digital marketing trends in 2022

What are the Most Popular Digital Marketing Trends for 2022?

Several things happened in 2021. TikTok continued its leads on the social media front, forcing creators to find ways to create catchy content there. Facebook changed names, NFTs and cryptocurrencies continued disrupting the finance front, and influencers were validated.

The future is usually hard to predict, especially judging from the last two years, but past and current marketing trends give us an idea of what to expect.

digital marketing trends in 2022

Here are existing and emerging marketing trends we should expect in 2022.

Voice Search Could Take Off

This trend should have peaked in 2019, but it didn’t, even though it had every indication of being popular. If you are searching for a writing platform, you have two options.

You could type out the words, which would take a few minutes, or do a voice search that would deliver results fast without the hustle of typing.

It doesn’t take too long to type Canadian lab report writer services, but it would be even better to search the site with a single mention of the words. This year could be different as more and more people use voice search, and the service is much better with the AI recognizing more directions than before.

Why would it take off now when it didn’t when it was new? As we mentioned, there were a few issues with enunciation where users would not get the results they wanted because their pronunciations were off. Now, the tech is improved, and you will get the responses you want without too many takes.

With that, you can do quick searches for your college course material or essay. 

voice search

Short videos will remain popular

TikTok managed to get to the top of the marketing pyramid because users like to consume short videos. University students, influencers, and celebrities all got on board with content that pushed creative boundaries, and we hope to see more of that this year.

The popularity of the 5G internet, which is super-fast and effective, coupled with excellent smartphone photography and the consume-ability of short videos, is why this trend will stay fresh for long. Watching a video has more appeal than reading a book for most people.

While here, we note that consumers are liking simpler videos with less flowery prose. Engagement is better for companies that work with influencers who really interact with the service or product personally.

It no longer cuts it to post a product and say how you liked it in a long-flowery post, but you may have to show the course of the journey you walked with the brand. Authenticity is appreciated, which means brands may have to sign up for longer engagements with influencers. 

Influencers will have to work harder

One of the new trends in digital marketing we saw in 2021 was users questioning recommendations by influencers when they felt as though they were dishonest.

Influencers can no longer put half-baked effort into marketing products and services because that will no longer cut it with users. They will be required to use these items that they market first because users are becoming harder to please with a few poorly conceived videos.

Brands may have to fork a little more to get the kind of professional material they ask of influencers or find other marketing ways.

Creative storytelling will be appreciated

The current consumer is becoming harder to please, so you will need to get some work done if they are to spend any time on your brand. Reviews have been used for a long time now, but they are not enough to create an authentic story that your reader will identify with and be pushed to spend their money.

Tell them a story around the product or service without making it evident that you are advertising, and you could get their attention. Stories may not automatically convert a reader, but they open up conversations you want when keeping the brand visible with a vibrant online presence.  

Yes to experiences

Whether you are a university student or a marketing professional, you are better off making the most of your experiences and sharing them with your community because we expect even nigger consumption of information through this platform.

Advertising is great, and companies can keep at it, but we see users wanting more authenticity that seems to come through word-of-mouth recommendations. Brands will want to create better interactions with their users to earn the social currency of a friend telling another about them. 

In line with this is increased interaction with audiences. It is no longer enough for companies to create beautiful, unrelatable content on social media: they will want to create a relationship with their audiences by being more reachable. The current consumer wants to feel personally connected to the brands they use. 

LinkedIn can’t be stopped; won’t be stopped

One of the emerging marketing trends that seem to keep souring is the use of LinkedIn to gain a proper, mature audience for specific brands and products. Even with the growing social spaces, this one remains the go-to for those seeking talent and collaborations on the business front.

Companies will want to maximize their presence here as LinkedIn has become the most trusted place for professional engagements, and we do not expect that to change soon. 

More remote working and digital jobs

The pandemic started what is likely to be the norm for many years: remote and digital work. Talent is everywhere in the world, so now companies can seek a little further to work with people that will meet their organizational goals without shipping them across the oceans.

What seems to lack now is the talent required for some of the digital jobs coming up that never existed initially, so job seekers are challenged to keep learning new skills.

Bigger digital marketing strategies

The things that worked in the last two years may not work for the next phase since machine learning and other tech advances are moving things to the next level. It is time to lay down strategies that will drive business growth.

It is no longer about algorithms alone now: the digital space is one continuous learning experience, and the best strategists have to stay on top of their game. 

One other of the marketing trends we see is a ‘less is more’ approach where businesses will pick one channel and run with it. We have seen marketers trying to do it all in the last few years: be on each social platform and spread themselves too thin. Going forward, success on one or two channels will be enough.

As long as you rule the one area you have selected to master, you will be doing just fine. Brand interaction with influencers will spread the news where you do not have a presence. 

Bigger talk on non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Among the new trends in digital marketing we see peaking this year and beyond is NFTs. This part of the blockchain technology prepares the web for the decentralized approach it is expected to take.

Fiat currency is fungible because it can be exchanged with something of equal value – for instance, a $100 bill for five twenties, but something of sentimental value has no equal. Take the family heirloom as an example. You would be hard-pressed to find something of equal sentimental value, thanks to its authenticity.

digital marketing trends - nft

Now, NFTs are the digital version of your family heirloom, the non-fungibles. They could take the form of a meme, graphic, gig, and practically anything, as long as they exist on a blockchain.  


Move over, fiat currency: cryptocurrency is here to stay. This year could be the beginning of the much-awaited stabilization of these currencies, now that they have become harder to mine and more scarce.

Most respected brands have accepted them as a form of currency for exchange, cementing their place in major economies.

Gender neutrality in clothing

One of the digital marketing trends we see is apparel brands embracing neutrality in their products. We have been seeing high fashion embrace some bold statements, especially in traditionally male designs, and street fashion is replicating this trend.

It is liberating seeing clothing items that either gender could wear as it makes it easier for those who don’t conform to birth-assigned gender to find items they like.


Digital marketers will require some education on the tools and strategies that work for the current consumer if they hope to earn handsomely from this form of marketing.

This validates social media influencers as most people do not consider what they do professional. You may not have to sit through a class or essay writing contests on campus to earn a professional status, but you will need to know what the market wants at all times.

Continuous education and marketing strategies will keep giving this choice of work the validation it deserves.  

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