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5 Useful High-Converting Landing Page Copywriting Tips

Copywriting is a process of writing copy, or textual content, for your website, marketing content, and social media pages. It serves to persuade cold leads to convert into subscribers, customers, or brand ambassadors for your business.

Copywriting can also help you communicate complex topics, appeal to your audience’s emotions, as well as differentiate your products and services on the open market.

copywriting tips

Building great landing pages is a must for any business with a website, whether it’s a simple presentation site or a full eCommerce store. If you build your landing pages properly, you’ll be able to constantly convert new leads, gather their emails, and generate revenue easier than before.

How can you approach copywriting with high-converting landing pages in mind so that you make the most out of your copy moving forward?

Perks of building a great landing page

A great landing page will allow you to convince people of your products/services quality and why they should “get it now”, rather than later. Writing great copy for landing pages is very challenging and you’ll have to adjust your approach as you start generating engagement data from your website.

This shouldn’t dissuade you from writing copy and building landing pages, however. Plenty of great tools like Evernote and SupremeDissertations can help you write great content not only for your landing page but blog publications as well.

Combined, these elements will ensure that people convert into your subscribers and/or customers more often than not. Here’s how you benefit from writing high-converting landing page copy:

  • Make great first impressions with potential leads
  • Funnels potential leads and presents your USPs professionally
  • Update your landing page with new promotions, campaigns, and offers
  • Improve your business’ credibility with cold leads
  • Gain valuable engagement analytics data for future copy improvement
  • Create different landing pages for different products/services for segmentation

Landing page copywriting tips

1. Write copy for people, not for search engines

A common mistake many copywriters make when writing landing page content is that they focus too much on what Google has to say about copywriting. Google’s SEO algorithm has stopped focusing solely on keyword density long ago – contextual searches are the new norm.

If someone wants to buy handmade jewelry, they’ll ask their mobile devices “Where can I buy handmade jewelry?”.

You need to approach writing copy with a human mindset rather than trying to appease search engine algorithms. If you’re unsure of your copy and are thinking “I’d like someone to rewrite my essay.”, do it before creating your landing page.

Don’t stuff your copy with keywords in hopes of ranking higher than your competitors. Write original copy with real value for people like yourself – SEO algorithms will pick up on your efforts.

2. Structure your copy with headings and visuals

Your landing page is a web page like any other on your domain. This means that it falls under some basic SEO rules which you should take into consideration – headings and visuals included.

Adding H tags to your subheadings, lists, and copy snippets will make your pages more appealing to visitors and web crawlers alike. You’ll make your landing page far easier to navigate and read both on desktop and mobile devices.

Visuals are another useful element to add to your landing pages and they should revolve around the products/services you’re selling. Create original visuals and don’t over-rely on stock photos because they can take away from your page’s effect on readers.

Also, it is reasonable to create your visuals because you’ll avoid any potential legal trouble over copyright when using branded or stock photos.

3. Use numeric data to your advantage

Numbers are easy to comprehend and universal for all languages – it’s why they’re so effective as landing page elements. You can use numbers in several ways as copywriting tools, either to present your business’ performance or client satisfaction, for example.

Adding small touches like “100% customer satisfaction guarantee” or “1+ million satisfied users worldwide” can work wonders for your conversion.

Use numbers in combination with short copy paragraphs interspersed with simple graphics to make your landing page more appealing. It’s important however that you only use truthful facts and data in your numeric copy elements.

Don’t embellish or overblow anything because it can backfire for your business in the long run.

4. Emphasize convincing testimonials on your landing page

Social proof is very helpful for converting new leads through your landing page. Customer reviews, short comments, and testimonials about your products and services will convince people of their value.

You can work with professional writers to turn customer quotes or surveys into longer content, like blog posts or essays and case studies.

Invest time and effort into creating testimonials that you can then place on your landing page. Anyone who visits your page with the intent to find out more about the product/service will see what other people have to say about it.

This will help convince people to stick around and give your brand a fair shot instead of leaving due to them being skeptical.

5. Be mindful of your Calls to Action

Calls to action are essential for landing pages to succeed in converting leads. There are many ways to write calls to action, but the most important thing is to keep calm and reserved about them. You don’t need 20 different CTAs on a single page as this will make you seem desperate for leads.

marketing campaign call to action

Assume your customers’ position when placing CTAs on the landing page and think of what would work and not work in practice. Simple CTAs like “Call us now”, or “Subscribe now” will always work but you can get creative depending on what you’re selling.

Keep your CTAs short and actionable to make them high-converting – don’t overcomplicate your sales hooks. Doing this will help you engage more leads than you’d be able to otherwise.

Starting to write landing page copy (conclusion)

The best way to get started on your high-converting landing page is to think about what you want it to accomplish. Do you want to direct your visitors to your storefront? Do you want them to contact you, subscribe to your newsletter, or become your affiliates or influencers?

Your landing page needs a clear purpose, and copywriting will allow you to laser-focus on that goal.

Adopting this approach to copywriting will ensure that your writing is meaningful, engaging, and most importantly – that it pays off.

If you are not confident in your copywriting skill, you can always opt for Copywriting Services. Taking professional help is always helpful when in doubt.

Write a copy for the rest of your website in the same vein as you do for your landing page and you’ll never have issues generating relevant leads for your business.

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