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75 Beautiful Facebook Ad Examples to See in 2022

If you are new to Facebook advertising, the chances are that you don’t know where to start. And it’s completely normal. After all, you probably don’t have enough experience yet. However, there is one quick way to make sure that your banners are designed in the right direction. And that is, looking at other Facebook ad examples.

In addition to getting a better idea of the best practices when it comes to Facebook ads, you will also learn more about your competition. And, you will also get some inspiration from all the cool and creative designs our there!

For this reason, I have compiled a selection of 75 Facebook ad examples to spark your creativity. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into them! Also, remember that you can click on them if you want to see the full ad or just to get more information.

Also, just a quick disclaimer before we move on. A couple of the links on this blog post are affiliate, which means that I will make a small commission if you end up purchasing after clicking. 

75 Facebook Ad Examples

1. Salesforce – Ad 1

Facebook ad examples #1: Salesforce

Of course, I can’t create a list of Facebook ad examples without mentioning Salesforce. Their combination of illustrations and real-world details really make their ads stand out. Don’t forget to click on the ad for more!

2.  Salesforce – Ad 2

facebook ad examples

Before we move on to the next company, I really wanted to share another adorable illustration by Salesforce. They really know how to get creative with their ads! And their message is simple, but clear.

3. Canva

Facebook ad examples #3: Canva

Next on our list is my favourite graphics design tool Canva (affiliate link), and I can’t get over the colours and the creativity of their ad. They are also quite more descriptive with their Marketing message than Salesforce, listing the key benefits of their product.

4. Mercedes Benz USA

Our next ad comes from the company page of Mercedes Benz USA. It consists only of a car image and the text “The best or nothing”. Which, in my opinion, is so powerful that it doesn’t need much more explanation.

5. Asana

facebook ad examples

Facebook ad examples #5: Asana

Another awesome example is this ad from Asana, a work management tool for businesses. With their promising message “Make work feel less like work”, they definitely know how to grab your attention.

6. WeWork

wework - facebook ad examples

Next on our list of Facebook ad examples is this simple, but powerful ad by WeWork. You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, this is truly the case for this ad.

7. Monday.com

facebook ad examples - monday.com

Facebook ad examples #7: Monday.com

In the last couple of months, Monday.com have been really pumping up their advertising game across different digital channels. Facebook is not an exception, and this colourful  ad that takes users to a video on the company’s website is here to prove it.

8. Hubspot – ad 1

facebook ad examples

With this ad, Hubspot (affiliate link) has taken a different approach to Facebook advertising by using a customer’s testimony. Which is definitely a great idea. The only issue is that the text is not easily readable because of the small font size.

9. Hubspot – ad 2

I wanted to sneak in another quote ad by Hubspot because they are doing a really good job with it. The design is great, and this time the quote is big enough to be reasily read.

10. Adobe Photoshop

facebook ad examples - adobe photoshop

Facebook ad examples #10: Adobe Photoshop

Absolutely mesmerizing ad by Adobe Photoshop. Overall, there isn’t much text at all, but the image itself is powerful enough to make you want to learn more.

11. Starbucks

starbucks facebook ad examples

Facebook ad examples #11: Starbucks

I am absolutely loving the aesthetics of this Starbucks ad. Instead of words, it speaks in flavours and colours!

12. Papa Johns

Well, I am starting to notice that we are slowly moving from SaaS companies to food and drinks. I guess I am getting hungry? Anyways, this ad is definitely making me visualize their new product (and want it!).

13. Shopify

facebook ad examples - shopify

Facebook ad examples #13: Shopify

Shopify is going straight to the point with this ad. I like it because, with just a couple of words, they make its purpose very clear and direct. Also, it’s quite visual!

14. Magento

facebook ad examples - magento

Next on the list, we have this bright orange Facebook ad from the eCommerce platform Magento. They are really reinforcing their brand colours! This way, their campaigns and blog content can be easily recognisable.

15. Renault

What is one of the best ways to make your product stand out from the crowd? That’s right: celebrating your awards with your audience. Renault is doing a pretty good job with it!

16. Peugeot

Peugeot is not staying behind in the game by directly stating that you are not going to “blend into the crowd” with their newest model.

