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Fax Marketing: What Is And How It Works?

Fax marketing is a strategy that businesses implement to send promoting content using fax equipment. Although post mails and emails have gained popularity nowadays, fax techniques remain relevant.

These include an automatic process of sending messages to multiple fax numbers almost effortlessly. Reasonable costs allow fax machines to stay on top of powerful technologies such as email marketing.

fax marketing

Technological progress has eased the process of fax sending, omitting landlines, and using a smartphone. Mobile developers are ready to represent exclusive applications such as fax from iPhone, treating their users with convenience, speediness, and ease of the fax sending process.

One iPhone faxing app combines a scanner and fax and can transport any file, including documentation, in a few clicks. Learn how to proceed with a fax marketing campaign using the fax app.

Types of fax equipment

All fax equipment aims the same —  document transportation from one place to another. Contrived a long time ago, fax machines vary based on three prime technologies:

  1. Landline fax: requires a wired connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) and a fax machine or multi-functional printer. A sender should insert the documents into a fax machine that transmits black and white spaces in the doc into a signal and reaches the number of the receiver providing the document copy in a new location.
  2. Online fax: The Internet has become an alternative to the PSTN implementing online faxing: the needed equipment for this method is a computer, notebook, or any gadget and Internet. The receiver sends a digital document to an online fax service which transmits a signal to an acceptor fax machine. 
  3. Cellular fax: A rare yet convenient option for the areas with weak Internet or without access to a landline. Cellular-enabled fax machines send the signals using cell towers. 

Modern mobile application developers offer fax applications that serve as a faxing machine, releasing the sender from the necessity to purchase professional faxing equipment.

The range of the services is impressive and includes a documents scanner using a camera, document editing, and sending functions to proceed with the file immediately. That is a considerable feature improvement compared to a landline or online faxes.

Benefits of fax marketing

Fax marketing technology includes sending ads to fax machines throughout the market and aims to gain new customers or reinforce the existing business relationship. Due to technological breakthroughs and the rapidly grown popularity of email marketing, fax has quickly become obsolete.

Nevertheless, it broadens horizons where other marketing methods lack, e.g., reaching clients in rural areas without a stable Internet connection.

Here are advantages of fax marketing:

  • cost-effectiveness;
  • a broad range of topics coverage;
  • establishing and maintaining the relationship with consumers;
  • speed and eased process of faxing operations;
  • increases opportunities of being seen;
  • allows reaching local and international clients at once.

A fax marketing campaign is an alternative way to promote your product or service. Numerous outsourcing companies can help you create a successful and efficient campaign calling for more trust, painting a respectable image, and making a positive impression.

Solution for startups on a budget

Regardless of its old-school heritage, fax campaigns can be successful. Its prices for capturing new leads are the lowest compared to other marketing campaigns, which are interesting for start-uppers and small companies on a budget. 

fax marketing with iphone

Creating a successful business and running it from your iPhone is tangible if you consciously approach it:

  1. Allure. Developing the headline and presentation to capture the attention is crucial. Similar to other marketing methods, do your best to expose the advantages of your company, product, or services. You have a few seconds to captivate the interest and make it attractive in the eyes of the receiver.
  2. Gather contacts. Your potential clients should know about your fax marketing campaign. Inform them about it on your website, guest book in your office, business cards, and engage clients to share their fax contacts. Remember about fax regulation policies: you can send fax messages to the companies that consented to you to send promotions. 
  3. Be laconic. The fax messages should be short and unelaborate. Discounts and other privileges will engage your clients better than a thousand words. Greet and thank the attention of your customers for assistance in your business and encourage them to gain more. Shortly after promotion, place all your contact details for instant orders.
  4. Include handwritten notes. Adding handwritten text emphasizes the importance of your clients to your company and represents a special effort to make them feel welcome. It should include the name of your business, contact name, and signature and come before the fax message.
  5. Promote only one special offer in one fax. This way, you will exclude the heap of new information which is hard to digest. Also, you can engage your clients to send you to fax in turn, mentioning the names who wish to take advantage of your offer.

Compared to other digital marketing tools, fax is more information focused and engages interested clients to send feedback, react, and follow your offer.

Marketing regulations in the world

Deciding to implement fax marketing technologies and gain new clients worldwide, become acquainted with the world laws of fax broadcasting. These may vary depending on the country. Their aim is the protection of customers from spam during fax service promotions. 

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 prohibits business advertisement at the federal level, allowing faxing to maintain the existing relationship. Junk Fax Protection Act of 2005 includes the guideline of sending routine faxes among existing partners.

Hence, to send a fax to any number, a recipient should consent to your messages, for instance, by ticking an opt-in box. Do not forget to add your name, contact address, and phone number. 

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In total, keep on a few simple rules before contacting an organization or individual by fax:

  • forward marketing faxes to businesses, individuals, or sole enterprisers after receiving preliminary agreement to receive your messages;
  • Screen the numbers against fax preference service, e.g., UK Fax Preference Service list;
  • Make a list of members who do not want to receive faxes;
  • Always provide extensive contact information about your company.

Law violations and sending unwelcome fax advertisements lead to official complaints to the governmental establishments by a receiver and court cases with fines withdrawn from a sender.

Sending a fax via application

Thanks to modern technologies, using fax has become easier than ever. Applications allow transporting fax messages whether a sender is in the office or on the go. Having your iPhone in your pocket is all that you need.

Powerful applications combine the features of fax and scanner. That helps to save on equipment. Speedy and easy file importing is probably one of the main advantages of the mobile fax app.

It allows you to proceed with any documents, posters, notes, photos, letters, brochures, and other content and takes just a few minutes. Input the phone number of the recipient, and that’s it. Using an inbuilt scanner, you can make quick shots in a second and edit them.

Among these vital features, the app allows tracking the fax history, including e-signature by your finger. Hence, you get all functions of computer equipment right on your mobile phone and even more.

Convenient subscription plans allow choosing the most cost-efficient options depending on your necessity to send faxes. 

Launch your business and run marketing campaigns from your smartphone using fax technologies!


Businesses require fax for a very long time. The basic principle of fax work is sending the signal to another machine that displays the document. Since the Internet has become an integral part of our life, the faxing processes have become simpler and involve less equipment.

Mobile applications offer the latest trends in fax functionality without the necessity to purchase a fax machine or multi-functional printer. With only your favorite iPhone, you can send faxes easily to any recipient number approved by the state government and allowed by the recipient.

Although the app suggests subscription plans, this way of using fax is skimpier than buying professional fax and peripheral equipment. Moreover, having fax in your pocket is always excellent when you are on the go.

Although fax marketing is not new, it offers numerous advantages to settling and strengthening relationships with business clients. Professionally crafted, laconic, and promoting one service or offer, it calls for immediate feedback by fax or call from customers.

Many businesses save the fax system due to its protection by the world governmental systems. Fax comes straight to the recipient, decreasing spam cases to zero. That is convenient protection for clients and an excellent opportunity for a seller to transmit vital information and express regard for collaboration.

Implementing fax marketing allows new businesses to compete with solid organizations that remain years on the market.

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