8 reasons to offer a FREE trial as a SaaS company

In a bid to acquire customers, many subscription-based companies offer a free trial as a part of their pricing strategy. However, despite the growing popularity of free trials as a customer acquisition tool in the SaaS industry, many experts believe that they could actually be dangerous for tech businesses. While I agree that every company […]

Should B2B Companies Publish Their Prices? (+Quiz)

Price transparency is not an easy decision. Many companies are inclined to believe that by publishing prices on their web, they are exposing themselves to competitors, and are even becoming more vulnerable in front of potential buyers. Concerns such asĀ “What if my competitors use it against me?” or “What if users go away without converting?” […]

101 example B2B Marketing mission statements

When you start learning about Marketing, one of the first things you will inevitably stumble upon are mission statements. According to BusinessDictionary, a mission statement is a written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time – in other words, what is the reason your company exists? What value […]