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53 Awesome Google Display Ad Examples to Get You Inspired

The Google Ads Display Network is an advertising system of over 2 million websites that partner with Google. With its capability to reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide, it is undoubtedly one of the most powerful networks for many advertisers. Today, we will see some of the best Google Display Ad Examples to give you an instant inspiration boost.

In fact, we will not waste time on anything else. Just a lot of ads! And of course, some comments from my side on why they work so well.

Oh, and one last thing before we start. Some of the links on this blog are affiliate, which means that I may earn a small commission if you end up purchasing after clicking. But only if you purchase!

And now, without wasting any more time, let the fun begin!

53 Google Display Ad Examples

1. Mangools

mangools - google display network examples

Seeing this ad from Mangools was love at first sight for me. I am a very visual person, so the playful and gradually changing colours attracted me instantly. But apart from the design, I also love their powerful and creative Call to Action: “skyrocket your SEO”.

Additionally, mentioning the price is a great way to filter out your audience from the very beginning. People who already know the price and wouldn’t pay it will not click on the ad, saving the advertisers’ money. And people who know it and would pay for it are already more likely to convert because of that.

2. Unbounce

Next on our list of Google Display Ad examples is this one from Unbounce.

Instead of focusing on the visual part, they have used the space to provide their audience with valuable information. And that is, what are the benefits of their product for businesses that don’t want to (or can’t) increase their ad budget. Also, I like their CTA “See how”.

It awakens the curiousity much more than your typical “learn more”.

3. Salesforce

Google Display ad examples: Salesforce

This banner ad from Salesforce is simply adorable. I love the illustration and even more than that, the message behind it. The slogan “We bring companies and customers together”, and the cute animal holding hands with the people make a powerful combination.

My only “critique” would be making the CTA button bigger and more visible. And also, adding a touch of creativity with the text as “Learn more” is quite overused at this point.

4. Shopify

shopify google display network examples

Shopify is doing an awesome job with this display ad. The colours are soft and in great harmony, and the design itself is very aesthetically pleasing. And, I also feel that the smiling girl increases the authenticity and trustworthiness of the brand.

Additionally, offering something “for free” is always a great way to get your audience excited. Even if it’s just a trial of the product.

5. Asana

Our next ad from the Google Display ad examples list comes from Asana, and I find it brilliant. The reason why is because it manages to convey a clear message with very few words.

The illustration does not only grabs the attention with its colours and design, but also visualizes the benefits of the product very well.

Of course, accompanied by the statement “Turn your ideas into action”.


Google Display ad examples:

This project management company does a really great job displaying the value of its product with very, very specific examples. It even kind of amuses me with the status “really stuck”. It adds a casual touch to the tool, and makes it feel relatable. Awesome job!

7. Adobe

google display network examples - adobe

I honestly love this ad from start to finish. The design is absolutely gorgeous, and goes so well with the phrase “Make a creative leap”. The summary of the product is brief and very clear.

And again, I think that adding the price, or at least a starting price, is always a great strategy to filter out your audience.

8. Samsung Electronics

Samsung is coming strong with their unique value proposition “The fastest smartphone ever”. They even included the study behind this statement, which increases its trustworthiness.

If you also noticed, the company substituted the regular Call to Action button with an icon that is easily recognizable, and works just as well.

9. Hubspot

Next on our list of Google Display Ad examples is this ad from Hubspot (affiliate link), the leading company in Inbound Marketing & Sales software. I love it because of its simplicity. And of course, the fact that they took a common Marketing frustration and offered a solution for that.

10. Squarespace

google display network examples - squarespace

Google Display ad examples: Squarespace

This ad from Squarespace is absolutely beautiful. I love the design, and the way they have enumerated their products. With just a couple of words, the company manages to convey its message in a way that the customer knows what to expect when he clicks on the ad.

Compared to other Call to Action buttons, this one is kind of shy. But it works well with the rest of the ad.

11. Hootsuite

I like the approach of this ad from Hootsuite because it is very minimalistic. It does not say much, but says enough to encourage you to click on it, and reveal the mystery. I don´t know how it works as far as results go, but it is definitely a creative idea to try!

