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8 Benefits of Using Video in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Unless you’ve been existing offline for a number of years now, you’ll have noticed quite a shift in the digital world. We’re seeing more video content being utilized more than ever before.

It began with YouTube and it’s continued to thrive with platforms like Instagram and Tiktok most recently being the latest in social media platforms to rocket into popularity.

Video is your digital marketing strategy is a great way to help engage with audiences that may find it otherwise challenging to do so. Not everyone enjoys reading blog posts or scrolling through endless paragraphs of text.

As humans, we love visual content and it’s why it performs so well, especially when it captures our attention within a second or two. For businesses, incorporating video content is essential and in this guide, we’ll explore the benefits that come with using it.

Why is video marketing so popular and how do you make great quality video content in 2022?

Why is video marketing so popular?

Video marketing has been effective for many businesses to help increase sales. With 78% of marketing professionals saying videos helped improve sales, it’s a practice that many more businesses are catching onto.

Despite its popularity, video content is a lot more difficult and time-consuming to make. Not everyone possesses the talents or know-how to create good quality content in video format. It’s why some businesses may choose to outsource these services to digital marketing agencies or to hire them in-house.

It’s versatile

With video content, it’s a versatile form of digital marketing. You can embed videos into email newsletters, feature short snippets on your social media profiles, or showcase video content on your website.

You can vary the length of the content, the intent that the video content has, and whether it’s informal and fun, to formal and educational. There’s a lot that you can do with it, which makes it exciting for a lot of businesses to use.

It’s fun to watch and engage with

As a viewer, there’s nothing more enjoyable than clicking play on a video or scrolling through short videos to see what you might discover.

It could be the next viral trend to blow up on Tiktok that you were one of the early individuals to discover or there might be a video on YouTube that teaches you a new skillset.

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Audiences love to watch and engage in video content, with InVideo finding it to be 12 times more successful than other types of content.

8 benefits of using video within your digital marketing strategy

What are the benefits of using video within your digital marketing strategy? Perhaps you’ve tried creating video content before and it’s not provided the results you’d hoped or you’re looking to incorporate it into your social media planning for this year. 

1. Using tools that convert video to text end up being more informative

Video marketing is often more informative because you often explain everything a lot easier through moving visuals. Simply offering a static photograph or a block of text might not be enough to communicate whatever message you’re trying to get across.

With video, you can help fill in the gaps that might otherwise be missed with other content formats.

There are also some useful tools that can help when delivering insightful content. With a convert video to text tool like Amberscript, it allows you to add even more context to your videos so that no stone has been left unturned.

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2. You will see an increase in lead conversions

For any business, nurturing your leads is an important step to helping them convert quicker to customers. Some may need more convincing and that’s where a video or two can really help sway their decision-making towards your business. 

Whether that’s a video showcasing the product over using a static image to a how-to guide on how to get the most out of the product in question. When using video content, this method tends to be one that pays off more in convincing leads to shop with your brand.

3. Provides a boost to your revenue

Lead conversions mean more sales and more sales improve revenue for your business. As a business, growth is important, and when it comes to finances, it’s critical that the ball isn’t dropped.

Video content can help boost revenue, helping the business to continue scaling up from its current position. That extra money can be pumped into areas of the business that need it and ultimately, will benefit the company as a whole.

4. Taps into more of your target audience market

Your target audience is unlikely to exist in one place. The same goes for their interests when it comes to engaging in content online. With video content, it’s another avenue of content that’s exciting and likely to tap into a target audience that you haven’t yet reached or spent enough time engaging with.

It’s apparent that many of us love video content because it appeals to our human nature. You may also find that some of the videos you make, target a whole different market that you didn’t originally plan to attract.

5. Video content helps build trust and a reputation

An important element of a customer-to-business relationship is trust. Without trust, you’ve not got a loyal customer base that will be willing to buy from you and promote your brand further.

Video content is a great marketing method because a lot of this content can be engaging and provoke emotion or thought. It’s often more than just a video for some, it can be insightful and educational or perhaps even triggering.

Social media is a pretty powerful tool nowadays and with video content, it’s even more powerful.

There can be some customers that may be cautious about buying online, so video content can help relieve some of that worry. Reputation is also a need for businesses nowadays, especially if an online presence is not yet established.

With more forms of content available, it helps encourage the leads to find out more about the brand they’re just discovering. 

6. Google values video content

Search engines can be the bane of your life as a business but they’re integral to gaining popularity and boosting your traffic volume.

Videos are loved by the likes of Google and they help to increase the amount of time that the user is likely to spend on your site. It builds trust signals that Google is alerted to and will therefore see your site as a popular domain.

Search engine ranking still remains essential to many businesses online and with video content, you can help improve that ranking.

7. It’s appealing to mobile users

For browsing online, many people nowadays will use their mobile phones. It’s compact and easy to connect to the internet, whether through data or WIFI.

Video content is therefore highly engaged with, particularly for those that are on their phones. It’s easy and accessible, which is what many users want nowadays when browsing the internet.

A lot of websites are becoming mobile-friendly because of the impact it has on businesses looking to entice more traffic to their platforms. With 92.4% of the world’s internet users using a mobile phone to go online, video content is going to do more than just a screen full of text.

8. It’s the future of marketing online

The future of marketing online seems to be heading in the direction of video content. With so many platforms, particularly social media in general becoming more video-heavy, there’s more reason to use this type of content medium.

benefits of video

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YouTube still remains one of the best platforms for video content and Tiktok recently surpassed the popularity of Google as the world’s most popular web domain. Yes, Google – a search engine has been overtaken by Tiktok.

With users requiring an immersive, more engaging experience and as UX is extremely important for customer satisfaction, focus should be spent on creating video content this year.

How to make great quality video content

In order to excel within this digital marketing strategy, it’s essential that you know how to make great quality content. Here are a few helpful tips on how to do just that as your business continues moving forward.

Invest your money wisely

Creating video content doesn’t need to cost the earth but it shouldn’t be done on a shoestring budget either. A lot of the time, the money and effort you put into a piece of content determines what you get out of it.

Invest your money wisely and pick the right software, filming equipment, and individuals to help create your content. Where the aid is lacking, reach out to agencies and companies that can provide these services at a cost.

Choose the best tools available

There are lots of tools out there from editing software to online platforms that help distribute your content effectively online. Make use of what’s available and use the tools that are going to elevate your visuals, whether that’s through email newsletters on via your social media feeds.

Keep up with the trends

Finally, be sure to keep up with the trends when it comes to video content. Despite its popularity, the methods of video content can change rapidly and there may be a new trend within video marketing that you might need to adapt to.

Take your digital marketing strategy to the next level

With video content, you can transform your digital marketing strategy for the better. Don’t underestimate the power of video and what it could do for your business in 2022.

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