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30 Unique Facebook Clothing Ads You’ll Simply Love

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising channels for many companies across the globe. With the astonishing 2.5 billion monthly active users, it is no surprise that many businesses in the B2C commerce are using it to reach their target audience. Today, we will zoom in on the clothing industry, and we will see some awesome Facebook clothing ads that you will simply love.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them:

1. Guess

Facebook clothing ads examples #1: Guess

We start our list of Facebook clothing ads examples with this one from Guess. Their celebrity collaboration with Jennifer Lopez, combined with the awesome photoshoot, is a guarantee for success. Additionally, the fact that the collection is limited edition makes it even more desirable.

2. Chanel

facebook clothing ads examples

Facebook clothing ads examples #2: Chanel

Our second example is another powerful collaboration, this time with Chanel and Kristen Stewart. However, this is not the only reason why the ad works so well. In this carousel example, the company has incorporated elements of storytelling, which gives a whole other vibe to the collection.

By rewinding to the story of Jean Baptiste Mondino, the collection does a great job creating an emotional touch for the audience. Additionally, the phrase “available in boutiques from March” gives a sense of scarcity and urgency. Which is always efficient for getting the user to click on your ad.

3. Zara

Facebook clothing ads examples #3: Zara

Next on our list of Facebook clothing ads is this beautiful banner from Zara. The whole look of the ad brings us back to the 70s, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Additionally, the word “free” is always something that grabs the attention in any ad. Especially when it comes to free delivery!

Let’s be honest, we all prefer paying a bit more for the product instead of the exact same amount for delivery. Am I right?

4. Nike

facebook clothing ads examples - nike

Facebook clothing ads examples #4: Nike

This ad from Nike is different, as it does not feature any piece of clothing in it. However, I chose it because it gets to the audience in a striking way, with the powerful slogan “You can’t stop us”.

Which, I assume, is in relation to the current coronavirus situation that the whole world is fighting as of the date of publication of this article.

There are multiple reasons why this ad works:

  • Has a powerful Call to Action: “Join our Masters Trainers as we move as one”;
  • Saying “the best Nike products selected just for you” makes users feel unique and special;
  • And of course, the keywords “free shipping” – always a great way to grab your attention!

5. Adidas

Facebook clothing ads examples #5: Adidas

With the bright red section screaming “Special offer: 50% off”, it is difficult to ignore this ad. Especially when the discount is paired with free shipping. Adidas definitely knows how to get your attention with the right colors, copies, and approach when it comes to their Marketing message.

6. Old Navy

facebook clothing ads examples - oldnavy

Facebook clothing ads examples #13: Old Navy

Our list of Facebook clothing ads examples continues with this one from Old Navy. I really like the positive and romantic energy it brings with their St. Valentine’s collection, and the beautiful selection of colors that combine perfectly with each other.

Another thing that draws my attention is the copy itself. It’s creative and even a little bit mysterious, enticing users for a unique Call to Action – to zoom on their favourite piece of clothing.

7. SuperDry

facebook clothing ads examples - superdry

Facebook clothing ads examples #6: SuperDry

I like this ad from Superdry because it uses a lot of Call-to-Action elements to draw your attention to it. From emojis to words all in capital letters, and exciting discounts, you will definitely consider clicking on it to learn more. I also like the fact that they have included the price of the jacket saying “only $118″.

Thus, highlighting the fact that their current prices are much lower than usual.

8. Under Armour

facebook clothing ads examples - under armour

Facebook clothing ads examples #7: Under Armour

I love this ad from Under Armour because its attention-grabbing image shows what their clothing is capable of doing. In a quite creative and even inspiring way! They have also included a lot of details about the benefits and characteristics of the product, which not all companies do to such extent.

At least from what we saw in the previous examples. Additionally, the promise of free shipping with no minimum purchase is always a great way to encourage you to take action.

