7 Growth Hacking Techniques for Your Startup

You could draft the most elaborate business plan, set up your business, and start manufacturing your products. However, without a sale, you won’t be in a position to scale your business.

Growth hacking techniques help you reach a wide audience and potentially make enough sales to generate revenue and profit. However, it would be best if you executed these growth hacking techniques effectively to start seeing results.

Keep reading to learn a few growth hacking techniques for your startup. 

growth hacking techniques

Attend startup events and conferences

Startup events are excellent avenues to learn about the industry and acquire insights to ensure your business doesn’t crumble. Since entrepreneurs are highly intelligent people, it would help to learn a thing or two from other business owners who were once where you are and have become successful.

You could also create meaningful connections and relationships that will benefit you in the future.  

Build an email list

One of the most effective ways to find leads and generate conversions for your startup is through email marketing. Therefore, it would be wise to make an effort to build an email list.

You could use this list to effectively communicate your message to your audience, create pre-launch hype around a new product or service and acquire potential clients before establishing your startup.

A pro tip we recommend is reaching out to your audience at least a week before you launch your business to increase your chances of gaining new subscribers. 

Use social media to build an audience

Since we are in the digital era, it goes without saying that social media marketing is a staple to the success of most businesses.

As a startup trying to gain a foothold in the market, you could use social media communities to advertise yourself, receive feedback, interact with your clients, and tailor your services to meet their needs.

However, if your content and social media activities do not align with your direction of growth, your efforts will be in vain. We also suggest you take your time when developing quality content that adds value to your audience. 

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Consider linear TV advertising

Linear TV advertising encompasses cable, satellite, and anything on traditional broadcast TV. We refer to it as linear because the content follows a schedule.

On social media, the posts are more random, and the viewers tend to watch content that appeals to their interests. One of the linear TV advertising benefits  is it allows brands to increase reach, diversify their marketing mix, generate short-term sales, and create future demand for their offering. 

Also, the average age of a regular Linear TV viewer is 55. This older population comprises the most affluent groups with the highest purchasing power. Therefore, if you advertise your product using linear TV advertising, you are more likely to gain potential customers.  

Partner with other brands and businesses

Brand collaborations and partnerships generate a lot of noise around your startup, making it more likely that your target audience will notice you. With time, you will notice that you are getting lots of organic traffic to your website.

As you search for a brand to collaborate with, ensure you choose one that will add value to your business and vice versa. You could also think outside the box and partner with someone from a different industry as long as you can leverage each other’s strengths. 

Use referral marketing to convert leads

Your target audience might be hesitant to try your products and services, especially if you are very new. An effective and quick way to convert leads is by leveraging referral marketing.

Businesses that do well never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Referral customers have a higher retention rate and help you cut down the cost of marketing.

You could incentivize your clients to refer your business to their loved ones by giving them discounts and credit every time a potential customer uses their referral code. 

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Take advantage of adjacent markets

Adjacent markets are those that are close to what your business does. Many business owners make the mistake of exporting their products and services to these adjacent markets.

Customers in adjacent markets are more interested in your capabilities and skills. We guarantee they will support you if you demonstrate the value you can offer them.

However, before you venture into an adjacent market, conducting a thorough competitor analysis would be wise. 

Bottom line

Starting a business is a huge step, not to mention the significant investment you will make. You have to work extra hard to get your brand out there and in the faces of your target audience.

We hope this article has provided insightful growth hacking strategies to help you emerge successful. 

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