17. Hootsuite

facebook ad examples - hootsuite

Facebook ad examples #17: Hootsuite

What makes this ad really good is not only the catchy design of the banner, but also their 60-day free trial. Which is significantly longer than the majority of free trials out there, especially in the social media sector. This alone will instantly catch the attention!

18. Sprout Social

This adorable illustrated ad from Sprout Social, combined with the possibility for a personalized demo, definitely manages to grab the attention. Although I think that they could have included more details about their product in the description.

19. SemRush – ad 1

facebook ad examples

Next on our list of Facebook ad examples is this vintage-styled banner from Semrush (affiliate link). Creatively, I think it’s really good as it subtly enumerates the features of their product directly in the banner itself. Although some of them are not easily read because of the font size.

20. Semrush – ad 2

Before we move on to the next company, I also wanted to include this Semrush ad. I found the way they portrayed their tool for high-volume, but low-competition keywords as a golden egg among regular ones very creative.

21. Google

Facebook ad examples #21: Google

Google might be one of the biggest advertising channels, but it doesn’t mean that they are not advertising on other channels! And doing it well, on top of that. I love their slogan “Grow with Google”.

22. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is doing a great job not only with the image that they’ve selected, but also with the post description of their ad. Powerful Call to Actions such as “Invest in your success” and “Don’t wait” are a great way to encourage your audience to click on your ad and actually take action.

23. LinkedIn Talent Solutions

Our list of Facebook ad examples continues with this one from LinkedIn Talent Solutions. It is great because it makes a very visual and strong comparison between how things were before and now.

24. Tiffany & Co.

This gorgeous jewelry image by Tiffany & Co, paired with their exclusive collaboration with Paloma Picasso, will make it difficult to ignore this ad. Especially with a beautiful phrase such as “The name of the game is love”.

25. Swarovski

facebook ad examples - swarovski

Facebook ad examples #25: Swarovski

I like this ad because it’s different than your typical image of a single piece of a jewellery on a white background. Of course, by no means I am saying that such an image is bad, just that this one is different. And quite mesmerizing! The colours make me feel relaxed for some reason, they give me a romantic vibe.

26. Tag Heuer

facebook ad examples - tag heuer

Beautiful watches never go out of fashion. And neither beautiful images of watches! This ad is super minimalist, with very little text, but somehow it feels right.

27. Calvin Klein

What a great ad by Calvin Klein! I adore their campaign slogan “I love everyone of me”, and I think that it sends a wonderful message. On top of that, the image with words wrapped around the girls is quite unique.

28. Guess

Facebook ad examples #28: Guess

While we are still on the topic of clothing, I can’t help but get completely hypnotised by this image of Jennifer Lopez for her campaign with Guess. Considering that this collection is limited edition, I have absolutely no doubt that people will go crazy about this campaign. Me included!

29. Samsung – ad 1

I am loving Samsung’s idea to combine a fictional world with the real world for the presentation of their Galaxy Note 10. It gets you excited about what it can do! The description is brief and directly on point.

30. Samsung – ad 2

Another beautiful ad from Samsung, this time with a quite tempting offer – 100 dollars off their Galaxy Tab S6. An offer that you can’t refuse! I also loved the part in which their incorporated the bag icon in “Pack your bag with power”. Great play of words, or should I say, emojis?

31. Cabify

facebook ad examples

Facebook ad examples #31: Cabify

I couldn’t help but sneak an ad in Spanish, just because I loved how creative they got with the discount coupon. The banner says “Look! You have a discount!”, and the girl is pointing it. Also, I thought it was a great idea to use icons for all the vehicles that Cabify offers within their services.

32. Uber

For this campaign, Uber launched multiple ads, personalizing each one of them with the airport of the region. It is always an excellent idea to personalize and make your ads as specific as possible, even if it takes a little bit more effort. However, it is definitely worth it, because your audience will resonate more with you.

33. Iberia

Next, we have this beautiful Carousel ad by Spanish airline Iberia. Its beautiful images and enticing experiences such as “a ride in Lisbon”, “a coffee in Madrid” or “some relaxation in Seville” really manage to take you to these magical places. They are also combined with the distinctive colours of the company for additional brand awareness.

