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Digital Marketing & Modern Business: 6 Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Follow

Did you know that 71% of US consumers prefer marketing ads to be tailored to their interests?  Using digital marketing is one of the easiest ways to get more exposure to your products, services, or brand. Before you jump into social media and advertisements, it is best to learn what to do right the first time.

Read on to learn 6 tips every entrepreneur should follow to be successful in digital marketing.


1. Create an Effective Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy could include leveraging SEO and content marketing to make sure your website is visible online. Engage with customers with paid advertising. Make sure to use social media marketing to build an audience.

You should also create an email marketing campaign to reach existing customers and potential new customers. You should also utilize PPC campaigns to drive traffic to specific pages.

By adopting an approach that includes a variety of digital marketing tactics, businesses have the chance to create a broader reach and maximize their results. Setting objectives and measuring the performance of each tactic is also important. It allows businesses to highlight areas that need improvement and focus on the channels that are working best. 

2. Experiment with Digital Channels

Digital marketing has revolutionized how businesses market to their target audiences and there is much to gain from implementing digital channels. Through these digital channels, businesses can authentically engage with their target audience, track metrics to measure results, scale their efforts and make adjustments to optimize for better results. 

Here’s a list of digital channels that you can experiment with: 

Social Media

Companies can set up profiles on multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Individuals, businesses and organizations are encouraged to post high-quality content that is engaging, shareable and helpful.

Many businesses experiment with targeted campaigns and advertisements to reach their desired audience. It is important to think outside of the box in order to identify new channels and tools that can enhance the impact of digital campaigns and reach customers effectively. 

Mobile Marketing

 Using online services such as mobile app banners, text messages, and search engine ads can prove to be far more cost effective than traditional methods. Mobile marketing requires creativity and a thoughtful strategy to ensure you are targeting the right audience with the right message.

Mobile marketing gives greater control over how and where you reach potential customers. For example, you can select a specific geographic area, age, gender, or other criteria to determine who should see your message. Mobile platforms can be used to acquire results quickly and take advantage of timely opportunities. 

Website Optimization

Ensuring website functions with mobile devices is important for a positive user experience. By optimizing a certain website homepage later, marketers are more likely to optimize the whole website for mobile. That way, content and visuals can effectively be served to viewers in a way that it looks best suited for their device.

Marketers can look into utilizing some sort of A/B testing to experiment with different types of content. As a result, this will help them see what works best for viewers and create a better user experience. 


Quality, keyword-rich content is essential for effective SEO because it allows potential customers to find the business’s website or relevant web pages when they search the internet.

Majority of professionals in SEO in Albany, NY stated that content strategy is key in maximizing SEO. Such content can include blogs, articles, press releases, and social media posts that accurately reflect the business’s products, services, and industry-related topics.

Strategic use of keywords, titles, and descriptions ensure that the content is indexed quickly and accurately by search engines, in turn providing better visibility to potential customers. Fresh content can help engage potential customers and increase website traffic, both of which are essential for a successful SEO strategy. 

3. Track Your Data Analytics

By tracking data analytics of digital marketing campaigns, companies can understand behaviors and interests of their audiences, such as what platforms they use, what content they engage with, and what campaigns have been successful. Knowing this data can help shape future marketing plans and strategies and make it easier to identify what works and what doesn’t.

Furthermore, analytics also suggest opportunities for businesses to capitalize on new trends and agilely adjust plans to reach new potential customers. Making data analytics an integral part of digital marketing strategy is definitely a must-do for modern businesses to stay competitive.

4. Stay Connected with Your Audience

To keep your company on the cutting edge of modern marketing, staying connected to your audience is essential. By leveraging the power of social media, you can create and maintain relationships with a large pool of customers.

Utilizing multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, businesses have an opportunity to personalize the message and engage with their customers.

It is important to balance the promotional messages with helpful information and meaningful interactions. You may also create content or blogs to let customers know more about products and services to create loyalty. By creating meaningful relationships, you can give your business a positive reputation in the market. 

5. Create Compelling Content

Quality content helps you gain organic reach, brand recognition, and potential leads for your business. Content should be relevant to the goal of the business and create an emotional connection with your customers. It should also be engaging enough to grab readers’ attention and drive them to take a specific action.

Make sure you are catering content to different audiences, i.e., create content that speaks to a certain demographic or group of people. Make use of tools such as keywords and phrases that lead the reader to take action and turn into a customer.

Here’s a list of content creations tips that you can use: 

Short-Form Video

Video marketers should learn video SEO best practices and structure content with 3-5 key points to ensure the message is conveyed and retained. Content should also prioritize entertainment and engagement; think of it as a short-form speaking engagement or advertisement.

A killer hook should be used to draw the audience in, followed with an upbeat music soundscape that matches the emotion of the video. Captivating visuals should be given priority and ensure the video looks modern and professional. 

Content-Powered Revenue

Content-powered revenue might include researching what your audience likes to read, developing compelling stories, providing helpful advice, and crafting content that portrays real facts and figures that support your message.

Content can also be used to promote your product or services, increase brand awareness, and help boost revenue. Content-powered revenue also relies on taking advantage of social media for promotion, driving traffic to your website, and increasing engagement with visitors.  

Customer-focused Value-Driven Content

Companies who focus on creating content that provides real value to customers will keep them engaged. It builds loyalty and trust, and ultimately increases their bottom line.

Content that provides customers with educational information, helpful advice about their purchase decisions. It also includes up-to-date industry news and entertaining stories. Great visuals can have an immense impact not only on customer engagement, but on sales as well. 

Data, AI, Automation, and the Metaverse

Companies can use the data AI automation to obtain pertinent data related to their respective industries. A business can then use it in content marketing to provide useful, relevant and up-to-date information to their customers and followers.

The metaverse provides an immersive platform for user-generated content, allowing companies to interact directly with their audiences, create detailed visual experiences, and create engaging stories with more thrilling plotlines.

Here, companies can showcase their products and services in novel and amusing ways, as well as earn revenue through virtual items, game-like challenges, and advertising. 

Take Advantage of Podcast’s Popularity

With the rise of podcast networks, now more than ever, content providers are realizing the potential of podcasts as a powerful marketing and promotion tool. From interviews with subject matter experts to audio books, podcasts offer a range of content to suit any need.

Using well-crafted audio production and applying the same techniques used to create successful radio shows, podcasts can effectively communicate topics, stories and information to an audience in a captivating manner. Content creators must recognize the possibilities of podcasting and develop compelling stories that take advantage of its popularity. 

6. Keep Up with the Latest Industry Trends

With the ever-evolving industry trends, staying on top of the latest digital marketing strategies is key. To make the most of digital marketing, companies must create compelling content tailored to their target demographic.

Taking the time to research the latest trends and build content can pay off in the long run, as consumers are more likely to interact with content that is relevant to them. Utilizing marketing platforms such as blogs and videos are great ways to get your content out there and keep current customers interested. 

Start Your Digital Marketing Journey Today

Digital marketing can be used to promote and grow any business. With the right strategy and services, it can set the business apart and reach a larger audience.

By following these six tips, entrepreneurs can gain a better understanding of potential customers and create a more successful brand. Start your digital marketing journey today by utilizing the advice in this article!

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