9. Emporio Armani

emporio armani

Facebook clothing ads examples #8: Emporio Armani

Although the photo of the sneakers is very simple and minimalist, what I loved about this ad was the description. They way they’ve written it is absolutely beautiful. It not only highlights the values of the brand, but also its unique selling proposition.

And that is, a brand capble of combining passion, style and performance in the same product.

10. Puma

facebook clothing ads examples - puma

Facebook clothing ads examples #9: Puma

Next on our list of Facebook clothing ads is this one from Puma. I find the colour combination and the contrast it makes striking, and perfectly capable of drawing the attention. Additionally, the fact that Puma is behind the new uniform of the sports team is an awesome brand deal for driving more sales.

And increasing brand awareness.

11. The North Face

Facebook clothing ads examples #10: The North Face

What an awesome ad from The North Face! The shot under the tent is amazing, and the promotion statement right above the bright colours manages to quickly catch your attention. I like how their promo code is not the typical boring brand name + a number corresponding to the discount.

Instead, they have chosen the words StayCozy, so you can easily associate coziness with the products of the brand. I also like that they have included the disclaimer “Exclusions apply” in the post. Keeping it real instead of trying to trick you into clicking just to discover the exclusions later.

12. Michael Kors

Facebook clothing ads examples #11: Michael Kors

This carousel ad from Michael Kors can easily get us excited for their new spring collection. Call-to-action words such as “it’s about time”, “must-have” and “spring into action” are all encouraging you to find out more. Which, topped with the promising “free deivery and returns”, is difficult to ignore!

13. Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger - facebook clothing ads examples

Facebook clothing ads examples #12: Tommy Hilfiger

I am loving this playful ad from Tommy Hilfiger and their Looney Tunes collection. Besides from dropping the catchy popular phrase “What’s up, doc?” at the end of the post, they are not saying much else. Instead, they are letting the image with a teaser of their clothing collection speak on its own.

You know what they say, an image can speak a thousand words, right?

14. Bulgari

Facebook clothing ads examples #14: Bulgari

Next, we have this absolutely striking ad from Bulgari. Although the image of their gorgeous jewlery says enough on its own, they have incorporated other elements that make the ad work so well.

For example, including relevant hashtags, capitalizing the words for their new collection, and of course, an inspiring slogan. “Be unapologetic. Be unique”. I just love this ad!

15. Happy Socks

facebook clothing ads examples - happy socks

Facebook clothing ads examples #15: Happy Socks

Just how adorable is this Facebook ad from Happy Socks? I love the cheerful colours and the sneak peak of how the socks look like once you lift the box. Also, their post and the statement “Unleash your pets” definitely make you feel like a proud parent of a dog.

Well, I don’t resonate that much because I am a proud parent of two guinea pigs. But hey, maybe I can find some guinea pig socks in there as well! In any case, this is jut as adorable as it can get, and the copy is great for drawing the attention of pet owners.

16. Bershka

Facebook clothing ads examples #16: Bershka

I found this ad from Bershka very interesting because it is very scarce when it comes to words. I mean, the only thing they are saying is “extremely cute”, followed by a link! But hey, in a world where ads try to fit as much information as possible within very limited space, it actually feels kind of refreshing. So, why not give this approach a try?

17. Levi’s

Facebook clothing ads examples #17: Levi’s

I am totaly loving this extremely colourful and playful add from Levi’s. I also find hilarious the way they are presenting their new product: “Meet our new Balloon Pants”. It catches my attention immediately, and wakes up the curiosity in me to find out more about them.

18. Gap

Facebook clothing ads examples #18: GAP

We have another stunning Valentine’s themed ad, featuring super cute toddlers. This adorable ad from GAP will make all parents run to purchase the company’s clothing collection for kids and babies. Isn’t it beautiful?

19. Desigual

Facebook clothing ads examples #19: Desigual

Next on our list of Facebook clothing ads is this carousel from Desigual. I love the creative photoshoot the company did to present their newest backpack. Combined with the slogan “Pack your dreams”, it gives me the instant desire to start travelling across the globe. There is something very energetic about this ad!

