaign. People’s inboxes are getting filled with all kinds of offers and deals during the holidays. It’s up to you to come up with a marketing campaign that is special and unique.

The time for sending emails is just as crucial as the actual emails you will be sending. However, if you are basing the time of sending your emails on an article just like this one, chances are that thousands of other marketers are doing the same.

That’s why when you run a holiday email marketing campaign, try to stagger the sending of your emails without any pattern at all.

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Try New Platforms for Marketing

Digital marketing is a very dynamic creature. The practices that worked in the past might not be effective today. A good example of this is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which has evolved considerably.

The SEO practices that worked ten years or even as recent as five years ago will no longer bring in the same traffic now.

For your holiday marketing efforts, you should be open to trying different platforms. You should look into TikTok for example as a way of reaching out to your audience. Don’t be over reliant on the older platforms like Facebook or Instagram. 

On platforms like TikTok, you can create videos that can get views easily. You can make your holiday go viral there. You can create Fourth of July related videos there that will be interesting to people. Just remember that each platform has their own set of rules and you need.

Plan for the Long Term

This tip does not just apply to the holidays and it’s not just specific to any country. This is something that you can follow in digital marketing in general. You need to make the most out of marketing efforts that you will try for any holiday.

Let’s say that your Saint Patrick’s Day contest generated a lot of leads but only a few made a purchase. You should still target those leads throughout the year. The same thing is true for all the leads that you get for all your holiday marketing campaigns.

Consumer  spending is relatively high during the holidays. Now that the pandemic is over for most parts of the world, it would be a great idea to boost your marketing during holidays again. A good holiday marketing strategy is well-organized and planned.

It must be localized for the market that you are targeting so you need help from translation services for that.

Holidays are times of opportunities. You won’t run out of digital marketing strategies that you can try. You can get started by implementing one or maybe several of the holiday digital marketing strategies that we have listed here.

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