Elevating Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

Let us open the article by asking you this one thing: has your business stayed relevant in the fast-moving world where everyone is ready and even used to the concept of digital marketing? If not, sadly the chance of winning wouldn’t be too great.

The term “marketing” here is the effort of a business to share the ideas of their brands while explaining what’s the value that can be suitable for the audience’s needs. Back in the day, companies did their marketing by spreading pamphlets of brochures in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Traditional methods like this, are highly regarded to be more practical and require so much effort, especially in distribution. And that’s quite understandable as we didn’t have the technology to make everything faster.

But now with more advanced methods we have, we can utilize modern marketing strategies to expand brand knowledge, and one of them is by collaborating with influencers. 

Who Are The Influencers?

As the name tells you, influencers are individuals who have the ability to influence others through their speaking ability. The influencers mainly work on social media where they actively share their content that is always relevant to their audiences. There are beautify influencers, KPOP influencers, and many other types of influencers you can find on so many platforms.

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In recent years, an influencer is considered to be one of many lucrative modern careers that can gain you higher profits compared to the other older types of jobs. The profit they make comes from endorsements from brands that want to market their products through the influencers.

While the influencers carefully explain the products, the brands can get conversions from interested audiences. And the level will keep increasing depending on how popular the influencers are. 

Popular influencers usually have more than 10,000 followers on social media. With this capacity, they basically have the ability to speak and influence others using their “ideas”. And since the followers will likely trust their influencers more than others, any products marketed by these influencers will also have a higher chance to get sold out. 

How Effective Is Influencer Marketing

We can say that influencer marketing is highly effective in promoting your business. And it’s proven by the actual data. Compared to last year, influencer marketing has grown exponentially better, reaching a $21.1 billion market share in the industry. This, however, is 29% higher compared to the previous years.


In order to make influencer marketing run smoothly for your business, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First, focus on safety. Some brands may have their own security measures to deal with the risks, but what’s recommended is using specialized hosting. Many businesses choose free VPS hosting, which may not cost a lot. By using stable hosting, their websites can run more stable. This is really useful in case there’s a huge amount of traffic coming to your platform. 

Many Types of Influencers

Another aspect is that the influencer’s capabilities can’t be divided from the fact that influencers have the ability to influence others by showing their thoughts and ideas about a certain product. All their positive reviews will leave an insight to the audiences, and when they are interested, they will likely buy the same products.

The bigger the influencer is, the higher the amount of money you need to prepare. If you wish to collaborate with macro influencers or the ones who already have more than 500K followers, you need to deal with a fee of around $10K or possibly more for an endorsement. 

And yes, there are different types of influencers depending on how many followers they have. An influencer with more than 500K followers can be considered a macro influencer. There’s also mid influencer who has around 100K to 500 K followers. Below that, there are micro influencers, who have 10K to 100K followers.

Collaborating with The Right Influencers

Influencer marketing will work as long as you know which influencer is suitable for your type of product. If you’re producing mass products, marketing using macro-influencers is better as you may gain a wider market reach that will possibly use the products you’re trying to sell. 

However, if you sell a niche product, we highly recommend working with micro-influencers as they generally have a more niche market audience that can be your potential target. While hitting the correct audience, you can potentially cut some costs as well as the price isn’t as high as collaborating with bigger influencers. 

You also need to pick the correct platforms to market your product as well. Right now, Instagram and TikTok are two giant platforms you can use to spread your brand awareness. 

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