10 Awesome Facebook Ads from AdEspresso To Get You Inspired

Are you on Facebook? You probably are. According to Statista, there are about 2.07 billion of active Facebook users worldwide, which is around 29.5% of the whole world population. How impressive is that?

But, while I am wasting time getting impressed by these numbers, companies are not wasting theirs. Facebook is the top ad channel both for B2B and B2C marketers, accounting for more than 72% of the social advertising channels share. According to Klientboost, it even surpassed LinkedIn as the top social platform for B2B Marketing with a 29% difference.

Social media has a considerable impact on customer behaviour, and whether you love it or hate it, its power is undeniable. Today, I visited AdEspresso, a Facebook Ads management tool with a gallery of 72 000+ real Facebook ads (active or inactive), and I selected 10 of the best ones to serve you as an adspiration:

1. The Luxe Lens

facebook ads

Facebook ads from Adespresso #1: TheLuxeLens

Company: TheLuxeLens provides high-quality adjustable presets and actions for Photoshop and Lightroom that speed up the editing process of photos for professionals.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C

Strong points of the ad: The target of the ad (photographers) becomes clear from the very beginning, which filters out the people who might not be interested in the product. Strong call-to-action (Stock up today with our Black Friday countdown!). The packs are extremely visual, displaying the promotion with a call-to-action button Shop now.

Room for improvement: The text of the ad could be shortened and better optimized. The current length can make people continue scrolling without reading the ad.

2. Pasta Evangelists

Facebook ads from Adespresso #2: PastaEvangelists

Company: PastaEvangelists is a London-based company that delivers pre-made pasta dishes that you can finish cooking at home in the matter of minutes.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C

Strong points of the ad: It is short, visual, and straight to the point. The business model of the company, which is quite unusual, is explained through bullet points, without saturating the ad with too much text. Strong call-to-action (Try us today!), and attractive discount are included.

Room for improvement: The ad is rather generic, as it doesn’t become clear who is their main target. They could try to make it more target-specific.

3. Hostinger

Facebook ads from Adespresso #3: Hostinger

Company: Hostinger is a website hosting provider operating since 2004.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C and B2B

Strong points of the ad: Message straight to the point, the discount is displayed both in the text and the image. Various call-to-actions: “Get 58% off”, “Start Your Website Now”, and “Sign up for Premium or Business web hosting plan”.

Room for improvement: The ad inclines a bit too much on the technical end. Could include a more personal message among the discounts and call-to-actions.

4. Zenva

Facebook ads from Adespresso #4: Zenva

Company: Zenva is an Australian company that creates educational content and software for programming, game development, and web & app development.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C

Strong points of the ad: Asking a question is always a great way to engage the target with your brand. The ad effectively communicates a personal message, making the audience answer from their own perspective. The image is also a great addition to the overall feeling of the ad, making the product even more exciting.

Room for improvement: It is not very clear what the ad is about. When you click on it, the Landing pages definitely explains it better – Zenva offers you a pack of 15 Virtual Reality games that you can develop yourself.

Considering that no previous programming experience is required, the target might not be what you would initially think – but it doesn’t become clear whether the target is beginner programmers, or people outside of the field.

5. Paper Cloth

Facebook ads from Adespresso #5: ProperCloth

Company: Proper Cloth is a company that makes custom shirts combining fashion and technology.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C

Strong points of the ad: I personally love that ad. The image catches the attention immediately, the text is not your boring, written-by-book, standard one – it literally describes the target and puts him in the place of a satisfied customer. You can perceive the experience you are getting through the ad, which not many companies achieve.

Room for improvement: Where is the call-to-action? Oh, there it is, buried in a tiny text at the bottom of the ad. It should definitely be more visible.

6. Hubspot

Facebook ads

Facebook ads from Adespresso #6: ProperCloth

Company: There can’t be a good Marketing list without Hubspot in it! The company that develops Sales and Inbound Marketing software is definitely one of the best examples for B2B Marketing.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2B

Strong points of the ad: The 3 most important ad questions answered in one single sentence – What problem do I solve with this product? – Save time. How? – By using these beautiful e-book templates. When? In your content-creation process. Great job!

Room for improvement: The only thing I seem to be missing would be a sentence dedicated to the benefits that companies get by offering e-books to their customers.

7. Flare Audio

Facebook ads from Adespresso #7: Flare Audio

Company: Flare Audio is an innovative audio technology company that produces patented products, such as loudspeakers and headphones.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C

Strong points of the ad: The ad is simple, not saturated with too much text, and visually beautiful. The images do a great job in transmitting the right message, even better than the text itself.

Room for improvement: Although publishing prices doesn’t fit the Marketing strategy of every company, I think it could be really helpful in this case. It feels like this information is missing, and it will also help to filter out the target. Call-to-action is missing.

8. eShakti

facebook ads examples

Facebook ads from Adespresso #8: eShakti

Company: eShakti is an online fashion retailer that sells clothing, jewelry and shoes for women.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C

Strong points of the ad: The target is clear, the message is clear, their value proposition (the personalized touch of their products) is emphasized. Testimonials are a great idea!

Room for improvement: No call-to-action. Other than that, I think the ad is visually and textually really good.

9. Engadget

Facebook ads from Adespresso #9: Engadget

Company: Engadget is a global multimedia organization that covers technology, gaming, and entertainment industries.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C & B2B

Strong points of the ad: Great visual elements, the image is catching the attention right away. The message is clear, and wakes up your curiosity to go and check the prices.

Room for improvement: Mentioning the benefits that the design training resource gets you could be useful, although not necessary.

10. Moo.com

Facebook ads from Adespresso #10: Moo.com

Company: Moo.com is a USA-based company that offers printing services for businesses.

Ad Placement: Desktop Newsfeed

Target orientation: B2C & B2B

Strong points of the ad: Visually striking, the ad spikes out curiosity, and makes you want to see more examples of square business cards. The image makes transmits a clear message without the need for much text.

Room for improvement: The phrase on the bottom “Show the world how unique, creative and unforgettable you are” could be placed as the main text in the beginning.

I hope you enjoyed the ads archived by AdEspresso, and if you want to see more, here is the right place to go! Check out the companies that are in the same industry as you, and use their examples to get inspiration for your own ads. After all, you can always get ideas that you have never thought before, but actually work! It’s all in the imagination.

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