7 Essential Content Marketing Hacks to Boost Productivity

Digital marketing jobs and content creation are overwhelming due to the load of big data they must handle, which keeps fluctuating. The online marketing field remains unstable as suspicions arise around privacy issues and data protection. Moreover, there is concern about sustainability and diversity.  

Marketers must also contend with numerous subdisciplines, such as social media, content creation, analytics, optimization, conversion, search engines, lead nurture, and multimedia production. Each area needs an expert, but small to medium businesses lack the budget for many specialists. 

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Capturing the attention of the target audience and cutting through the din becomes an uphill battle. And adding to the tumult, marketing campaigns must stay relevant to social and economic conditions.

Therefore, some marketing hacks can be helpful to help you navigate the terrain.

Create a knowledge bank for insight and critical information

When creating content for marketing purposes, you explore the same topics repeatedly without realizing you have wasted considerable time. That is why you need to bank all the data and references you find for each subject, which can come in handy. 

The way to bank reference materials is by creating a central library of various topics that you can refer to in the future while writing for content marketing. If you use the same references for multiple materials, it makes sense to go by source. However, you can catalog content marketing references by topic or category.

You can file relevant studies, articles, research papers, statistics, ebooks, whitepapers, publications, interview transcripts, and other notes to access them with a click. You can also organize videos and images in a knowledge bank so the entire team can easily use them. 

Save the materials in the cloud for ease of reference and easy access. That way, you can access the information at any time because it is not location-specific. Keeping them in the cloud can also allow you to save money in the long run.

Know your audience and segment them to reach them

If it is a small business or a start-up company, learn about your potential audiences and segment them. Segmenting the audience in the early stages is an excellent strategy to leverage SEO for small businesses.

Otherwise, you might send irrelevant messages to the right audience or relevant messages to the wrong audience.

Audience segmentation allows you to learn customer characteristics and personas, who they deal with, why they are the way they are and how to connect with them. Segmenting current audiences will equip you to locate and contact new audiences too. 

Analyzing demographics starts by grouping the audience by gender, age, location, family size, income, and social status, among other factors. Dig deeper if you have to with data and insights that indicate preferences and behaviors.

These indicators help you create targeted personas for which you can make relevant content.

Audience segmentation results in better engagement, higher marketing investment returns, open rates, conversions, and reach. Customer personalization can be as broad or as narrow as you want.

On the contrary, segmentation blunders can result in depressed marketing returns. Moreover, it can also hurt your digital reputation. 

Fix laptop issues

Content marketers always require a working atmosphere where they can get a high concentration level without distractions. One of the things that can easily distract you is the computer glitches that occur while working. 

It is crucial to get rid of glitches as quickly as possible to stay focused on content creation, which requires some adjustment and updates to the computer. A common issue that arises while working on Mac is the screen flickering.

Fixing the problem can be daunting for some people. If you use a Mac and encounter screen flickering, you can quickly fix it within a few clicks. It’s easy to fix the problem, and you can do it with a simple DIY.

Restart your computer or shut it down for a few minutes before you start it again. Alternatively, you can go to system preferences and update your Mac.

You can clear the system junk and caches if screen flickering is still present. You can download an app that clears out the system junk that is impairing its performance. Launch the app and click the system junk tab.

Allow it to run for 20 to 25 minutes. Confirm when prompted, and now you are ready to return to work.

Make it a practice to run maintenance scripts that can fix various inconsistencies and glitches. After running this tool, you will find that your Mac runs a bit smoother and better than before. The maintenance script tool should also be able to fix the flickering issue of your computer.

Map out a content strategy before the creation

One of the effective marketing strategies is to map out the content production and organize it coherently. The content organization includes outlining all the content you want to produce and documenting your process. Then, identify your objectives, name them, frame them with a timeline, and schedule it. 

What is vital is to maintain a focus on your goals without distractions and take steps to follow them. It would help to create targeted customer personas with reference points for the performance indicators. Avoid making the strategy complicated or complex; make it simple but comprehensive. 

More critically, save and maintain it so everyone can edit it. Make sure the timeline calendar and the strategy can be updated by the members so that you can minimize inefficiency and save time. Mapping can also avoid unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

Keep the communication lines open between team members so that they can raise any questions or concerns they may have before it is too late.

Before implementing the strategy, make it clear to everyone what everyone’s role is and how each member fits into the grand scheme. Let them feel comfortable about the positions.

Calendar for content organization

Creating content on an ad hoc basis can never be successful and will only lead to duplication of tasks, wasting valuable time. You will end up forgetting about the content you have already posted, which can lead to missed digital marketing opportunities. 

It would be best to create a calendar that details data such as topics, keywords, titles, and other crucial information required to ensure timely content creation. Make the calendar as user-friendly as possible so that even first-timers can easily use and read it. 

Stressing on the previous point, you must give all writers and editors calendar access. Make the document editable and accessible in real-time via your platform to avoid versioning disputes. There are many tools available online that you can use for this purpose.

Set a detailed agenda and post it on the calendar so everyone is on the same page. Completed milestones should be color-marked with an index at the bottom to indicate what each color stands for. You would be surprised as to how handy color coding can be.

Clever use of the search engine

Writing marketing content requires you to do a lot of research online about different topics using search engines. Doing it more smartly and effectively can sometimes make a huge difference. Nowadays, most search engines allow you to type in the precise words called operators to get the desired results. 

You can search for a phrase by placing the specific words in quotation marks. For example, searching for “school bags” can give you results about bags that school children use to carry their books and other school accessories. But if you search for bags, you will get the results of all kinds of bags.

Start your search query with “site;” if you want to search for a specific type of site. For example, if you search for “site:.gov,” your search will yield only results from websites with a “.gov” at the end of the website address. To omit a particular type of site, add a minus to it.

Consumer expectations, trends, and markets keep changing very often. Other players in the market who are competing for the same market keep growing. It is getting difficult for brands to retain their base customers.

It becomes a challenge for many marketers to establish an authoritative and credible brand voice. 

That is where content creation comes in. The right content for the right audience at the right time is the ideal goal of every marketer. Content creation aims to feature prominently in every search engine. However, it is a humongous task requiring marketers to create content in huge quantities. 

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Content creation takes a toll on marketers and can sometimes seem like a bottomless pit. Sometimes, it is easy to lose focus. Only 23% of marketers are confident that they are dealing with accurate performance indicators, which is depressing.

We hope the above marketing hacks can help you increase productivity and stay on track to reach your goals.

Outsource the content production

Delegating tasks may not be your forte, or you may not be comfortable with it. But the truth is that it is impossible to do everything by yourself. Therefore, we suggest outsourcing content production so that you can keep your company competitive by focusing only on high-level executive tasks. 

Outsource all digital content creation, including writing, social media marketing, video production, and graphic design, so that you have more time in hand. Please leave it to the professionals so they can do an excellent job. Outsourcing tasks can also save you money in the long run.

To maintain consistency of messaging and style, create a sheet with a detailed outline so your outsourced person or team will have a reference point. Include the stylesheet in your content calendar and let the team know. 

Use the style sheet as the primary mode of communication and a point of reference. Use a bulleting format so your instructions are brief and concise. Create an alert system so you can communicate all updates, changes, editing, and adding information to the style sheet to the team members.

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