12. Tiffany & Co

I think it is easy to fall in love with this ad. I love the fusion of the artist’s work with Tiffany’s jewelry in the illustration. They look like they were made for each other! Additionally, zooming in on the ring apart from the illustration is a great encouragement to get you click on the ad.

13. Swarovski

Google Display ad examples: Swarovski

Speaking of jewelry, Swarovski does not stay behind Tiffany either. This mesmerizing presentation of their necklace and earrings almost hypnotizes you into clicking. Especially considering the price that starts from 79 dollars, which is definitely a good price for Swarovski.

In this case, they are using the price not to filter their audience but to attract more of it.

14. Chanel

google display network examples - chanel

Simple, but beautiful and elegant is this ad from Chanel. I think that the brand itself is so powerful that they don’t have to say much in order to convince users the audience to click. Which is quite awesome, to be honest.

Definitely one of my favourite Google Display ad examples on the list.

15. Rolex

google display network examples

Next on our list of Google Display Ad examples is this creative piece from Rolex. I like it because they incorporate the element of storytelling by tracing the watch back to US Open tournaments. And, I love the way they have expressed it: “It doesn’t just tell time. It tells US Open history.

Quite a powerful statement, if you ask me.

16. Calvin Klein

This banner ad from Calvin Klein immediately draws the attention with its bright red colours. Another reason why it works so well is because of their “free shipping” promotion. Let’s be honest, we all prefer to pay a little bit more for a product if the shipping is free!

17. Guess

google display network examples

I really like the playfulness of this ad. The fun colours and the slightly provocative images are a guarantee for grabbing the attention of the audience. Additionally, brand collaborations with famous celebrities always seem to work very well.

18. Uber

Our next banner piece from the gallery of Google Display Ad examples is this one from Uber. I love it because it’s simple, but the smart phrase “you can’t miss an Uber” manages to get your attention. Additionally, I like the double Call to Action “download and ride”.

19. Spotify

google display network examples - spotify

There are multiple reasons why I think this Spotify works so well. First, the play with bilingual words “adios, ads”. Second, the enticing promotion of getting Spotify for free, with no ads and interruptions for 30 days. And third, I like that they include the price within the ad to be as transparent as possible.

The majority of companies prefer to attract with free trial without mentioning what comes after that.

20. Slack

slack banner ad

Google Display ad examples: Slack

This advertisement by Slack goes straight to the point with its message. I like the fact that it not only offers a solution but is also super specific about it. It not only claims that their solution is able to reduce email, but also says exactly by how much. Which is a guarantee for drawing the attention to the product.

21. Amadeus

This ad from Amadeus is quite simple, but very good. Instead of just selling a service, the company focuses on the experience that they sell to customers with the phrase “Don´t just book, travel”.

22. Asana

We already had an ad example of Asana, but I really wanted to share this one as well. The adorable illustration, combined with the slogan “Make work feel less like work”,  definitely manages to wake up my curiosity. Especially combined with the CTA “See how”.

23. Happy Socks

google display network examples

Next on our list of Google Display ad examples is this one from Happy Socks. The soft light colours, and the contrast between them is what makes this ad stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the free shipping and the CTA “shop now” encourage the audience to take a quick action.

24. Visa

With the reference to the popular meme “guac is extra”, Visa is adapting its Marketing language to the younger generations very well. Additionally, the phrase “no extra time” creates an urgency into taking action. And last but not least, we just cannot ignore the bright colours of this ad.

25. Pinterest

google display network examples - pinterest

Another company that is doing a great job going in with the latest trends is Pinterest. As fashion influencers are starting to dominate social media, catching their attention with mom jeans is a good bait. And I love the unique Call to Action “Pin with us”.

26. Semrush

Google Display ad examples: Semrush

Semrush (affiliate link) is a leading competitive intelligence company that offers SEO and PPC solutions. And, I don’t know about you, but somehow this ad makes me feel empowered with the lion and the dark strong colours. Also, the CTA “See in action” is the perfect addition to it.

