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Demand Side Platforms: What Are These And What Are They For?

DSP or demand side platform is a system that allows you to manage advertisements and account data through a single interface. 

This tool helps the advertiser effectively control and optimize the promotion, track the frequency of impressions, and detail the target audience. Launching a campaign with such a system becomes easier. 

How the demand system works

Technology is advancing and touching every sphere, so product promotion is no exception. The traditional approach for digital marketing is outdated and does not bring the expected results. Modern problems require modern solutions. 

Consumers have moved to the Internet and spend most of their time there. Consequently, it is necessary to consider such changes for a successful marketing campaign.

Internet promotion today is the most effective method of attracting buyers of goods and services. Business has realized that if you are not on the Internet, then you are not on the market. 

A competent business strategy is impossible without online promotion. The online promotion will help to increase brand awareness and work with potential clients in a quality way. Many services offer collaboration, such as bidmind self serve dsp.

Demand side platforms make the process more efficient while saving time for advertisers. 

The online service makes it possible to predict subsequent promotion runs based on the data received, adjust the target audience and influence it effectively through marketing ideas. The main advantages of demand side platforms are the following:

  1. Automation. Running ads online carries many pitfalls. For example, audience retargeting, in other words, displays for users who have already interacted with the site or app but have not yet made a purchase, downloading reports, etc. With a demand side platform, these issues can be closed with a few clicks.
  2. Globalization. Many services cooperate with both local and foreign promotion exchanges. This way, the scale of viewers increases and your product can be purchased by customers in other countries.
  3. Extended targeting. Personalized promotion will help to close more deals and convert potential customers.
  4. Support. DSP guarantees efficient use of the system by both novices and experienced users.

These are the main advantages, without mentioning how fast the demand side platform works.

The work of the demand side platform

If you want to understand how the system of Internet promotion of goods or services works, you need to get acquainted with the principle of work. It all looks as follows:

  1. The advertiser determines his target audience, creates a portrait of the potential client and uploads the ad.
  2. Publishers create promotional resources.
  3. Based on the data received about the potential client and the advertiser’s request, the ad is offered to the DSP and sends a request to buy impressions.
  4. The DSP buys the show and publishers get the ad or video on their site.

The whole complicated process actually takes a matter of seconds. Many of you have probably heard of Facebook Ads Manager, which is actually an example of one of these resources. Its settings and features are common to other similar platforms.

The BidMind service is also a self-service resource on the demand side, you can use it to manage multiple advertising campaigns for different clients simultaneously.

Experimenting with different channels, formats and audiences to explore the most effective methods of influencing the customer is also an advantage of the service. It is very convenient to compare promotion results and predict the next ones when everything is integrated into one interface.

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