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Are You Starting Your Career As A Content Writer? Here Are Five Tools That Can Help You

As a content writer, you will not just focus on writing lengthy paragraphs. Indeed your main motive will be to generate quality content that can keep the readers engaged on the page.

If you are generating such articles that are not easy to read or the information in the content is not authentic, no one will bother to take interest in reading your content.

So, the first thing that you have to make sure of is to work on the quality of the text and not focus on the quantity. If you go after the click bait and ignore the quality demand, it will increase the bounce rate of your website which will leave a bad impact on the site.

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Tips to Improve the Text Quality

There are a lot of elements that you must consider for making the lines easily readable.

The most important thing that you need to concentrate on is the engagement factor. You have to provide such content to the audience that is appealing and can keep them engaged.

Moreover, it is also quite necessary to eliminate grammatical mistakes from the content and maintain the fluency of the text.

The structure of the content also plays a vital role in making the lines easily readable because it can help in keeping the readers involved in your page.

Can Online Tools Really Help You In Content Writing?

Now the question that arises here is how you can improve the quality of the text efficiently. Is there any manual way for it or you will rely on online tools? So, the simple answer to this question is that you can use both ways for enhancing the readability of the content.

However, if you ask for an efficient way for this purpose, it would definitely be online writing tools. There are multiple reasons why online tools are preferred over any other way and the most important among them is to increase working fluency and reduce the mistake ratio.

These online tools will assist you in figuring out the mistakes in the content as well as making it 100% unique and informative for the audience.

Other than that, you can also increase the engagement factor in the content and improve the fluency of the lines using these tools. Here we are going to talk about some top-rated online tools that you can use as a content writer.

Top Online Tools for Content Writers

Searching for the best online writing tools, there will be a nonstop list that you will get. However, some of these tools are effective in every regard. In this section, we are going to discuss these online tools and tell you the importance of these tools as well. Let’s have a look at it.

1. is one of the best online rephraser that you can use to polish the quality of the content and make it easily readable for everyone. You may put effort into writing the content but it may not be up to the mark that can appeal to the readers and keep them engaged on the page.

So, this online tool will be a big relief for you at this stage because you can make changes to your content and give it an attractive look. One of the best things about this tool is that it offers different modes of rephrasing that will make it easy for you to modify the lines in multiple ways.

This online rephrasing tool makes sure to preserve the actual intent of the lines and provides you with new lines that will have the same meanings. When you upload the content to this online tool, it will go through each of the lines and make changes in the text to give it a unique look.

2. Grammarly

One thing that you must remember in content writing is that the text must be free of punctuation errors and should be easy to read. While you write the content you may make some unintentional errors in the lines that can disturb the intent of the article.

So, because of these small mistakes, all your efforts will be in vain and no one will bother to read the content that you have written.

For it, this online grammar checker can be a handy option as it will figure out mistakes in the lines that you can remove to increase the fluency of the text. When the content is uploaded to this online tool, it goes through each of the lines and underlines the text that is creating any issues.

You can remove those highlighted lines from the content and improve the flow of the text. In this way, the text can be made more engaging.

3. Copyscape

Make sure that you are not using the ideas of other authors in your content. In fact, you should keep your content 100% unique.

If you are using the copied content in your article, the worth of the content will get reduced. The reason is that no one will waste time reading the copied article.

So, the best technique is to get help from this online plagiarism detector and figure out the lines that are taken from the other resources. After you paste the content in this online duplication detector, it matches each of the lines on the search engine with the relevant topics.

The text that gets matched is highlighted by this AI tool. Along with that, the tool also provides you with the source from where the text is copied.

You can remove those lines from the text and make your content 100% unique for the readers which can be informative for them. So, this is an amazing option that you can use to detect the copied text in your content no matter if it is intentional or unintentional plagiarism.


Let’s come to the main thing that can actually help you in making the article easy to read and more engaging. What could it be? Structure of the content!

If you are writing lengthy paragraphs and not adding headings or subheadings in the content, it will become difficult for the readers to understand the main intent of the article.

To avoid this issue and keep the content easily readable, you must go use this online text editor and generate the content here.

You can get a lot of advantages in this online tool like adding headings, and titles, and modifying the text style, size, and color. You can also control the length of the content by checking the word count of the entire article.

One of the best features that you get in this online notepad is that it also provides you with the “Google Search” option. So, you don’t have to move toward another tab for browsing the new content.

5. Hubspot idea generator

This is an amazing online tool that you can use to increase the relevancy of the content and keep the readers engaged on the page.

Often it happens that new writers face difficulty in generating good titles for the topic that can grab the attention of the readers and keep them engaged on the page.

So, here this online idea generator comes in handy because you can check the best titles relevant to your topic in this tool and use them in the content.

You just have to place the main keyword in this online tool on which you are looking to write the article.

This title generator will provide you with a list of topics that are appropriate for the keyword. You can use those headings in your article and make it informative for the readers.

Bottom Lines

There is a huge demand for creative and engaging content and online writing tools can be quite effective for you at this stage. As a writer, you may be worried about how you can make the lines more appealing and engage the readers on your page for a long time.

So, here come online tools that will assist you in increasing the worth of the content and making the lines easy to read. Moreover, these online tools will also help you in figuring out the mistakes in the text and make you a better writer with time.

The tools discussed in this article will be quite effective in this regard as you can enhance the quality of the text quite easily.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this article. If you have further questions in your mind, you can ask them in the comments section. Our team will make sure to respond to your queries

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