The 10 Commandments of LinkedIn networking

If something clearly makes LinkedIn different from other social channels, it is the fact that is not a “fast-food” platform. It is a long-term commitment on creating and nurturing relationships with people who share similar interests. Surprisingly enough, I still find a lot of people who still can’t grasp the concept of business networking. And […]

The power of exclusivity: would you spend $300,000 on this purse?

When quality loses its ability to justify price, the power of brand exclusivity takes its place. Sure, the quality of a $30 T-shirt is probably much better than the quality of a $3 T-shirt. And how about a 300-dollar one? It can’t be that much better, right? At this point, you are no longer buying […]

3 Marketing lessons from Starbucks

Who doesn’t know Starbucks? Yes, the coffeehouse chain that you stumble across every street corner, with its bizarre mermaid logo, and its huge coffee cups. The same brand capable of attracting flocks of girls worldwide simultaneously with their fancy Pumpkin Spice latte around Halloween. Whether you love it or hate it, Starbucks operates in more […]

Check out these 10 awesome Facebook Ads from AdEspresso

Are you on Facebook? You probably are. According to Statista, there are about 2.07 billion of active Facebook users worldwide, which is around 29.5% of the whole world population. How impressive is that? But, while I am wasting time getting impressed by these numbers, companies are not wasting theirs. Facebook is the top ad channel […]

LinkedIn Learning: How to get started with Digital Marketing

Are you considering a career in Digital Marketing, but you are not sufficiently familiar with the topic in order to make a decision? In the past few weeks, I had a few friends asking me whether switching to a career in Digital Marketing will be the right choice for their professional development, so this one […]