34 & 35. Ryanair

facebook ad examples - ryanair

I couldn’t decide between these two ads, so I am including both (together, as they were one next to the other). I like them because they are not aggressive – they are actually taking to a blog. But yet, they subtly mention the crazy low prices for their flights to these regions. Which are definitely hard to ignore!

36. Emirates

Facebook ad examples #36: Emirates

Next, we have this beautiful Facebook ad by the airline company Emirates. Their stunning picture is in perfect harmony with “Experience Dubai’s magic”. It truly makes you imagine it!

37. Turkish Airlines

While we are still on the topic, we have another beautiful ad from Turkish Airlines, enticing us to travel in their business class to London, New York or Paris. I love the way they blended the images.

38. IKEA

With a cozy bedroom like this, I definitely see myself heading to IKEA to build my own sleep sanctuary! Their ad is simple and without much description, yet the image itself speaks a thousand words.

39. Happy Socks

Facebook ad examples #39: Happy Socks

This ad is interesting because it’s not particularly aesthetic, but its message is not the typical, boring Call to Action that we tend to see out there. “Socks for movie night” is not something that we think of planning, and yet their message gets to the most excited sock fans. Additionally, including the name of the website within the ad copy enforces brand awareness even more.

40. Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop

This ad from Adobe Photoshop works because of its inspiring message: If you can dream it up, you can do it with Photoshop. Additionally, offering a free trial is almost always a sure way to draw attention to your ad.

41. Goldman Sachs

goldman sachs - facebook ad examples

Next on our list of Facebook ad examples, we have this infographic video ad that aims to build awareness towards global climate changes. It works because it visualizes an important concept in a way that people can understand it easily.

42. Asos

Facebook ad examples #42: Asos

Awesome way to promote your discount code! The casual language and the emojis are a really good way to resonate with your younger audience.

43. Chanel – ad 1

facebook ad examples

A Carousel ad is always a good idea for displaying multiple products at the same time. In addition, the collaboration with popular actress Kristen Stewart is also a great move for the company. It not only promotes brand awareness, but also makes the audience associate Chanel with a famous face.

But there is also another detail that makes this ad work. The phrase “available in boutiques from March” gives users the sense of scarcity, and the fact that they have to wait for it increases their excitement to be the first to get it.

44. Chanel – ad 2

Next, we have this stunning ad that captures the audience with beauty, elegance, and romantic vibes. In addition, the fact the lipstick belongs to an exclusive and limited collection gives the sense of urgency that makes the ad work.

45. Porsche

facebook ad examples - porsche

Facebook ad examples #45: Porsche

With this ad, both the image and the copy manage to portray the brand’s exclusivity. The Call to Action is clear and straightforward, and two-word headline “The Cayenne” works great in its simplicity. It transmits the message about the one and only car model.

46. AirAsia – ad 1

What does it say “Visit Okinawa” better an image of its gorgeous nature? The magazine-style of the ad makes it stand out from the crowd, especially combined with the 30% discount. The word “now”, mentioned in a couple of times across the ad, reinforces the sense for urgency, and the importance to take action immediately.

47. AirAsia – ad 2

In AirAsia’s next ad, we can see another aesthetically pleasing image that invites us to Okinawa. This time, more specifically focused on an audience with a passion for diving.

48. AirBnb

Airbnb is going straight to the point with this ad. The specific earning number and the testimony of the host give credibility to the ad, and make it more promising. The CTA “Earn money for life’s extras” seems to resonate really well with today’s dynamic life.

49. Adespresso

Facebook ad examples #49: Adespresso

Our next ad example is from Adespresso. They are coming with a very promising message: “Manage all your digital campaigns in one place”. Combined with the tempting offer for a free trial, their value proposition is solid and straightforward, which makes this ad work so great.

50. LinkedIn Talent Solutions – ad 1

This ad by LinkedIn Talent Solutions works because:

  • By adding the phrase “you shouldn’t live without”, the banner awakes curiosity;
  • Including a number, especially as high as 50, always attracts more attention than just text;
  • The illustration and the bright colours make the banner stand out.

51. LinkedIn Talent Solutions – ad 2

facebook ad examples

Our next ad is again from LinkedIn Talent Solutions, and its message is quite powerful: We do the hard work for you. In other words, they give you a practical solution to the usual hiring problems. Additionally, including statistics in the copy, such as “80% of hirers receive a qualified applicant in just 24 hours” usually works quite well for ads, and makes them more tangible.

