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E-commerce: Scale & Grow with Data Engineering

E-commerce has had its share of quint-run. However, things have changed now, and its business is vastly growing by taking lessons from the past and bringing in new inventions.

Moreover, it is now growing multifold in Latin America; people are shopping online from the comfort of their homes.

One of the major factors helping it grow is data science. Over the years, various industries have benefited their business by working with professionals. They study information from across the markets and bring out impactful solutions for different companies to grow.

Likewise, it is a must for each e-commerce company to work with info-engineers; since their business largely depends on insights. Besides enhancing marketing strategies, it also helps in boosting profitability.


Let’s dig in to learn about data engineering, its service, and its role in boosting profitability in the e-commerce business.

What is data engineering?

The world creates innumerable data every day on the internet. It can be through smart devices connected with wi-fi or with the use of communication apps such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

You’d be surprised that appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and security cameras also gather tonnes of data daily.

It is estimated that the world will have more than 200 Zettabytes of data by 2025. It is an enormous number. So, now the data is being collected and stored in your company’s cloud. But did you know if you increase the access by 10%, you can benefit your business?

But how? It is where data engineering comes into the picture.

Each company generates data through internal systems and; later collects it in usable form to add value to the firm. Basically, data engineers use this raw data and analyze it for different business aspects, such as:


  • Customer behavior
  • Market trends
  • Delivery prospects
  • Risk management strategies and more.

Many other things are analyzed using the collected information, thus affecting the enterprise’s work. The prominent roles of a professional person working with online information include:

  • Building an efficient system consisting of pipelines that directly connect to the tools requiring access to information for conducting analysis.
  • Ensuring that the details adhere to the government guidelines and analyze it accordingly.
  • Building a solid understanding of the benefits and disadvantages of information storage and queries.

It is incredible to know many companies use outsourcing services to benefit their business through information analytics.

Say, for instance, you are running an e-Commerce company in LATAM, and you will need someone to review the gathered information periodically. You can consider taking help from some of the best outsourcing companies to study the business details and create new possibilities.

It helps in replacing the expensive in-house infrastructure with a robust system.

Also, the professionals can analyze information based on whether it is unstructured or semi-structured. They are trained to look through various factors and accordingly process, curate, and store the details for further use.

What are data engineering services?

Each professional service provider has some essential responsibilities to perform in order to fulfill their goals and objectives. Today companies are growing at a fast pace with the advent of digital transformation.

Professionals talk to the companies that hire them and perform their tasks to achieve the goals unanimously set for growing the enterprise.

The primary services that ensure a piece of detailed information is available for business use at the right time, place, and format are:

  • Develop, Design, and Test Statistics Architecture: In simple words, info-engineers use their skills to align information collection techniques across all APIs and databases to bring together different systems.
  • Amend Insight Architecture according to your Business: There is vast information available on the internet that you can use. However, these service providers amend the architecture to extract information in a way that helps in bettering your business.
  • Find and Execute New Possibilities: They keep working on ensuring that no other company can extract your data and find ways to integrate additional information collection methods in the existing architecture.
  • Scalability and Modernization: To increase the enterprise scale and modernize it as per the latest market trends.

Info engineers act as personalized intelligence professionals and provide these services to their clients. It is effective because they are trained in building future-proof systems to scale up the enterprise growth with the current information.

What is data engineering in e-commerce?

Today, e-commerce is rising in every part of the world regardless of the economic situation. It is because platforms like Wix and Weebly have made it easier for people to create websites and sell their products and services worldwide.

It is on the entrepreneurs to select their target audience initially and increase with time.

Information analytics plays a significant role in helping the e-commerce sector evolve dynamically. The changing tech and using the information as a power drastically changes the business growth scale.

E-commerce is now widely accepting feedback and continuously working on improving its services through insight analytics.

Integrating information sciences and e-commerce is essential because companies like Netflix and Amazon use collaborative filtering systems to strain user information. We all see how these big companies are earning huge profits. It is all possible because they are harnessing the power of data.


It plays a crucial role in facilitating the ecommerce industry. Here are some of the benefits:

Creating new marketing possibilities

E-commerce runs on data. Therefore, it is essential to have the resources to analyze the available information. It readily creates new possibilities to grow your business. You must be wondering how?

So, insights include consumer behavior, shopping habits, response to your advertisement, and more. Thus, engineers use machine learning algorithms to predict and forecast future behavioral changes. As a result, they suggest you make the required changes and stay ahead of the curve.

Leveraging backend information for your online business to enhance the consumer experience while increasing your business value in the market is imperative.

Personalized recommendation

One of the main factors to boost business is to know enough about their customers. You must have seen poll questions on your screens asking how you’d like a particular product. It is a part of learning the customer’s plan.

You can easily use customer information to understand their preferences and show them products according to their preferences. When you work with analysts to read the figures, they can offer you individual consumer choices and let you make the changes to your website accordingly and build brand loyalty.

So, when customers come to your shopping site, they will view things as per their searches and shopping patterns. It assists in increasing prospects and high chances of converting leads into customers.

Accelerates Decision-Making

Knowledge is power, and it is pivotal to every sector. Today, methods like insight engineering are helping different industries in gaming deep knowledge about their products and their efficacy in the market.

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They have enough tools and software to analyze customer behavior by making minor product and service changes.

According to anticipated results, the managers and authorities make more-target oriented decisions and change them when needed. It also increases the scope of being dynamic in the ever-changing market trends.

Moreover, it verifies the decision with accurate figures and facts to back up the information when needed. In simple words, it derives self-improvement by using insights and user information.

Optimizing product pricing

Consumers are the heart and soul of any business. Every business’s responsibility is to satisfy the consumer’s needs, at the very least, to gain more and more profits. It is a universal truth that each customer desires the best price for their products.

So, how can you ensure that you offer them their best value?

Data analytics to the rescue. You can use big data to discover the opportunities wherein you can sell products at the lowest prices without suffering any losses to your business.

It is a seasonal thing; prices change according to the current festivity and demands. So, do not stay behind in the race, instead, make your market analysis well in time and gain loyal customers while satisfying their needs and not compromising on the quality of the products and services.

Anticipatory Shipping

Biggies like Amazon use anticipatory shipping methods to reduce their costs and delivery time by a significant margin. It is only because they study the insights and consumer behavior; wherein they anticipate if the customer will place an order or not.

The decision is based on many factors, such as:

  • Time spent on a specific product
  • Searches for the same product
  • Wish list
  • Number of returns
  • Browsing patterns, and more.

Your outsourced info scientists will conduct a thorough study and form predictive analytics to help you streamline your delivery process. The analysis is later combined with a warehouse facility, last-mile delivery agents, and transportation to create a robust system.

Eventually, you will save a lot of delivery costs and time, thus, satisfying both your business and customers.

Bottom line

Data is power, and e-commerce has a vast collection. So, instead of investing in new marketing strategies and advertisements without intensive research. It is better to have a report ready on various factors by using the available insights.

It will help you uncover the user behavior to propel your e-commerce business.

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