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The Best Marketing Analytics Software 2022

Continuous innovative discoveries are one of the characteristics of the modern era. Every year there are more and more opportunities related to a particular industry. Using them to the full, you will be able to reveal the unknown facets of the virtual space, embodying the most unrealistic desires.

Today you can carry out almost any transaction online, saving energy and time. Various marketing analytics tools will make your tasks even more efficient. Read this article to understand which of the latter you should consider first.

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Marketing Software That Are Worth Paying Attention

Despite the emergence of more and more abilities to improve and/or facilitate different online activities, scammers are working on their methods of working every day. However, several programs from VeePN and other services can make you forget about the existence of any dangers.

For this reason, it is necessary to start your work online by installing several tools responsible for your safety. The latter includes VPN for Firefox and other browsers that encrypt your network history.

Not to waste time looking for reliable resources to get acquainted with, see this here and deal with various details. By digging deeper into this topic, you can get the maximum.

A diversity of analytics tools for marketing is an indispensable component in the arsenal of representatives of several areas of specialization. Their modus operandi consists of:

  • analyzing;
  • measuring;
  • and maximizing.

The latter functions affect different strategies to improve efficiency, providing the best return on investment. The primary objective is to make it easier and better to do business with the needs of consumers in mind.

If we say in detail, marketing software helps to collect data from various resources while synthesizing the latter and dividing them into categories. Thanks to this, you will deal with trends regarding both customer preferences and the state of the market as a whole.

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Valuable materials intelligently interpreted for further steps contribute to developing your strategy with step-by-step actions and considering unplanned changes.

However, this is only a fragment of the factors determining the significance of data analytics tools. Despite this, an abundance of the latter and the specifics can confuse when choosing the most suitable ones.

During its implementation, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of a free trial and other features. Such features expand the range of benefits offered.

We have put together a list of the best marketing software to save you the hassle of wasting time learning about their specifics.


The company offers a range of tools for tracking users’ behavior on websites and mobile applications. Over the years, this service has undergone many changes, becoming one of the most popular in its industry.

The list of features starts with the ability to try it for free and includes many pleasant bonuses. The knowledge base and blog allow you to follow the changing of the service as well as regular updates on official social media.


This platform includes a spectrum of tools related to analytics advertising, social media, mobile marketing, and so on.

A huge base of keywords and domains will help you make your website stand out from millions of others by comparing it to your competitors and offering innovative promotion solutions.

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There is also a free trial with plenty of offers, allowing everyone to choose the best option. Affordable prices are an equally pleasant component of the service. The latter demonstrates that professionalism and customer trust are the priorities.

More than ten million experts have already used the services of this platform and were satisfied, while world-famous companies also expressed their respect.

The Domo Business Cloud

This SaaS platform is the best choice for experts in marketing and management. It covers collecting data from various resources in one place, business intelligence, creating data applications, and much more.

Using data analytics tools, you will be able to develop the latest strategies to work on improving all elements of it in no time.

In addition to this, the cloud-native platform will allow every member of your organization to participate in improving the quality of work using only email.

It includes developing new paths and making the most effective decisions based on the analysis of the collected data. You can view demos and other materials on the official website to learn more about its activities.


The company specializes in providing a variety of services related to sales and marketing operations. Using the latter will allow you to develop new strategies for doing business by gaining access to a database of SMBs that is amazing in its scope.

Diversity of features, including installing a Google Chrome extension, integrations, and so on, make it even more useful.


The company rightfully occupies a place among the best marketing software, the features of which have long gone beyond an upscale CRM system.

Even if you decide to limit yourself to the free version, using the platform for the first time will open up a whole world of possibilities. One of the highlights of this service is its integration with many other systems.

The company specializes in providing the ability to store valuable materials about organizations and contacts. You can also track the network history of each of the latter by checking his activity on the site.

In addition, it is possible to assign calls and communicate with customers. At the same time, the understandable interface will allow you not to spend effort on researching different features of the site, immediately proceeding to work.


Turning to this service, you will receive high-quality products designed by a team of experts who know their business. Different data analytics tools will not cause difficulty in using them qualitatively performing their functions.

The reports offered by the platform will help you forget about user drop-off forever by dealing with all the shortcomings. The result of this work will be the identification of all the roots of evil, which is the first step to improving the performance of your organization.

Among other things, the company offers different features that expand your knowledge base and ensure understanding of the specifics of the available functions.

Among them are the user community, blog, events hub, customer stories, testimonials, product updates, and many other elements that will make your time more enjoyable.


Next on our list is the marketing automation service tied to Microsoft Dynamics. It enables a range of analytics tools for marketing to help attract and retain customers. Here you will find applications, services, and analytics that will help you grow and increase interest in your organization.


Representatives of the company took care of ensuring the protection of all transactions, which occupies the highest position in the list of the most significant aspects.

Every day, the platform gives thousands of customers invaluable marketing experience, opening up all the ways to achieve their goals.

Google Analytics

This service from a world-famous company covers a spectrum of functions for the comprehensive analysis of mobile applications and websites. The collected data will form the basis for statistical reports on the audience of the selected resource.

Despite the fact that this marketing software is quite difficult to learn, understanding all the nuances of use and regularly honing the acquired skills, you will be able to compete with the true masters of their craft.

Act-on Software

For almost fifteen years, a platform has been offering a variety of analytics tools for marketing. It does not matter how long your organization has been working or what field you are an expert in. Everyone will find here something that will suit his taste.

You will be able to achieve heights in the shortest possible time, while other services need months to implement the latter.

Familiarization with the history presented on the official website confirms the professionalism of the platform and the tireless work of specialists to eliminate any shortcomings. Remember that you can always ask supporting agents for a hint or clarify anything that interests you.

Adobe Analytics

The last company on our list provides different abilities that are as good as the above. In addition to a thorough analysis, plenty of features include predictive tools and much more.

The features are interconnected, eliminating any reason to doubt the quality of the service.

A few more words

Every day, many innovations appear, the primary task of which is to facilitate work in a particular industry, brightening up any activity. However, it is necessary to give preference to reliable tools that can not only do the tasks better but also provide reliable protection.

To implement the latter, this can be dealt with with the capabilities provided by the VeePN and others.

We analyzed in detail the features of different marketing software. The best of them became the part of the list compiled by us, guaranteed to help you improve and promote your business.

Save your time and check out our extensive analysis to pick the best analytics tools for marketing.

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