52. Booking

Facebook ad examples #52: Booking

This ad from Booking.com works because it combines a highly aesthetic image with a very transparent and accessible price. A perfect catch for people who are always hunting for luxury rooms on good prices.

53. Slack

This fun ad by Slack works because its creative is a visual representation of their message “Shared channels bring companies together”. It also includes an attention-grabbing Call to Action button apart from the one that you need to configure by default.

54. Fabletics – ad 1

facebook ad examples - fabletics

There are multiple reasons why this Fabletics ad works so well. First, the image of the girl is a really great way of showing what their product is capable of doing. Second, their awesome promotion of getting 2 leggings for 24 dollars. And third, using keywords such as “our best-selling leggings” and “before they are gone” increases the sense of urgency, encouraging people to purchase before the product is sold out.

55. Fabletics – ad 2

Who wouldn´t want to have the best butt ever? Just kidding…or am I? Anyways, I love this ad because it uses a really powerful too that always works wonders in advertising. And that is, ratings and reviews! Especially when they are coming from a reputable source. On top of that, the promotion for VIP members is also something that is hard to ignore!

56. Verizon

Facebook ad examples #56: Verizon

This Verizon ad is very minimalist, but its message is quite good. “Get Disney+ on us” not only seems like a good deal, but it also rhymes! I don´t know if it just happened or if it´s on purpose, but the phrase definitely stays in your head.

57. Vodafone UK

Next on our list of Facebook ad examples is this banner from Vodafone UK. Instead of promoting a regular discount, they have decided to transform their message into a more creative way: Claim up to 100 pounds cashback. This actually sounds much more exciting than just getting a discount! After all, we see discount offers everywhere, to the point when we don´t pay them too much attention anymore.

58. Versace

Our list of Facebook ad examples continues with this video ad from Versace. The brief teaser from their show, combined with the powerful influence of Kendal Jenner, make you want to learn more about Versace´s latest collection. They didn´t even bother to write more in their headline except for their brand name. When you have established such a reputation for yourself, your brand basically sells by itself!

59. Gucci

facebook ad examples - gucci

Facebook ad examples #59: Gucci

This vintage ad from Gucci takes us right into 1969, and I don´t know about you, but I am personally loving it. I adore the fact that they have included storytelling into their post, instead of just a regular sales pitch. This creates mystery (and history) behind the advertised products, which makes people want to be a part of it.

60. Tiffany & Co

Facebook ad examples #60: Tiffany & Co

This Tiffany & Co ad makes me think about the song “Diamonds are a girl´s best friends”, and maybe that was its purpose. “Give her the ultimate prize” indicates that its target audience is mostly male, not female, which is definitely a different approach to selling female jewelry. Of course, the product images are beautiful and give you this luxurious, romantic vibe.

61. Cadbury

Facebook ad examples #61: Cadbury

“How far will you go for love?” I like the message and the adorable illustration behind it – as both the girl and the guy are giving each other chocolate for Saint Valentine´s . “Express your true feelings, one pip at a time” is another awesome catch phrase. I think that Cadbury is doing a great job making you feel the love with their chocolate.

So, if you are looking for romantic Facebook ad examples, this one is quite inspirational!

62. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Facebook ad examples #62: Cadbury

Our next banner from the list of Facebook ad examples is again Cadbury, this time from their Canadian Facebook page. The video is as short as it is awesome. The chocolate gets eaten little by little, revealing the message behind it: “A bit is enough to start with”.

However, as they say, it almost always leads to a little more! Great use of the visuals, and really good play with words. Do not forget to click on the image to watch the full video!

63. Nestlé

facebook ad examples - nestle

Facebook ad examples #63: Nestlé

Next on our list of Facebook ad examples is from Nestlé, who is doing a really good job with this video ad. The adorable animation takes the user on a quick journey, from mixing the ingredients to “dressing” the product in an envelope.

Buzz words such as “innovations”, “chilled probiotic bars” and “fast prototyping” give the sensation of a new and unique product that you definitely have to try.

