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How Email Signatures Improve Your Marketing

The way you end off an email can influence the response of your message. Successful brands use engaging email signatures in order to captivate their audience and clients. By creating your own unique email signature, you can improve your marketing results.

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First, let’s go over the different types of email signatures. The type of online signature that you will end up using depends on your audience.

1. Professional

If you are in a professional field, then you would want to use this type of email signature. Professional email signatures consist of: a profile picture, your name, contact information, and company role. These are the most commonly used type of email signature.

2. Creative

If you write informal emails, creative email signatures are a great option. These signatures aren’t meant to be serious. They usually end in a light hearted message, and the design is funny. Creative email signatures are targeted towards laid back companies.

3. Corporate

These signatures are collective because they involve an entire company. Stores, law firms, agencies, and similar businesses use corporate signatures. This is because they work as a group, and want to be seen as a whole during their email interactions.

If you work individually, or are self-employed, then you likely won’t use corporate email signatures.

4. Informal

Informal signatures are most often used in less serious email marketing. Instead of writing sincerely or best regards, informal signatures end in phrases like “peace” or “see ya”. If your content matches a comedic, down to earth vibe, then informal email signatures can work well for you.

5. Laconic

Similarly to professional signatures, laconic email signatures include information about the individual writing the message. The difference is there is no profile picture or specific contact information.

The purpose of a laconic email signature is being as minimalist and quick to the point as possible. So if you are catering to a simple audience, then try out laconic signatures.

6. Creator

With more online creators, and the spark of social media influencers, there are now creator email signatures. The images and profile picture coincide with the creators branding, and the messaging includes links to their social media platforms. This type of signature is a great way for creators to advertise their media to their audience.

These are the bulk of email signatures used in email marketing today. No matter what email signature you use, they are all important for the marketing of your brand.

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Importance of email signatures

Neglecting developing your own email signature is an amateur mistake. Without a proper send off, you miss the opportunity to connect with your audience. Here is why email signatures are important, and how they improve your brand.


By ending your email with a message, you come off as genuine. This is important when continuing the relationship you have with your audience and clients. Those who dismiss including or writing a genuine message struggle to grasp their viewers.

This leads to a dampened reputation and decrease in your viewership. Even with a professional email signature, there still has to be a hint of genuineness.

Improper execution of email signatures causes your current email subscribers to feel inclined to unsubscribe. In order to be genuine in your email signature, be yourself despite what the format you are using includes.

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Establishing your company

A well written email signature establishes your brand, and familiarizes it with consumers. Think of the emails you receive from brands you purchase from. Many of these brands are widely known, and are brought up in everyday conversation.

This is because they have mastered the art of building a legitimate brand. Use this knowledge when you are email marketing to begin establishing your company, brand, or content.

Proving information

Sometimes your audience members want to reach out to you. When you leave your contact information in the email signature, it allows for quick communication. Thus, you can get to know audience members and or clients better.

This also makes your viewers feel appreciated because they can easily connect with you. If you’re a company who sells certain products, including your contact information can help customers ask for help if they have any issues.

The information you provide is basically a pathway to clear communication between your brand and audience.


Advertising new creations is scary. Brands worry about how their new content will be received by the public and their audience. Your email signature can add to your credibility, which in turns supports the performance of your new content.

Consumers are more likely to support a brand that is aware of their image. Email signatures are a huge part of brand identity and awareness.

So if you have new products or other creations to advertise, use your email signature to your advantage. You’ll have a more successful campaign when you have a proper send off.


Switching up the conclusion of your email confuses those who are subscribed. As an individual or company, you want to be known and remembered.

Inconsistency prevents you from being recognized as a brand, and instead, reveals how desperate you are to perform well. This is another reason why you must prioritize developing one perfected email signature.

Those who are consistent can build a name for themselves in the oversaturated media online.

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Making yourself known

If the type of email signature you decide to use requires a profile picture, you are in luck. When people can put a name to a face, you’ll be far more successful. We all desire to know who is behind a certain brand. This is so we can feel comfortable and closer to the creators of the content we view. Use an appealing picture to best encapsulate you as a person.

Now that you know the benefits of incorporating signatures into your email marketing, here is how to perfect your email signature.

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Don’t go overboard

Too much effort is a lot for your audience to handle. Unless your brand revolves around being as extra as possible, then stick to being focused on the theme of your content.

You don’t necessarily have to be minimalistic if your brand isn’t simple. The point is that you summarize your brand in your email signature in a organized, well written format. Stay true to what your brand represents, and don’t try too hard because you’ll end up failing.

Use relevant information

Advertisers sometimes lead their audience astray by including irrelevant information in their email signatures. If your brand focuses on fitness, don’t mention or include links to a completely different niche like video games.

You should also only implement useful contact information. Going over four lines of where you can be accessed is outright silly. Stick to your most useful sources of contact, because listing all of your platform usernames isn’t helping anyone.

Again, sticking to your brand requires you to maintain your content relevancy.

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Don’t repeat

It’s odd to see many email marketers reinstate their email in their message. Your email name is listed at the top of emails you send, so it’s a waste of time to repeat that information. You also shouldn’t repeat the same phrases or points in an email either. Explain things once for the overall convenience of you and your email readers.

As long as you avoid making these mistakes, you will have no problem making your own email signature; here are some sources so you can begin creating.

Email signature generators

Here are some email signature generators that you can use:


This signature generator is perfect for professionals. It’s free to use, and there are a variety of sleek templates. MySignature focuses on helping businesses achieve a professional appearance. If you need a professional signature to add to your emails, go create one on MySignature.


Here is another amazing free email signature generator. The Newoldstamp app offers eleven different templates. It’s targeted towards individual employees within a company. There are more advanced creation tools available which come with a cost, but can be a great investment if you want more options.


This email signature tool comes with lots of variety and is incredible for creative niches. There are countless fonts available, and Gimmio includes social icons perfect for creative or creator signatures. Gimmio offers a 7 day free trial, so there is no stress if you want to give this app a try!

There is no specific way you must create your email signature. Really, all you need is to make one that elevates your brand, and most importantly, suits you. Understanding the benefits of an email signature is important, but remember to have fun when designing your signature.

Your email signature

Investing the time to complete an email signature for your brand will support your results later on. You will likely notice the impacts email signatures have once you start adding them to your emails. The end of your email matters just as much as the remainder of your message.

Make a lasting impression on those you wish to allure, and get a strong grasp on your target audience. Follow these guidelines in order to manufacture the finest email signature for the benefit of your brand.

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