LinkedIn Sponsored Content: The Beginner’s Guide (2019)

Whether you are a Digital Marketing specialist or an entrepreneur who wants to boost his business’ profitability, advertising in LinkedIn could be a great option to reach a more professionally-oriented and industry-specific audience. And although the social platform offers a variety of ways to promote your products or services, today we will focus exclusively on […]

Does Twiends help you get Twitter followers? (my experience)

Let’s be honest: we love looking for shortcuts to make things happen overnight. When I started working at my current company, I was assigned the task to manage our Twitter account, and because I had never consistently managed a corporate Twitter account till then, I was tempted to look for a tool that could help […]

50 common LinkedIn questions you’ve probably asked yourself at least once

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social channels for business networking. However, despite its growing popularity and more than 467 million users, there are still some questions that remain unclear among its community. Today, I decided to recompile and answer 50 common (and not so common, but useful) LinkedIn questions that many of you might […]

Influencer Marketing: Behind the scenes with Daniel Sánchez, CEO and Co-Founder of Influencity

With the boom of social media in the past few years, Influencer Marketing has become one of the hottest ways for reaching influential people and targeting potential buyers. Nowadays, social channels like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have evolved beyond the means of communication – they have transformed into the new media of the modern world. […]

12 techniques that Instagram Influencers use to engage with their fans

With more than 700 million active monthly users, Instagram has established itself as one of the dominant platforms for Influencer Marketing. In fact, the social network has experienced an impressive growth for the last few years – did you know that it took Instagram only 4 years to increase its users database from 150 million to 700 […]

The 10 Commandments of LinkedIn networking

If something clearly makes LinkedIn different from other social channels, it is the fact that is not a “fast-food” platform. It is a long-term commitment on creating and nurturing relationships with people who share similar interests. Surprisingly enough, I still find a lot of people who still can’t grasp the concept of business networking. And […]

Is LinkedIn Premium worth it? An honest feedback from a hardcore LinkedIn user

If anyone knows anything about me, I am a heavy LinkedIn user. And by “heavy” I mean a going-to-sleep-and-waking-up-with-LinkedIn user. However, today I will ignore my unconditional love for LinkedIn (okay, I might have exaggerated a little bit, but it’s still a pretty cool social media platform), and I will give you my un-biased opinion […]

Grow your business through social media with Sprout Social

In an increasingly online world, communication on social media is becoming one of the most powerful tools to engage customers with your brand. Did you know that there are more than 2.4 billion social network users worldwide? According to Statista, the average time that internet users spend on social media is 109 minutes per day. […]