27. Puma & Balmain Paris

Another ad that definitely makes me feel empowered is this one by Puma & Balmain Paris in collaboration with Cara Delevigne. I love her outfit and the way she looks at the camera. Additionally, the collab between the two brands and the model is a sure way to reach a huge audience.

28. Adidas

google display network examples adidas

The next banner ad from our list of Google Display Ad examples is this one from Adidas. And it is definitely an advertisement that I can call “in action”. The shoe in movement, along with the phrase “designed for changing direction”, are definitely quite inspiring.

29. LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

google display ad examples - linkedin marketing solutions

The reason why this display ad from LinkedIn Marketing Solutions works so well is because of the way it reaches a very specific target audience. Think about it, LinkedIn is huge company that is probably advertising to many countries.

However, they didn’t make a generic one, and instead made a specific one to India. With its specific number of professionals on LinkedIn.

30. Turkish Airlines

Google Display ad examples: Turkish Airlines

I really like this ad from Turkish Airlines. Again, it is targeting a specific audience towards a specific destination, although this time a bit more generic. (Eastern Europe instead of a particular country). My only “critique” would be that the Start Alliance Member badge is a bit difficult to see.

31. LinkedIn

We have another ad from LinkedIn, this time from their Talent Solutions branch. The reason why it works so well is because of the value it promises to provide to its audience. “Lots of quality jobs. Fewer recruiters ghosting you“.

Additionally, “Find your next job” is a great Call to Action.

32. American Express & Emirates

This ad by Emirates in collaboration with American Express captures the attention with its enticing promotion. The claim of helping you save up to one thousand dollars makes you want to click on it so you can learn exactly how.

33. Armani

google display ad examples - armani

Google Display ad examples: Armani

Armani is taking a brave shot with this ad by not saying much at all, except for their CTA “Discover the collection”. And of course, the logo of the company. As for the rest, they are leaving the photo to speak on its own, and I think they are doing a really good job with it. I mean, look at these sunglasses!

34. Facebook

google display network examples - facebook

Facebook is providing us with the next display ad from the collection of Google Display ad examples. For some reason, advertising channels advertising on each other always entertains me. Like Facebook advertising on Google.

Anyways, I really like this ad because it summarizes Facebook’s unique selling proposition. And that is, giving you the opportunity to catch up with friends and family.

35. Pepsi

Pepsi has always had the advertising approach to associate itself with celebrities. And the fact that in this ad, we have the one and only Michael Jackson cannot escape our eye. Especially accompanied by the powerful slogan “This is the Pepsi for every generation”.

36. SuperDry

Google Display ad examples: Superdry

There are multiple elements that make this ad stand out. First, the bright red colour, contrasting beautifully with the black details. Second, the fact that they are having a sale, which is always a great way to attract attention.

And third, the statement “our best sale ever” will definitely wake up the curiosity of the audience. I mean, we just have to check how prices have dropped, right?

37. Cloudbees

cloudbees - google display network examples

Next, we have this interesting display ad from Cloudbees, an enterprise software delivery company. The illustration visualizes the service in a very clear and detailed way. And combines really well with the benefits of the product enumerated on the ad.

38. Fabletics

google display ad examples - fabletics

The promotion offered by Fabletics in this ad is very attractive to the eye. Of course, you have to look at the small letters before you get excited. In any case, I love the fact that they have highlighted that their leggings have pockets.

This is definitely a feature desired by any potential customer that not many brands offer. Additionally, the bright red colour of the Call to Action draws your attention immediately.

39. Robinhood

Google Display ad examples: Robinhood

I find this banner ad from Robinhood absolutely adorable, and with a very powerful slogan. The only thing that I am missing is maybe a couple of words or a phrase about the company’s essence because not everyone knows it. Unless it is retargeting, in which case people will already be familiar with the product.

40. Lego

Our list of Google Display Ad examples continues with Lego and this ad for their mobile app. I find it not only fun and playful, but also a bit “provocative” (or challenging, if you prefer) for their young audience. Of course, in a positive way!

