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10 Great Capterra Ad Examples You Need to Study Right Now

Capterra is one of the most popular online marketplaces and review systems for connecting tech companies with potential buyers. It helps users make well-informed decisions on the best tools to purchase for their needs. However, Capterra can also be a great alternative to Google Ads for companies that sell software and want to reach a niche-specific audience.

If you are looking to advertise on Capterra, one of the best ways to get started is to take a look at some great Capterra ad examples of companies that are already doing it right. And get some inspiration for free – and today, we are doing exactly that.

capterra ad examples

But before we dive right into our Capterra ad examples, if you need more information on Capterra advertising and whether it’s worth it for your business, you may want to check these articles:

And now, without further ado, let’s go!

1. Pipedrive

capterra ad examples

  • Company: Pipedrive
  • Category: CRM Software

First on our list of Capterra ad examples is Pipedrive, a Customer Relationship Marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Its ad description is well-written and straightforward, indicating clearly what the tool is about and who is their target audience.

Additionally, they have included some powerful numbers that backup their popularity and make the ad even more enticing – “95,000+ paying customers spanning across 179 countries”. Another thing that draws the attention is “Top performer 2021” – a badge that you earn from Capterra if your product is popular and top-rated by customers.

2. Traffit

capterra ad examples - traffit

  • Company: Traffit
  • Category: Applicant Tracking Software

Next on our list of Capterra ad examples is Traffit, a company within the industry of Human Resources that offers an applicant tracking software for tech companies and recruiting agencies.

As I mentioned in my previous article, an important aspect of making your campaign stand out, even if it’s not on the very top, is your rating. Since rating and the number of reviews play a huge role in the users’ decision-making, you should put a special effort into it to get the best results with your ad. In Traffit’s ad, this is exactly what draws the attention.

I like their ad because it is very concise. Practically, you can get an idea of what the tool is and who is it for from the very first sentence, which is great – and it provides information even if it was standalone and there is no extra information after that.

3. SWING Software

capterra ad examples - swingsoftware

  • Company: SWING Software
  • Category: Data Management Software

Apart from having the highest rating among all the ads for this category, which inevitably draws the attention, another thing that SWING Software is doing right is including the name of the product within the name of the company.

This is helpful for the users as it provides additional information at a first glance, even if they don’t read the description at all. Additionally, the description itself contains a lot of useful details that can assist in the decision-making.

4. Wix

capterra ad examples - wix

  • Company: Wix
  • Category: eCommerce Software

We continue our list of Capterra ad examples with Wix, one of the most popular website builders in the world. The reason why their ad is particularly attractive is because of the badge “Established player 2021“, which Capterra gives to the highest rated and most popular tools for the year.

Additionally, the company has done a great job with the copywriting of their ad – the sentence “create stunning eCommerce website for free with Wix” immediately grabs the attention. Don’t we all love getting things for free? The ad also contains highly relevant keywords, which increases its quality.

5. Accelevents

  • Company: Accelevents
    Category: Event Management Software

In a similar manner to Wix, the strength of this one of our Capterra ad examples lies in the copywriting. Accelevents has done a great job with it because they are following one of the golden rules of Marketing – instead of focusing on themselves, they are focusing on the customers.

They have clearly identified the problems that their customers are encountering when it comes to event management, and they are ready with a solution – “provide your attendees with an end-to-end experience” and “create a seamless transition from ticket purchase to donation”.

On top of that, ending the description with “begin selling online in minutes” is very powerful because it makes the use of the product simple and enticing. Being fast and easy-to-use are key features when it comes to software in today’s competitive era.

6. Acuity Scheduling

  • Company: Acuity Scheduling
  • Category: Financial Services Software

Speaking of good Capterra ad examples, next on our list is Acuity Scheduling, and they are doing a great job with their ad copywriting as well. In a similar manner to Accelevents, they don’t focus on themselves but on the customers instead, letting them know how using this tool will benefit them.

“Save time and reach more new clients anytime” is a strong opening sentence, and definitely one that grabs the attention.

7. Tookan

capterra ad examples - tookan

  • Company: Tookan
  • Category: Food Delivery Software

Next on our list of awesome Capterra ad examples is this one by Tookan, an all-in-one solution for food delivery. One thing that makes their ad different is the fact that they are capitalizing the first letter of each word in their first sentence, a practice that companies sometimes use on other advertising platforms such as Google Ads.

While this practice is not so popular anymore because it can make the text more difficult to read, it definitely draws the attention towards the ad. Tookan is also using a lot of keywords within their descriptions – which is great as it provides useful information for the users.

8. Detrack

capterra ad examples - detrack

  • Company: Detrack
  • Category: GPS Tracking Software

This ad is a little bit shorter than the rest of our Capterra ad examples, but it is an interesting one nonetheless. Apart from the high rating, another thing that immediately grabs the attention is the capitalized word “FREE” followed by an even more enticing one – forever.

The use words is always a great way to make you want to learn more about a product. Especially considering the fact that on Capterra, the reason why you are looking at a specific ad is because you are actively searching for a solution like the one they offer.

9. Sprinklr

  • Company: Sprinklr
  • Category: Help Desk Software

The company’s ad begins with a very important aspect that every business should have – a unique selling proposition, something that makes them stand out. Their USP is “the only enterprise-grade help desk solution trusted by 90% of the world’s top 100 brands”.

The fact that the ad starts with what makes Sprinklr different from the competition, combined with the powerful statistics of being used and trusted by 90% of the biggest brands worldwide, will definitely make you want to learn more about the products.

10. Udemy Business

  • Company: Udemy Business
  • Category: LMS Software

Last on our list of Capterra ad examples (but not the least important by any means) is Udemy Business. I like their ad because it starts directly with the solution that the product provides – “helps companies stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing workplace”. How? By offering fresh, on-demand learning content.

Other elements that draw attention to the ad is the fact that they have included their mission statement, as well as the number of their instructors and top-rated courses. These numbers play a role in showing that Udemy Business is an established LMS platform that many people already trust – and the rating proves that as well.

And that was all from me for today! As always, thank you for taking the time to read my article, and I hope to see you in the next one! In the meantime, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments below or send me an email to If you need help setting up and managing your Capterra ads, you can also explore the services of my Marketing agency Marketing Toolbox.

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