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Top 8 Brand Link Creation & Customization Tools (2022)

Building links has proven to be one of the best SEO strategies since the very start. The ways through which you can build links to your website have evolved over the years. And if you are looking forward to ranking on search engines like Google, then you need the best tools that can help you with it. 

Good link building tools can make the process of creating backlinks easier and more efficient. These tools also make it easier to plan, execute, and track your performance. So, in this article we discuss about 8 top brand link creators and customization tools. 

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1. Ahrefs

Although Ahrefs has been around for a while, it has developed along with SEO’s improvements to become a complete SEO resource. They feature a few really helpful tools that let you check a competitor’s links for backlink analysis and link building. They are among the top SEO and link-building tools available because of this capability.

There are a few distinctive characteristics, including a report for broken link construction and links that cross many competitors’ domains. This might make it simpler for you to determine whether the website is willing to link to different domains so you can give high-quality links priority.

2. Pixelfy

18 different kinds of tracking links are available on Every link can have pixels embedded, and each one serves a particular function. The most important thing to know about pixelfy is that it is a link shortener tool also.

Any URL, no matter how long (it might be over a hundred characters), can be turned into a short, simple-to-remember link.

With the help of our URL Rotator, you may use a single link on your page to direct visitors to several other web pages. This not only guarantees that you are effectively selling comparable goods, but it also increases the spread of clicks you receive.

Essentially, this technology works by directing customers directly to your Amazon ASIN and putting your goods in the top rankings for any keywords you choose. Its potent technique, which mimics search engine traffic and boosts your rankings up to 10 times more than any other link, is what makes this so wonderful.

3. Group high

The outreach—looking for people to contact and handling the initial contact—takes up the majority of the time while a guest post is being written. Tens of thousands of individual bloggers and their contact details are combined in one database using the programme known as GroupHigh.

Additionally, they present highly practical data and stats about each blogger, making it simple to decide who to give priority to. They contain data on things like blog categories, domain authority, social media followers, audience size and demographics, and more.

Additionally, you may manage and keep track of your outreach through their platform.

4. Bizzstream

Another outreach tool that makes it simpler to locate, get in touch with, and manage all of your relationships is BuzzStream. It’s much simpler than having to manually manage all of your email clients or making spreadsheets.

You can search for websites and contact details by categories, and you can get in touch with people by linking your email to your BuzzStream account. In accordance with the stage of the connection, it also displays the status of your emails.

Additionally, some fields can be customized so that you can arrange things how it best suits you.

5. Moz’s Link Explorer

Examining the websites that link to your rivals is the most popular method for discovering link chances. You may accomplish this while simultaneously viewing crucial indicators like domain authority and anchor text with Moz’s Link Explorer tool.

Moz has played this game for a very long time, just like Ahrefs. One of their helpful SEO tools is Link Explorer. It is partially free for link building, but the trial will restrict the number of searches you can perform and the information you can view.

The premium edition is worthwhile if you intend to develop links on a wider scale.

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6. Link Prospect

Finding possibilities is one of a link building campaign’s most time-consuming tasks. It is tedious to manually type searches with the numerous variants of boolean strings required to obtain relevant results. Link Prospector was created to be helpful in this regard.

All you need to do is enter the keywords and phrases you wish to use as the basis for your searches, and it will take care of the rest. Additionally, they’ll examine the results so you can sort them by value and suitability for your needs.

7. BuzzSumo

When BuzzSumo first launched, it was a content marketing tool that let you view the most popular material and utilise it as the foundation for your planning. You may, however, be creative with how you employ it for your link-building strategy.

First off, links that people naturally create to your excellent content are the best links you will ever receive. Second, BuzzSumo is a tool that allows you to view what content influencers in your industry, including your competitors, are sharing.

Seeing what people are willing to link to and what material they enjoy sharing is incredibly helpful.

8. Pitchbox

Research, prospecting, contact, reporting, and other aspects of that process are all covered by Pitchbox, a comprehensive link outreach tool. It offers an extremely user-friendly interface that enables you to plan your link building campaign from beginning to end.

Additionally, depending on the kind of campaign you want to run, it has a variety of features. For instance, what you can accomplish with their guest blogging features differs from rival backlink analysis or product reviews.

End note

You should be able to see how much work goes into operating a link building campaign thanks to all of these link building tools. Link building takes a lot of effort if you want to have an actual influence.

Because they greatly reduce the amount of time spent looking for link building chances, the top SEO tools like Pixelfy and Ahrefs are so important for achieving actual results quickly.

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