64. Pepsi

facebook ad examples pepsi

Facebook ad examples #64: Pepsi

I couldn´t get a nice screenshot of this video, but the ad is definitely a must-watch. It plays with dimensions, and makes you feel that the guy is taking a Pepsi from a fridge right in front of your eyes.

The video is not only creative but also resonates really well with the audience and the latest social media trends. The copy does it too “that feeling when…” is a really popular phrase for relatability in the so-called “meme culture”.

65. Microsoft Azure

Facebook ad examples #65: Microsoft Azure

Our next ad example is from the cloud service provider Microsoft Azure. I like it because its design is clear and neat, and it has a straightforward message: “Create intelligent apps”. In addition, the play with numbers “Get 12 AI services for 12 months” wakes up the curiosity within me.

And of course, throwing the word “free” will never not grab the attention within ad copies :).

66. Google Cloud

facebook ad examples

Facebook ad examples #66: Google Cloud

Google Cloud takes an interesting approach to their Facebook advertising by mixing two languages within the same ad. I love the simplicity of this Korean ad, and although I don’t understand much of it, I think it has a great and personalized touch.

67. Amazon Web Services

Facebook ad examples #67: Amazon Web Services

Sometimes, a powerful photo of a full hall is just enough to get you excited about an event. This is the case with Amazon Web Services, whose ad design is nothing sophisticated, and yet so inspirational. It gives users an idea of what the event will be like, and the Call to Action “Register now” entices them towards taking action.

68. IE Business School Executive Education

facebook ad examples - ie business school

Facebook ad examples #68: IE Business School Executive Education

This ad from IE Business School is designed to promote their executive education program Driving Exponential Growth. I like it because its ad copy highlights all the benefits of doing the program in a brief and concise way.

69. Heinz

facebook ad examples

Facebook ad examples #69: Heinz

Next on our list of Facebook ad examples is this adorable gif from Heinz. It promotes the product in a way that you probably didn’t imagine, but can definitely relate to – a stress reliever! This ad is very brief and simple, but it captures with its creativity. After this, the next step is…to shop!

70. Heineken

Facebook ad examples #70: Heineken

Coffee breaks are going out of style with this ad from Heineken! Just kidding, of course. However, this video ad from Heineken is quite creative. They really find a subtle way to sneak their product in a context that is not typically seen. Their really short ad copy basically leaves all the speaking to the video.

71. Guinness

facebook ad examples - guinness

Facebook ad examples #71: Guinness

While we are still on the topic of beer, we should definitely discuss this Guinness ad. There are a lot of elements that immediately attract the attention to it. Including their pack of 10 beers for 10 pounds, the excitement created by associating the product with an upcoming event, and the multiple Call to Actions that encourage the user to purchase.

72. Ben & Jerry’s – ad 1

Facebook ad examples #72: Ben & Jerry’s

I am honestly obsessed with the aesthetics of this ad from Ben & Jerry’s. They make their vegan ice cream looks so exciting and appetizing! The ingredients thrown around the ice cream help you imagine the flavour.

I also love the sentence “Coming soon to your freezer!” It goes very well with the rest of the ad. Additionally, the language used in the copy gets realy close to the audience: “All the cookies you love, minus the dairy”.

73. Ben & Jerry’s – ad 2

As you can see, I can’t really get enough of Ben & Jerry’s ads. I wanted to sneak this one in because it takes a really good advantage of today’s modern trends, or the so-called “Netflix and Chill”. This is a great strategy for resonating with your younger audience!

74. The Economist

the economist facebook ad examples

Facebook ad examples #74: The Economist

Moving on from the ice cream, we are on to the next creative piece from our list of Facebook ad examples, this time from The Economist. The bright red colours, the promotion, and the word “free” in the copy are a guarantee for grabbing your attention. On top of that, the fact that their free gift is actually a physical product – most gifts on the Internet are digital – will definitely get users excited.

75. Zenhub

Facebook ad examples #75: ZenHub

We finish our list with this beautiful ad from ZenHub. I like it because it’s very descriptive, and includes all the necessary information to make it easier for the audience to understand their product. After all, this one is significantly more complex than many others, so they can’t just get away with a simple, non-informative copy.

And that’s all, folks! If you have any questions or comments, let me know in the comments below! As always, thank you for taking the time to read my article, and I will see you in the next one!

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