5 steps to conducting a Startup Competitor Analysis (+Templates)

You think you know your competitors?┬áThink again! In today’s article, I will test your ability to understand your strategic opponents – and show you how to perform a successful Startup competitor analysis so you can always be one step ahead. During my experience as a Marketing professional, I have come to observe that a surprising […]

3 Startup Marketing Challenges (and how to overcome them)

The startup world is full of infinite challenges. Financial management struggles, budget limitations, insufficient human resources, dynamic markets – and, if this wasn’t enough, the Marketing department isn’t falling behind either. As a Marketing professional with almost 2 years of experience in various startups, I wanted to share the startup Marketing challenges that I’ve faced […]

What is a unicorn startup?

As a newly emerged millennial concept, startups have been an extremely trending topic in the Business industry lately. Which doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that the nature of these companies is innovation, describing perfectly the modern generation of highly-technological and digitally-oriented people. What is a startup? If you are not familiar with the concept, […]

The 6 most valuable startups across the globe – Infographic

At the dawn of the new Digital Era and the rapid implementation of technology in all types of services, startups are becoming the most innovative and progressive companies worldwide. However, while many of them aren’t able to survive on their own without a serious round of investment, others are achieving an extraordinary growth, dominating the […]

UBER: Are the days of the $68-billion-valued startup counted?

The appearance of UBER on the market in 2009 caused an unexpected turbulence in the transportation industry. The controversial startup wiped out a huge percentage of the taxis’ market share worldwide, reaching a mind-blowing revenue of 6.5 billion dollars, and a 68-billion-dollar evaluation. But despite the groundbreaking success, UBER’s aggressive tactics spiked a lot of […]