20. Valentino

facebook clothing ads examples - valentino

Facebook clothing ads examples #20: Valentino

I am sorry that this ad is not in English. Trust me, I have no idea what it says either! I just found it so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing that I just had to include it. Both images are gorgeous and combine in such a harmonic and romantic way, so lovely.

21. Skechers

Facebook clothing ads examples #21: Sketchers

I really liked this ad from Sketchers because they made a simple, but effective twist to your typical shoe image. They way they have leaned them towards the wall gives you the illusion that an invisible man is wearing them. I don’t know if that was their goal, but it made them stand out from the crowd nonetheless!

22. Timberland

Facebook clothing ads examples #22: Timberland

As many people are living under curfew due to the current coronavirus situation, people are making a lot of memes on their “travel journeys” from one room to another. Timberland is definitely jumping on the trend with this ad, and I thought they did in a very light and humoristic way.

23. Massimo Dutti

Facebook clothing ads examples #23: Massimo Dutti

This ad from Massimo Dutti is screaming “limited edition” from every possible corner. It creates a sense of urgency so people can take an action as soon as possible. Combined with the detailed description of their products, it will make you want to learn more!

24. Reebok

Facebook clothing ads examples #24: Reebok

Our list of Facebook clothing ads continues with this empowering ad from Reebok. The bright, contrasting colours are immediately drawing the attention to the ad. The mysterious, unclear statement “made to amplify your energy” awakes the curiosity in me to discover what they mean with it exactly.

25. Tissot

Facebook clothing ads examples #25: Tissot

Tissot is giving us exciting and romantic vintage vibes with this ad. By incorporating elements of storytelling, accompanied by beautiful artistic images, the company is doing a great job with this carousel.

26. Stradivarius

Facebook clothing ads examples #26: Stradivarius

Next, we have another ad amidst the coronavirus crisis and the curfew orders worldwide, this time from Stradivarius. With the funny hashtag #DressToGoNowhere, I find their initiative absolutely hilarious. Especially combined with the ironic “join the movement”.

27. Pull & Bear

Facebook clothing ads examples #27: Pull & Bear

Compared to Stradivarius, the company Pull & Bear is being rather conservative when it comes to approaching the coronavirus situation. The only element that shows that they have jumped on the stay-at-home trend is the focus on “free home delivery”. And of course, the fact that they are currently selling online only.

Apart from that, I like the soft and relaxing colours of their images. They make the discount statement in red stand out and contrast even more.

28. Dior

Facebook clothing ads examples #28: Dior

I am absolutely loving the creativity behind this ad from Dior. The shot of their sneakers is very playful, and the soft white and grey colours make the blue shoes pop out. In the post itself, they are making a reference to their popular saddle bag to highlight their unique selling proposition about reinventing trends.

And of course, let’s not forget their collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham.

29. French Connection

facebook clothing ads examples - french connection

Facebook clothing ads examples #29: French connection

I find this ad from French connection very relaxing and romantic. It is very simple, but the way they have combined two pieces of their clothing collection is just lovely. I also like the fact that their sale statement goes in harmony with the rest of the image, in a subtle black colour instead of “screaming” red or yellow like many of other brands do.

30. Dolce & Gabbana

Facebook clothing ads examples #30: Dolce & Gabbana

We finish our list of Facebook clothing ads examples with this beautiful image from Dolce & Gabbana. I love their teaser “Don’t miss the most wanted pieces…”. I don’t know which pieces they are referring to exactly, but it definitely drives my curiosity. Which was probably their goal anyway!

Did you like my collection of Facebook clothing ads? If you want to see more ads from other industries, you can also check my article 75 Beautiful Facebook Ad Examples in 2020.

Also, thank you so much for taking the time to read my article, and I hope to see you in the next one!

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