The phrase “if you dare” will definitely get the little kids excited to download the app.

41. Disney

The reason why this ad from Disney works so well is because it goes beyond promoting a simple product. In fact, it invites you to support a project for the future of African wildlife. I also like the fact that they have included a hashtag in case you want to learn more by hopping on social media.

42. Mastercard

google display ad examples - mastercard

Google Display ad examples: Mastercard

This ad from Mastercard for the International Women’s Day is awesome. It undertakes a great initiative with the slogan “Her ideas. Start something priceless”, and incorporates elements of storytelling. Which are always a great way to attract the attention as it goes beyond a regular product promotion.

43. Converse

Google Display ad examples: Converse

Converse is coming at us with this playful ad empowered by the slogan “twist what you know”. Also, the image of the shoes reminds you of all the awesome and unique models they have. I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to learn more!

44. Heineken

Google Display ad examples: Heineken

Now, I am not exactly a sports person, so there seems to be a sports joke that I don’t understand. But I like Heineken’s approach to resonating with their audience, and becoming relatable. I also love their creative Call to Action: “Find a Heineken”.

45. Hilton

google display ad examples - hilton hotels

Google Display Ad Examples: Hilton

This banner ad from Hilton makes a very powerful and promising statement. And that is, offering an additional discount if the audience finds a lower price. This statement on itself is capable of immediately attracting the attention to the ad.

I also like the slogan of the company “Expect better. Expect Hilton”, which is a great way to spread brand awareness.

46. Hilton Honours

google display network examples - hilton

Google Display ad examples: Hilton Honors

Our next ad is again from Hilton, this time with focus on the company´s loyalty program Hilton’s honours. The reason why it works so well is because it gives enough information about the program so people can get the curiosity to click on it.

47. Melia Hotels International

google display network examples

Google Display ad examples: Melia

Between the promising slogan “have it all”, and the possibility of having up to 50% off an All inclusive offer to the Bahamas, I think this ad is hard to ignore. The gorgeous image of the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas is only adding even more excitement to the promotion.

48. Netflix

google display ad examples - netflix

Google Display ad examples: Netflix

The reason why this ad from Netflix draws the attention is because of how mysterious it is. It doesn’t say much about “what’s next”, but I think it leaves it to the imagination of the audience. After all, the “next” will depend on what each one of us is watching on Netflix.

49. Honda

google display network examples

Google Display Ad Examples: Honda

Our list of Google Display ad examples continues with this banner ad from Honda. The company is using their “best SUV” award as their unique selling proposition statement. Which, of course, is something that will make any brand stand out from the crowd.

50. Costco

Google Display ad examples: Costco

This display ad from retail giant Costco immediately draws the attention with the bright coloured discount on the Acer laptop. Although the Call to Action “shop now” remains quite invisible compared to the promo circle.

51. Mailchimp

google display ad examples - mailchimp

Google Display Ad Examples: Mailchimp

We are back to Mailchimp with this bright pink ad that will inevitably grab your attention. Its humoristic approach with the hand coming out of the mailbox with a hedgehog postcard makes it quite memorable.

Although, if you don’t know what the company is about, you might get confused as to what is behind this display ad.

52. Mailchimp…again

Yes, yes, another Mailchimp ad. But it is not my fault that they are doing such a great job! In this case, we have this adorable example for what seems to be like a…goat business? In any case, you wouldn’t expect goats on an Email Marketing automation service ad, which makes it quite memorable as well.

This is a great example of how something so simple can give a unique twist to your banner ad.

53. Ben & Jerry’s

Google Display ad examples - ben & jerry's

Google Display ad examples: Ben & Jerry’s

And last, we have this fun play of words by Ben & Jerry’s “what’s non to love”. With this statement and the “non-dairy” aclaration below their logo, what else there is to add? Not much, as I am already imagining the taste of their awesome ice cream!

That was all from me, folks! I hope you enjoyed my Google Display ad examples. As always, thank you for taking the time to read my article, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below.

I hope to see you in my next blog post!

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